A Note to Fans

A Note to Fans


Joe’s Perspective: This is an instructive lesson. Even the ref has a mother. Let’s also remember that the ref is trying to do the very best job that he/she can do to call the best game possible. Their objective is fairness. They are trying their very best to get things right. Even the beginners are trying their best. They had to take a certain amount of class hours, gain certificates and work low-level games before even being able to call a high school game. They have worked hard to learn the rules of the game. And, the best outcome for a referee is if no one notices them. There are no trophies or championships.

Now, imagine going to your job and expecting people to mock you, swear at you and yell at you. And, that is just the norm. So, to the fans and the parents out there… be nice, show some respect, have some class. Give the ref a break.

Your Turn: How are the refs treated at your games by the fans?

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