A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle


Tony Yahle, a healthy 37-year old husband of 3 teenagers, with no previous health problems, was found by his wife, struggling to breathe. He was rushed to a local hospital by ambulance. Within minutes of his arrival, Tony’s heart stopped beating. Doctors signaled a code blue and tried to stimulate his heart for 45 minutes – to no avail. Tony was pronounced dead. Doctors took the short walk to the family waiting room to break the devestating news. Tony’s son, Lawrence, was the first to visit his father’s corpse. Lawrence began to pray with his pastor and turned to his father and said, “Dad, you’re not going to die today.”

Within seconds a heartbeat was detected on the one remaining machine hooked up to Tony’s body.  Dr. Raja Nazir, the attending doctor on the case said, “I’ve never seen, I’ve actually never heard of anything like this before.” Tony spent the next 5 days in a coma, but then awakened with no side effects. In fact, he had no memory of the events. Tony gives all credit to God and says that this event strengthened his faith.

 Joe’s Perspective: Whether you believe in God or not, this is an uplifting story. I, for one, look at the photo of this family and I am so happy that Tony is still with them on this Christmas day. I think of the family sadness that could have been and the joy that instead exists today. Maybe it’s only one life and one story, but on this Christmas it made me happier to know this miracle/anomaly occurred.

Your Turn:

  1. How did this story make you feel?
  2. Do you believe that God played a role in this story or was it merely an anomaly of science? Why?


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