A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle


Tony Yahle, a healthy 37-year old husband of 3 teenagers, with no previous health problems, was found by his wife, struggling to breathe. He was rushed to a local hospital by ambulance. Within minutes of his arrival, Tony’s heart stopped beating. Doctors signaled a code blue and tried to stimulate his heart for 45 minutes – to no avail. Tony was pronounced dead. Doctors took the short walk to the family waiting room to break the devestating news. Tony’s son, Lawrence, was the first to visit his father’s corpse. Lawrence began to pray with his pastor and turned to his father and said, “Dad, you’re not going to die today.”

Within seconds a heartbeat was detected on the one remaining machine hooked up to Tony’s body.  Dr. Raja Nazir, the attending doctor on the case said, “I’ve never seen, I’ve actually never heard of anything like this before.” Tony spent the next 5 days in a coma, but then awakened with no side effects. In fact, he had no memory of the events. Tony gives all credit to God and says that this event strengthened his faith.

 Joe’s Perspective: Whether you believe in God or not, this is an uplifting story. I, for one, look at the photo of this family and I am so happy that Tony is still with them on this Christmas day. I think of the family sadness that could have been and the joy that instead exists today. Maybe it’s only one life and one story, but on this Christmas it made me happier to know this miracle/anomaly occurred.

Your Turn:

  1. How did this story make you feel?
  2. Do you believe that God played a role in this story or was it merely an anomaly of science? Why?


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  1. this story made me feel shocked but happy like i can relate to this article alot because it true god does give us miracle and i strongly believe in god and the works he can do so knowing that happen i can share the same feeling with him. yes god did a huge role in this story because some people may not believe in christ but i do and god did he job.

  2. It was devistating knowing that this happened but when he came back to life it really makes me questions the place up above us… I dont know what i believe in sometimes its mostly science but when i hear stories like these i feel uplifted and really makes me questions a lot about things.

  3. This story made me feel like miracles really do and can happen. This also proves that god can have a very large impact on people’s lives and whether you believe in god or not, this is true. It is apparent that god can make great things happen. I think this is a very amazing story and that this family was very lucky. It is very rare for this to even come close to happen, especially after being pronounced dead for 45 mins. This was definitely a miracle.

  4. This story made me feel sad but then very happy because I could just imagine how I would feel if that was my dad and well my parents are both all about god so hearing how a heartbeat was shown after they prayed made me just think how good god is and how powerful prayers are. I do think that god played a role in this story I don’t think it could be anything else but god because the fact that he was dead already and suddenly came back to life and awakened with no medical problems shows that this is god and everyone should realize how strong prayers are and to always leave things in gods hands and to trust him.

  5. 1. This story makes me feel that anything is possible if you believe.
    2. I think God played a role in this story because science couldn’t explain this but by believing in God a miracle happened.