The Problem with Millennials??

The Problem with Millennials??


A friend of mine posted this video to his Facebook page. It shows a young woman from Texas by the name of Lexus Bloomer providing her perspective on why the older generations look down on her generation, otherwise known as millennials. I hope you are able to view the video below. If not, she says things like, 1) We have contributed nothing to society, but feel entitled to so much, 2) We spend more time friending people on social media, but spend little time building relationships and 3) we idolize Kim Kardashian and don’t appreciate the men and women serving our country in the Armed Services… and so on.

Joe’s Perspective: I will refrain from offering my opinion on this one until I read the comments from 25 students.  So…

Your Turn: What do you think about her comments?  What parts do you agree with and what parts do you disagree with?

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  1. I 100% agree with everything she said her argument was spot on.Nobody knows how to respect women or elders anymore its honestly sad how terrible it is. guys dont hold the door open nor or less even put in effort to try.

  2. what she said is true because every one wants to have the most friends online than in real life. They don’t care what most people say to them.

  3. I believe there are parts of her video that are true. However, I definitely believe it is important to not generalize saying our entire generation is at fault. Just like every generation, the past, present, and surely the future, there are people who do not necessarily represent the “ideal” American citizen. With that said, there are many in our generation who are caring and respectful individuals that will grow up to proudly represent our country.

  4. I agree that our generation has dwindled in it’s ability to be kind, respect our elders, etc. , but I disagree when she says it is our entire generation. Not everyone is a terrible human, she acts as if everyone in our generation doesn’t know how to hold a door open for someone. I’m sure fifty years ago people were saying there was something wrong with their generation too. That is my only point of disagreement, but other than that I do agree with many of the things she is saying, I do think it’s a problem that we idolize people like Kim Kardashian, I think our values as a generation have been malnourished.

  5. I feel her opinion is completely correct. Her comments are also correct because the generation that we live in do not seem to care about anything but themselves and what they want people to know about them. I agree with some parts but disagree with the statement she made about not being polite enough to open doors for people. I feel that most of the generation has the courtesy to open the doors for people but many of the older generation just likes to assume that we the younger generation are all stuck up and do not want to open the doors for people. When in reality many of us are capable of doing just that, being polite and opening doors as well as saying “Please” “Thank You ” (etc.) Overall I feel people take the younger generation for granted.

  6. I agree with everything that she said. I agree that our generation shows no respect to anyone. We don’t open the doors to elderly or open it up to anyone. Our generation is more focus on whats the new up date on facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc. Our generation needs to open up our eyes and change something. Do we really want our generation to be remember as the worse generation? I know I don’t, but there is a lot of people that just don’t care. That is our problem. No one cares enough to change. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to change. The question is, are you?

  7. I agree with her on most terms but not on all. I still believe our generation hasn’t lost all of its values. We are overwhelmed by all the things that are happening right now as with technology and how they are expecting us to be the greatest generation since WW2. Our generation will be great no doubt about it but they must realize we’ll grow into it and adapt we are still young and foolish.

  8. I think she did really well of explaining the way our generations acts/speaks. I would agree with almost everything she said, especially idolizing celebrities over armed service personnel and disrespecting our nation’s values and beliefs. The only thing that bothered me slightly was that she made a generalization about ALL millennials. For example, I personally believe that there are a lot of millennials that do have respect and pride for our country and this is evident when you look at the service academies and at a recruiting office. There are tons of young Americans who are willing to stand up and fight for our country and I think that she should give respect where respect is due. Other than that though, she did an excellent job of voicing her opinion.

  9. I think she makes some valid comments like how we mock the people fighting for our country. They are risking their life’s to defend our freedom. I disagree with how we disrespect our elders. Yeah things may have changed, but we still value the things they did.

  10. She has a relevant point but i believe the culture of laziness, disrespectfulness, and entitlement was actually engineered into the millennials via reality television, music, and consumerism. Also, she made a point of saying all millennials could be characterized by this, yet I am a respectful person who understands that you have to earn things. I feel another huge stigma regarding our generation is the idea that all of us are this way like the woman says, yet there are so many of us, that even though a large portion can be generalized as such, there are still so many of us who are not this way at all.

  11. im 100% argue with her like now adays everyone just wants to party and not cocuse on there self how there ganna be doing in collage and focuse on the futuer

  12. I agree with her points. Our generation is self-entitled and wants everything but is too lazy to put in work and time for it. At least the majority of our generation takes everything we are lucky enough to have for granted. We need to staet improving our society and making a difference.

