A Responsibility to the Fans?

A Responsibility to the Fans?


Demarcus Lawrence plays for the Dallas Cowboys. On a visit to play an away game against the New York Giants, a young 10-year-old fan asked Demarcus for an autograph. The kid was wearing a Giants jersey. Demarcus snubbed the fan and told him to get “the right jersey.” The kid walked away pretty disappointed. The video went viral and Demarcus received a lot of bad press.

Pro: I get it. The kid is wearing a jersey from the opposing team that you are about to play. Why be nice to him? He’s going to be rooting against you for the next three hours. Just sign for your “real” fans. You’ve got to set a standard somewhere.

Con: The kid is 10 years old. He might be a Giants fan, but he probably idolizes you. He has been waiting for the opportunity to meet you. It probably meant the world to him. He can’t understand why you dissed him. You have a responsibility to give back to the fans and you blew it.  You deserve the criticism.

Your Turn: What is your opinion of the actions of Demarcus in this video?


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  1. I think that just because the kid is rooting for a different team, doesn’t mean he dislikes you and your team them self. Demarcus acted very rude considering it was a kid asking and the kid was just wanted a autograph not anything else. It showed how if people don’t fit the criteria to other people, it shows how quick people are to drop them and be rude.

      1. He should have signed the autograph because the kid obviously looks up to him and it would have shown other people that he is a nice person for doing that for a kid even with an opposing teams jersey on.

    1. I think Demarcus should have said something sarcastic like “Where’s your cowboys jersey?” and then still signed an autograph for the fan because although he was rooting for the opposing team he is 10 years old and idolizes the nfl players.

      1. I feel as he should have gave the kid an autograph and he shouldn’t have been so rude just because he had on a different jersey and he could have joked around or something instead of being rude.

        1. I agree with this that he should not have taken this out on the 10 year old boy because he definitely could idolize him and this could have crushed his dreams. It is understandable that he was annoyed with the boy for wearing the opposing team’s jersey, but he still should’ve kept his mouth shut and gave him his autograph.

      2. I think that it was very disrespectful for him to reject the kid. He probably wished he could’ve been wearing a cowboys jersey, but couldn’t find one in stores near him since he lives in NYC. He can still recognize that a player is good even if he doesn’t play for his home team, and by denying his request to sign the autograph he risked losing a fan who idolized him so dearly.

      3. I agree with this because although he had an opposing jersey on, maybe he still liked demarcus. Not to mention he’s only 10 years old. He just wanted an autograph. I like a certain team but if there was a player from a different team, i would ask too.

  2. I think that Demarcus’s actions were very rude. Even though the kid was wearing the opposing team’s jersey, he might of looked up to Demarcus as a role model. Since Demarcus didn’t sign the autograph, he ruined the kids day and his own reputation as well. He should instead be thankful that people even want his autograph.

    1. I agree. I think he should have signed the autograph regardless. Just because a kid isn’t supporting your team doesn’t mean he can’t recognize your skill and idolize you.

  3. I think he should have signed the kids jersey. It doesn’t matter what jersey you wear it’s who you look up to. At the end of the day you aren’t following in the footsteps of the jersey it’s the player who you relate to and look up to. In the end he’s in the wrong for snubbing the kid and not signing his jersey

  4. He should’ve given the kid his autograph because even though he was going for the other team, he probably idolized him. For example, I am a spurs fan, but I idolize Lebron James and Stephen Curry.

  5. I think it was rude and uncalled for. Demarcus probably thought of it as funny in the moment but I can assure you that the little boy hoping for an autograph did not.

  6. i think that it was rude and that he should of signed his autograph to be nice even though he was cheering for the other team.

  7. Demarcus Lawrence didn’t have to act that way even though the kid was a Giants fan. The kids day was probably down the drain because of Demarcus.

  8. I think that Demarcuses actions were very rude. I can sort of see his viewpoint but he is a role model and inspiration to so many people and kids and for Demarcus to do that is uncalled for. He should have at least signed the jersey instead of making a joke out of it. He probably let the pride from winning the game get to his head but that still is no excuse for his actions.

  9. I think that Demarcus was totally out of line to do something like that because, although the kid wasn’t wearing a Cowboys jersey, he asked for your autograph for a reason. He just wanted to get an autograph from an NFL player that he likes.

  10. I think that Demarcus was very rude. It doesn’t matter what team the little boy is rooting for you should always respect the fans that cheer you on. Demarcus may have thought it was a joke, but the little boy definitely didn’t think it was.

  11. Demarcus should’ve just signed his autograph, what if the 10 year old was getting an autograph for someone else but he just declined it because he was wearing the opposing teams jersey. His actions were rude and were not called for.

  12. I thought he was very rude and the kid didn’t deserve it. even if he did have the wrong jersey on he should have been nice.

  13. I think he should have signed the jersey because if he didn’t like he did then the kid would be discouraged to do other things and would be conscious of what he wears when he does stuff

  14. I think that I would have said what the player said as a joke and then given him my autograph. The player being mean to that kid was unacceptable, and a bad show of sportsmanship.

