The Sheer Joy of a…Yoyo?

The Sheer Joy of a…Yoyo?


I have these friends who load up about 1,500 shoe boxes with small gifts each year and ship them to kids in poor 3rd-world countries. They are part of a larger mission called Operation Christmas Child sponsored by Sumaritan’s Purse, which is a Christian ministry. According to their website, millions of shoe boxes are delivered each year.

Before we moved, I took my kids to a local church on a specified Saturday morning to stuff shoe boxes. There were 20-30 people busily walking down the row of tables filled with stuff. This stuff generally included a stuffed animal, a t-shirt, several a yo yo, a kazoo, a hot wheel’s car, pencils, a piece of candy, crayons, soap, a tooth brush and toothpaste. I know that I tried to fit as much stuff in each shoe box, thinking of the boy or girl who would get this gift.

Joe’s Perspective – the gift of love: I watched this video last night and I was mesmerized. I knew this gift would be appreciated, but I never imagined the absolute joy it would bring. Many of these children live in a tent with dirt floors, are lucky to eat one bowl of mush each day have almost no belongings. Receiving a shoe box full of gifts is life-changing. The shoe box also represents something greater – love… kindness… compassion. It means someone in the world cares enough to gather, fill and send little ole me this package.  Pretty powerful.

Joe’s Perspective – the lessons: I showed this video to my kids to remind them 1) how fortunate they truly are and maybe how spoiled they might be. My kids cumulatively have over 100 stuffed animals, thousands of crayons,  and yo-yo’s that they cannot find. 2) To remind them that if I see a disappointed look on their face when they open a gift that was not on their Santa list that we can easily find someone in another country who will jump up and down to receive that bubble maker.

Finally, I showed this video to my kids to provide them with perspective. I hope it provides the same for you. Merry Christmas everyone.

Your Turn: When you watched this video, what thoughts did you have?


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