A Little Inspiration for You

A Little Inspiration for You


Instead of talking about the latest person to screw up society or the role model who failed us morally, I thought I would provide you with a few inspirational speeches. Perhaps one or all of these speeches will inspire you, make you laugh or move you to tears – or maybe all three.

Speech #1: This one is of Deonte Bridges, the valedictorian from Booker T Washington High School in Atlanta, Georgia (2010). I love to hear about people who overcome adversity. It also reminds me that great speeches don’t have to be long. Can you rise?

Deonte Bridges










Speech #2: 10-year-old Dalton Sherman provided the keynote talk to over 20,000 Dallas ISD educators on their opening day in 2008. I am not sure where he got this kind of confidence and stage-presence, but he really is amazing. Do you believe?

Dalton Sherman










Speech #3:  Georgia Tech sophomore Nicholas Selby welcomed the school’s new freshmen class with a stirring speech. If this one doesn’t get you motivated, I don’t know what will. I only wish I was this talented. What would you say to inspire your classmates?









Your Turn (follow us & tweet responses to @CDandLeadership using #CDandL):
1) Social Media Question: What do you think makes for an awesome inspirational speech? What speech would you add to this short list of inspirational speeches?
2) What would say to your classmates or teachers to inspire them?
3) Do you think “we” need inspiration?

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