Is Cam Newton a Leader?

Is Cam Newton a Leader?


On Sunday night, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. The losing quarterback in that game is Cam Newton, the MVP of the league and the new face of the NFL. Fifteen minutes after the biggest loss of his life, he was interviewed by reporters. He took questions for less than 3 minutes, mostly provided one word answers and walked off the stage prematurely.

The backlash was swift…the criticism was harsh…the scrutiny was intense. You can see the entirety of the interview below.

Pro: Let’s just hold onto our self-righteous indignation for a moment. Let’s remember that this was the biggest game he ever played in. He has essentially been preparing for this moment his entire career. He was clearly devastated in the result and disappointed in his play. A few short minutes after this loss, this young man was “required” to go in front of the cameras and be introspective, insightful and forthright. Think of the worst moment in your life and ask yourself how you would have responded in front of reporters asking tough questions. I think we can cut Cam some slack.

Con: Days before the game, Cam said he wanted to be viewed in the same light as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Let’s be clear – we have not seen other star quarterbacks act like that after similarly tough losses. It’s easy to stand up in front of the cameras after a win, but it takes fortitude and character to face the music after a tough loss. The face of the league can’t act like that after a loss. Whether he likes it or not, millions of kids are looking up to him… and he just gave them permission to be a poor sport. If Cam wants to be viewed as the leader of the team, he needs to act with poise and class in victory and defeat. I hope he learns from this experience.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts about Cam’s post-game interview?

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  1. I don’t blame Newton for his poor sports man ship. He did work hard and he did everything he could to get that far in his career. But really he shouldnt’ve acted that way. i understand that he was upset and disappointed but he still could’ve answered more responiablly

  2. I can understand how he must feel because this was important to him and he lost. When something like that happens to us we are disappointed in ourselves and feel like we could have done better. The last thing you want is a lot of people in your face asking you a lot of questions.

  3. I think every body has determination but some peoples determination is stronger than others but i still think he should not have acted that way he should think before he acts

  4. In my opinion, he shouldn’t be cut any slack for his actions. If he wants to be compared to the best then he has to act like your the best. In other hand, it is a tough lost, especially for a young Quarterback, so there is some petty for him. I think he should of answered the questions as respectfully as he can.

  5. Cam shouldn’t have gotten so upset about the loss. He has many more games to come as long as he keeps doing what he is doing. He’s better than what his reaction to this loss, he wasnt ready for the superbowl. As long as he stays where he is at, he’ll have another shot at it.

  6. Yes Cam Newton is a leader, he was very emotional and disappointed at the time. Cam just need to pick his head up and just keep pounding. He will get the next Super Bowl.

  7. I don’t blame Newton for his poor sports man ship. He did work hard and he did everything he could to get that far in his career. But really he shouldn’t have acted that way. i understand that he was upset and disappointed but he still could’ve answered more responsibly

  8. Me personally , I understand both the pro and the con. Like he should just suck it up and if he try as hard to get to the superbowl next year like he did this year and always have a positive atitude (spelled wrong) through the bad and the good he will win.

  9. I don’t think it was right for him to walk out during the interview. But he is also human so he can only take so much and plus he just loss the most important game of the season. He had some build up emotions from losing the game and that’s why I think he acted like that

  10. I know he just lost the biggest game of his career so I know the pain and frustration behind that. But yes he should of had a better attitude when being asked questions about the game. He should of stayed at the press conference longer and just stayed positive with a smile and his head held up high.

  11. Cam is a leader but need to learn not to cry.I alway thought he was good now he’s a big baby and needs to grow up.Im glad that maning went out in glory.

  12. i think cam should not been sad over the lost, i think he should of jst had smile and answered the question more longer and then kept his chin up even tho was sad.

  13. Cam Newton has a right to be mad and that was his first devastating lost he was playing to be the best in the world and he lost i would be super mad at the moment but you have to relize that have more opportunities he is still a leader to many even after a tough loss.

  14. I agree with the pro comments saying that they should cut Cam Newton some slack. Just like they said before he has been putting in his life into this moment or game, which he just lost. Anybody on their worst day would act the same way. Even younger athletes would act the same way because they are disappointed in their lost.

  15. I think the way Cam acted was perfectly normal after his team did not win the Super Bowl. People are saying that he should stop crying and answer the questions better because kids look up to him. I think this shows the kids that look up to him that it is okay to be upset after a loss.

  16. They should not expect a good interview from a young star like that. He just lost a Superbowl after going almost undefeated in the season and they were suppose to win.

  17. I think he could have taken the loss a lot better. Everyone loses at some point in there life but you have to get back up and keep a positive attitud. Yes, it sucks but there’s always next year.

  18. I think Cam can be a good leader, but not all of the time. There are times he sets good examples for kids but other times he makes himself look like a fool.

  19. He was not being a poor sportsman. He was just upset and he was even talking about how the other team played better. I feel like that he would said bad things about the other team if he was displaying poor sportsmanship. He was disheartened after one of the greatest opportunities in his life.

  20. Cam Newton is a hell of a player who was clearly upset. If he wants to be viewed like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning he needs to have more class. He cannot let his emotions get the best of him.