If You Put Your Mind to it…

If You Put Your Mind to it…


…anything is possible. Sargy Mann is an artist in Suffolk, England. His paintings sell for about $50,000. Art collectors and critics alike hail his work. Most revere his work. Sargy, however, has not seen his paintings in over a decade. Why? Sargy is completely blind. His vision was diminishing for years as a result of cataracts and failed surgeries. One day his retina’s completely detached and his vision vanished.

That, of course, didn’t stop Sargy. “It seems more-less impossible, but if you’re determined to keep going, you don’t need to give up,” Sargy recently said in an interview with the BBC. Despite not being able to see, he still paints. He uses blue-tack to give him proportionality and he needs weeks or months to complete a work of art, but he has found his way.


Joe’s Perspective: To me, this is such a representation of life. We all face obstacles, curves in the road and hurdles. Life is seldom easy for anyone. We all must learn to improvise and adapt. Sargy is just one of billions who has had to create his own path. You too will have to find yours. It will not be easy and you will face adversity. However, if you believe in yourself and put your mind to it…

Your Turn: Are you inspired by Sargy as I am? How can you use his life as an inspiration to better your life?

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  1. I think that this guy has shown great perseverance. He keeps making art, even though he is blind, and it is very valuable work. If everyone had the strength to keep doing what they love, even if there is a major obstacle has to be a pretty great person. I think he is cool and I wish that I could do what he does.

  2. I like this guy, even though he is blind, he makes great work, and i wish he could see what he makes, amazing. People should have to pay more for his work. Great perseverance, dude! 😀

  3. i think that he is a great artist because he can can make art while blind. sargy is blind and he can do art better than people thats not blind.

  4. I think his work is good even though he is blind, and I think he should keep doing what he’s doing. He has very good perseverance.

  5. this guy right here is blind and he dont have vision.. he was amazing because a man that was bind can do that can of work… that pretty great.

  6. i think he is a good artist even thought he is a blind and its good that even though he is blind he still does what he loves and it is very good soo…. , he should keep painting and doing what we he loves

  7. I think that anyone could do something if they put their mind to it like this man did. He did what he wanted to do. plus he lost his vision. People should put their mind to what they want to do. Even if someone said you can’t do it or you won’t make it. If you put your mind to it you can do it.

  8. I think this guy is truly amazing. Besides the fact that he paints beautiful pieces of work, he’s blind while doing it. He went blind, but yet he still found a way to continue painting.

  9. I think its good that he kept painting, he has determination and is a good example of the statement, if you put your mind to it anything is possible. Its cool he did what he did.

  10. He is very inspiring to me and some of my friends, we read about him and want to be him. He inspried us to do what we thought we couldn’t do.

  11. This guy is crazy inspirational. He reminds me that having something wrong with yourself shouldn’t stop you from doing something that you really love.

  12. Sargy is now a HUGE inspiration to me. Even after losing his sight he is continuing to do what he loves, paint. His actions show that we should all persevere through the worst of times if it’s for something that we love.