  13. I agree with her comments, people get caught up with social media and their popularity that they forget to be appreciative of who and what they have, until they lose it, they regret not taking advantage of them or it.

  14. Food for thought: If this young lady was a homely, fat, Latina with thick-lensed glasses, would she have the same gravitas? This generation, raised on plastic surgery and an effort to be physically perfect, has to be all things to all people to be taken seriously. I have a crippling disease, and see the way I am cut short when I attempt to add to the conversation with this age group. This is simply something to be aware of and think about. Thanks.

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      This is a great question. I don’t know the answer to that one. We are a superficial society and tend to give more credence to hot individuals. Still, the message was meaningful. Don’t hate the messenger 🙂

  15. This was a great video. Most of this was true, but there are still people who hold the door open for women or elders. And some people are too lazy to realize those who are polite and respect others.

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      Another great comment. I see things daily that make me shake my head in disappointment, but I also see things everyday that put a smile on my face and show me how good young people really are.

  16. I think she cannot just generalize everyone. There are people out there who are not invested in social media as their life and there is some who idolize Kim Kardashian. Everyone is focusing on the negative people in the millennials. There are many positives to be said about it.

    As a millennial, I have so much respect for people who serve, so that was just disrespectful. I also don’t invest my life in social media and my idol is not Kim Kardashian, so please do not generalize everyone has one because we are each our own person.

  17. “We have contributed nothing yet feel entitled to so much.” Well she is right the older generations did contribute to a lot such as global warming, bad economy, racism, ect. And what does the average Millennial feel so entitled to? Things like food and shelter? Every human being deserves at least that much. “We spend more time friending people on social media, but spend little time building relationships.” You can only spend so much time on social media “friending” people and not building relationships, why? Because social media is for the sole purpose to connect to other people you may have not even known otherwise. Forms of communication are always evolving and if it’s upsetting or wrong than you muct be really upset with cellphones. “We idolize Kim Kardashian and don’t appreciate the men and women serving our country in the Armed Services.” Kim Kardashian is someone I don’t care for as a person but as a business woman, yes she is indeed a business woman, she is really inspiring. She’s doing what most of the population can only dream of and that’s making easy money.

  18. I agree and disagree. I agree with her because sure people now a days are always invested in social media but then again she can generalize everyone. Not everyone is addicted to social media, relationships can be built over social media its how you keep tabs on people and lastly just because you’re on social media does not mean you don’t appreciate those who are fight for our country right now. As in for her she used social media to reach out to people and tell people how she felt about our generation because there was no other way if you’re not an “important” person. She can not generalize everyone.

  19. i agree with her. people now days don’t know to respect people. people go online 24/7 just to see whats happening to celebrities and they don’t look up and see whats going in the world.

  20. I agree with their observations, people get caught up in social networks and popularity that forget being grateful for who and what they have until they lose it, they regret not taking advantage of them or her.

  21. Lexus was right. It is sad that our generation as come to this where we are doing all of these things. but times have changed and people are different then they were 35 years ago. Even though the times have changed does not mean we should forget our manners and those who work hard everyday to at least make the world a better place.

  22. I disagree with the girl in the video because she is making generalizations about our generation. she is putting down the fact that time shave changed and our generation has evolved from what it was 20 years ago. we must be accepting of change. Customs have changed along with our generations’ vernacular. it is unfair for an older generation to look down on us because we are different than they are, times have changed and people need to accept that fact.

  23. I have to say, she really has a point that drives deep. While what she said is a generalisation and there are lots of people who want to say “But not me;” it is a generalisation that reflects the general millennial population pretty accurately. Myself, I have to admit I’m part of the Tumblr-hating group of Tumblr users. I see all kinds of self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warriors” who do nothing but complain and insult rather than doing as their “title” suggests. The only point of hers that I don’t agree with is here comment on this generation using social media rather than being physically social with others. While the use of technology and social media has exploded, I don’t think it is any kind of serious problem. There are a good amount of instances of people losing moderation of their time spent on social media, but not so to the point that it should reflect the entire generation. One point of my own that I’d like to add to hers is that ours is the generation of misinformation. Due to marketing and advertising (albeit done mostly by baby-boomers) and our own laziness that stops us from learning on our own and fact-checking what we hear, our generation can easily be called the most ill-informed generation in a very long time.

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