6 Rules To Success #Perseverance

6 Rules To Success #Perseverance


Arnold Schwarzenegger knows a thing or two about success. He was a world champion body-builder, an A-list movie star and the governor of California. He had a knack for succeeding where others wouldn’t think to even try. I think it is important to listen to people who have had success to learn what it takes to become successful.  So, here are Arnold’s six rules to being a success.

Arnold’s Rules of Success

  1. Find your vision and follow it
  2. Never think small
  3. Avoid the naysayers
  4. Work your ass off
  5. Don’t just take, give something back to change the world

Joe’s Perspective: I remember when I used to have guest speakers come into my class once a week. Their job was to provide the next generation with life lessons that would help them move forward. Each speaker basically said the same thing in their own words. It was always related to character -how you treat other people, take responsibility for yourself, persevere over obstacles, stay humble and give back to society. Each message reinforced the certainty that there is no secret to success or happiness. You have to work for it. I think Arnold reinforces this notion once again, don’t you?

Your Turn: Which one of Arnold’s rules do you resonate with the most? Explain.

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