The Problem with Millennials??

The Problem with Millennials??


A friend of mine posted this video to his Facebook page. It shows a young woman from Texas by the name of Lexus Bloomer providing her perspective on why the older generations look down on her generation, otherwise known as millennials. I hope you are able to view the video below. If not, she says things like, 1) We have contributed nothing to society, but feel entitled to so much, 2) We spend more time friending people on social media, but spend little time building relationships and 3) we idolize Kim Kardashian and don’t appreciate the men and women serving our country in the Armed Services… and so on.

Joe’s Perspective: I will refrain from offering my opinion on this one until I read the comments from 25 students.  So…

Your Turn: What do you think about her comments?  What parts do you agree with and what parts do you disagree with?

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