A Note to Fans

A Note to Fans


Joe’s Perspective: This is an instructive lesson. Even the ref has a mother. Let’s also remember that the ref is trying to do the very best job that he/she can do to call the best game possible. Their objective is fairness. They are trying their very best to get things right. Even the beginners are trying their best. They had to take a certain amount of class hours, gain certificates and work low-level games before even being able to call a high school game. They have worked hard to learn the rules of the game. And, the best outcome for a referee is if no one notices them. There are no trophies or championships.

Now, imagine going to your job and expecting people to mock you, swear at you and yell at you. And, that is just the norm. So, to the fans and the parents out there… be nice, show some respect, have some class. Give the ref a break.

Your Turn: How are the refs treated at your games by the fans?

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  1. I went to some hockey games a few weeks ago and the ref sometimes made some really big mistakes, so people were yelling at them.
    And when I went to a soccer game the same happened.

  2. At my games refs are actually judges and we do our best to remain polite and respectful. I think for people who are playing it’s easy to get lost in personal or self importance and then forget that the refs are just trying to do their job.

  3. For the most part I believe that the refs are treated with respect, I’ve seen disagreements between fans and refs but nothing that has been out of control that could cause bigger problems, that could harm others. This all is a result of disagreement on a called that is made.

  4. I feel like the refs do not receive as much credit as they should but they work very hard. Sometimes parents can forget that they are people too and they make mistakes and yell at them.

  5. Nice post. I’m a HS referee so this hits home. It’s nice to see one of the points of emphasis this year for officiating is on/off-court conduct by coaches, athletes and fans. Coaches and AD’s need to be encouraged more to step up and speak out when conduct crosses the line.

  6. Depending on what sport it is the students and parents that come and watch sometimes yell at the refs a lot especially during football games

  7. they sometimes do get yelled at from mostly the parents in the stands. we try to understand that they call what they see but sometimes in the game and in the moment we are upset and don’t fully think

  8. The sport I am involved in does not have refs. Sporting events I attend for the school, the refs are well respected and treated fairly.

  9. it’s mostly the parents who say and scream at the refs. It is hard to remember they call what they see compared to what we see. We try to respect them but our parents yell at them.

  10. I can never hear the fans while on the court or on the bench because I kind of tune them out during a game. While I watch a JV game I can sometimes hear parents complaining about the refs.

  11. I think that our refs get more hate then love or appreciate during a game and outside all because people don’t know or go off of what other people say and they blame the refs. But people don’t realize how much refs go threw just to get hated because of a call.

  12. The refs at basketball games usually face input from the crowd, players, and coaches. Sometimes this input is helpful, as a possession call might’ve been missed but sometimes this input is harsh and unnecessary.

  13. I feel like our refs are almost always criticized and never given credit for what they do. It’s very difficult to be a ref and they aren’t always going to please everyone. They are human and going to make mistakes that we have to live with.