1 Hole of Inspiration and Amazement!

1 Hole of Inspiration and Amazement!


Gary Woodland, the defending champion at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, invited a special golfer to play the world-famous 16th hole with him. The special guest was Amy Bockerstette, a special Olympics athlete. Woodland didn’t know what to expect, but it seemed like great fun. Amy teed up the ball and hit it well. She then chipped it out of the sand onto the green on her second shot. She then sunk a 15-foot putt for the par.

Mind you, this was done with zero warm up and in front of thousands of people in the stands. Amidst all of this pressure, Amy simply nailed it. She impressed Woodland and since this video has been viewed 10 million times,  she has impressed and amazed people around the world.

Joe’s Perspective: I once played a round of golf and “played through” the number one rated female golfer in the world (Lydia Ko). She stood at the tee as 4 guys teed off on a par 3. All warmed up, none of us managed a par. The idea that Amy could pull this off during this environment is so impressive. What’s even more impressive is Amy receiving a full-ride scholarship to play collegiate golf, becoming the first known golfer with Down syndrome to receive such a scholarship. Good for Amy! So impressive. She continues to nail it.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts after viewing this blog post about Amy.

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  1. I think this is awesome, Amy sounds very deserving of a scholarship. It was nice of the pro golfer to let Amy go with him. She proved that she could golf at a high level in front of people. There should be more opportunities like this in sports.

    1. Amy should definitely be proud of herself because she truly deserves the scholarship. It is awesome to see that her down syndrome didn’t stop her from being herself and pursuing her passion.

  2. I loved reading this article and think that she should get a scholarship with a doubt in my mind. It was amazing to read such an inspirational story

  3. Great story, it is nice to see inclusion from high level athletes and I hope Amy succeeds in her golf career and can be an inspiration for others.

  4. I think that this is amazing. It is cool that Amy was able to do so well in front of so many people and with no warm up. Despite being a special olympics athlete, she was able to show what she can really do.

  5. I think this is an amazing story. Amy sounds very deserving of this opportunity and the fact that she was able to step up and do so well is very inspiring.

  6. This is an amazing story, to be able to preform in front of thousands of people is something special. Any should be very proud for what she accomplished at the golf outing.

  7. I think this is great. The fact that someone with a disability can get that kind of recognition and opportunity is fantastic.

  8. It is truly incredible that she was given this opportunity and that she did so well in that environment. Such a cool story.

  9. This is truly amazing and Amy truly deserves that scholarship that she earned. Sports are such a beautiful way for people to give back to the community and people that are not as fortunate to be able to play. Truly outstanding.

  10. i think that Amy being able to make a putt with no warm-up and in front of all those people is amazing and she should be proud of herself.

  11. This is inspiring because it motivates me and others to become a better person and respect people who can do more then the average person with disabilities.

  12. I think this story is truly inspirational. It’s awesome that she got to opportunity and I think she is 100% deserving of it. It goes to show that even if you put your mind to something, you will achieve your goals. She should be very proud of herself.

  13. This is a great representation of what sports should be about! Kudos to the golfer for allowing her this awesome oppurtunity! Congrats to Amy!

  14. The opportunity that Amy was given was inspiring. This is a story that gives many people, especially those with disabilities, the inspiration to do something great.

  15. I think this is awesome, Amy sounds very deserving of a scholarship. It was nice of the pro golfer to let Amy go with him. She proved that she could golf at a high level in front of people.

  16. Truly inspiring. The fact that Amy was able to make par with all of that pressure is incredible. Even more so when you consider the fact that 3 other pros were unable to do so.

  17. Amazing article. Amy is inspiring because she’s not letting anything stop her from what she loves. Also that she made par on 16 with thousands of people watching is amazing.

  18. This is inspirational. Amy is an amazing athlete and an amazing person. To have her play and show what golf means and what it is like to play. She knows just to have fun and not care about what anyone thinks.

  19. This is amazing thing i was not expecting her to do that well. Crazy on how she could handle all that pressure with ease. The cool thing about it is that she got a full ride scholarship for it.