3 Wishes for Ruby’s Residents

3 Wishes for Ruby’s Residents


“If you could have any three things, what would you want?” Eleven-year-old, Ruby began asking this question to senior citizens at a nursing home in Arkansas. The responses, she learned, were not that grand. The responses were much more practical. It was usually food-related like Dr. Pepper or sausage or cake. It was also based on needs like bigger shirts, an electric razor or new shoes.

So, she did what any good-natured 11-year-old child would do. She started her own charity entitled, “3 Wishes for Ruby’s Residents.” She started a “Go Fund Me” Page to cover the costs. Turns out, it’s not that expensive. She goes room to room, asking her favorite question. She then tries her hardest to make those wishes come true.

When asked why she does it, Ruby responded, “It lifts you. It really does.” She is also having major impact on the senior citizens too. They smile. They laugh. They hug. They cry.


Joe’s Perspective: This story is such a reminder that everyone wants to be loved…cherished…remembered. Most people don’t need the fastest car or the newest toy. When really matters is human connection. These senior citizens have lived a long life. They probably don’t have much. Everything they own is in one room. Yet, one little girl goes out of her way to provide them with attention. It seems to make all the difference. Pretty cool!

Your Turn: What small thing can you do for someone in your life to help them feel loved and appreciated?


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