What 1 Student is Doing to Prevent School Shootings

What 1 Student is Doing to Prevent School Shootings


Last year, Justin Rivard, went through an “active school-shooting” at Somerset High School in Wisconsin. Then, a junior, Justin helped his teacher barricade his classroom door with a table. He was astute enough to notice that the table would have been worthless, if it had been a real scenario.  He further realized that most classroom across the country were relying on similar defenses.

Fortunately, Justin was enrolled in a welding class. He knew there was a better answer. Since one didn’t exist in the martket place, he set out to create one.  He worked on this product for months. After several failures and several prototypes, he had his new invention. He cleverly calls it the “Justin-Kase.” He then spent the summer making about a hundred of these devices.  His own district purchased so many that he ran out of product.

To see more on this new invention, please see the following video.

Joe’s Perspective: Justin’s principal calls it a “game-changer.” I’d say so. Selling at a retail price of $95, this device will be in millions of classrooms soon. It gives would-be-victims a fighting chance in the event of a school shooting. This device will keep students and teachers safe.

To think that this device came from the mind of a 17-year-old high school student is absolutely amazing. I am so impressed. He recognized a problem and set out to solve it. While Congress debates, communities pray and school districts plan, Justin got to work. Look at what one person can do with a little ingenuity, wisdom, fortitude and desire. What a tremendous example for all of us to follow.

Your Turn: What is your opinion of Justin and this new invention?

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  1. He went through something I could only imagine, and for him to say to himself I never want to go through this nor let anyone else endure those feelings takes a lot. I feel all schools should have these devices in every classroom.

  2. I believe Justin’s invention would drastically decrease the amount of deaths during a school shooter situation however a problem arises if the the shooter is already inside the classroom. All in all I believe it’s a great invention and would definitely invest in one

  3. I think it is very creative and thoughtful of him. Instead of just sitting back and watching everything happen he actually stepped up and did something. This is quite mature and impressive

  4. I believe that he knows what is going on and is aware of the situations. What he is doing is thoughtful for the school and he is setting a good example for others. He is spreading awareness for gun-violence.

  5. i believe he is a good example of what the rest of the country is doing. he is taking actions into his own hands and its helping for the better.

  6. i think Justin went through something terrible and for him to say he doesn’t want anyone to go through that pain and actually make a device to help is so amazing. it isn’t a solution because the student could already be in the classroom but i think overall it would helped save more students lives in the scenario and i believe more schools should invest in this device.

  7. I believe Justin’s invention would save hundreds of lives. I like how he is making a solution to help school shootings in the U.S.

  8. i think this would save thousands of lives and his invention should be in every school because there been a lot of shootings and this is very important this would save every single student in a school and he is showing a great example he is helping and saving lives he is doing something to keep people save and for kids not to come to school being scared and is something that people should be doing this can actually save people lives.

  9. I think that Justin’s new invention is amazing because it could save many lives and school shooting deaths could go down by a lot.
    I also think that he could become kind of rich because of the price range he put on it.
    Not to mention that a ton of schools might see his invention and buy one for each room and classroom.