Kids Busted! No Permits for Lemonade Stands

Kids Busted! No Permits for Lemonade Stands


A very strange phenomena began in the last several years. Kids are getting busted for not having permits for their lemonade stands. That’s right, entrepreneurial kids trying to raise a buck or school children trying to raise money for charity… are shut down, busted and fined. Police are showing up to cease the selling of that cool refreshing drink. Local government is giving kids the squeeze, so to speak. The courts are leveraging fines.

Country Time Lemonade kept hearing about these cases across the country. They decided to get involved. They started a Legal-Ade Defense Team to cover fines or permits for anyone who has had a local lemonade stand shut down by “the man.”

Joe’s Perspective: I know, I know, this is small potatoes compared to the real issues going on in America, but wrong is wrong. If someone shuts down the lemonade stand of a 6-year-old, we’ve lost our minds. Shame on the parent down the street for calling the cops. Shame on the local government for having such an archaic laws. Shame on the police for enforcing such stupid laws. What a bunch of hoey! I’m glad that Country Time Lemonade stepped in and helped us all come to our senses.  Stop the madness 🙂

Your Turn: What do you think of these kids being busted and what do you think of the Country Time Legal Ade?

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