  15. I honestly don’t think the fact that he didn’t sign it was a big deal. He probably should have signed it, but I also don’t think his intent was to be mean. Overall, I think Demarcus should have signed it, but I don’t think it should be a big deal and I don’t think the kid should be too worried about it.

  16. I think his actions were rude and he could’ve handled the situation a lot better. He’s an adult and he should know better than to do that to a little kid. The kid is young and just because he likes another team doesn’t mean he can’t like a player from the opposite team. For somebody who is really well known to do that to a little boy it probably crushed the little boy’s heart.

  17. i think what he did was rude and hurt the little boys feelings. he was wearing the opposing teams jersey but it probably meant a lot seeing him and getting to meet him

  18. I can see how DeMarcus Lawerence would have felt in the moment, but I don’t feel his actions were justified. I feel he should have given the kid the autograph regardless of what shirt he was wearing, as this demonstrates good character and builds a good reputation.

  19. I thought he should have signed for the kid he may not have been wearing the right jersey but maybe his parents made him wear it bc they are fans. He said that so many kids don’t get an autograph that are cheering for him but let that kid have the chance to be one of those people that can say they have his autograph.

  20. I think that he should have just given the kid the autograph he wanted. Just because he has a jersey on for one team and may be cheering for that one team doesn’t mean he doesn’t also idolize other players. That action will probably not only affect him off the field but also on the field and how people think of him as a player.

  21. I thought that it was rude not to sign it. Even though he was wearing the opposing teams jersey, that kid probably idolizes all the great players and just wanted a signature. It’s not every day that a kid gets to see or get a autograph from a celebrity.

  22. I think his actions were very wrong. This child clearly looked up to him and even though this child didn’t have the right jersey he still should have signed for the 10 year-old.

  23. His actions were not ideal. Demarcus should be kind to everyone regardless of age or opinions. Just because the kid was a fan of another team does not mean that they did not idolize him or look up to him. Clearly he recognized Demarcus as a important and respected figure, since he wanted an autograph. As a professional athlete, or a person with influence in other people’s lives, you should always act in a respectful manner and respect others. Especially since you represent your team, coaches, teammates, and all of your supporters.

  24. His actions were unacceptable. Just because he had a different jersey doesn’t mean anything. He still probably looks up to you and wants to be like you.

  25. I think he should have just signed an autograph for the boy. He’s so young, he’s just excited to be around famous athletes. It was rude of Demarcus to just blow him off. He should’ve signed the autograph.

  26. I think that he should have signed the autograph. He should have because if the little boy looked up to him he should have been nice to him even if he was supporting the other team

  27. i think it’s very childish and rude to do this. i understand that the kid has the opposing jersey on but he’s 10 years old. he is still allowed to think it’s cool that he saw a famous athlete.

  28. My thought of the video is that Demarcus should have signed the paper, it’s a little kid trying to look up to anyone who will guide him and instead DeMarcus says “Get the right jersey”. Its disrespectful and rude.

  29. I think Demarcus actions were very disrespectful. He should have signed the autograph because the child obviously idolised him. Just because the child is rooting for the opposing team doesn’t mean he doesn’t look up to him. When he made that action he was representing his team, his family, and his friends.

  30. His reaction wasn’t the best, maybe he should’ve tried to present it in a better way and given the kid an autograph to make his day

  31. He should have given the kid his autograph. Very rarely do you get to meet a pro football player, and this could have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for this kid. But because of his selfishness, he ruined this kid’s experience.

  32. I can understand where his actions come from and I think that it shows loyalty to his fans. I think he could’ve gone over to the kid and asked why he was wearing a non-cowboys jersey

  33. I think his actions were really rude and not good behavior. The kid probably idolized him, he is 10 for God’s sake.

  34. I don’t like what he did to this kid. These professional athletes do not know how much of an impact they can have on young kids. I believe he could have responded better than he did and not caused a scene like he did.

  35. I think Demarcus should have signed the kid’s jersey because it was a really young child that just wanted an NFL player’s attention.

  36. It may have seemed like a throwaway thing in the moment to him, but he should have gave it to the kid just to be nice, even if he did have a giants jersey

  37. I don’t think that it’s a problem that he didn’t sign the jersey but he probably could have been more respectful towards the young fan

  38. demarcus should have given the kid an autograph. I get that he’s wearing the wrong jersey, but he asked for a reason. He’s a fan, and Demarcus should respect that, especially when the fan is only 10 years old.

  39. I see on how they can see it as being rude but before the game no matter how old they are any person u see wearing the opposite colors of your team you see as the enemy and u want to take them down especially when it’s a division game or a rivalry game so I see his veiw point on this

  40. You have a loyalty to your team and he simply responded thinking of that but he probably should’ve signed the kids Jersey even if it was a rival because it’s a kid

  41. I feel like he sorta messed up because he should’ve signed the kid’s jersey and should’ve said “you got the wrong jersey” in a laughing tone. Or could’ve got the kid a Dallas jersey.

  42. I think what Demarcus did to the kid was unnecessary by not giving him an autograph as he could’ve made that kids day with a small gesture. The kid could’ve idolized him and to be shot down like that could’ve made him feel terrible.

  43. This reps your character even to people higher than you. It really matters on what you do and your actions towards the public.

  44. I believe that he should have signed the autograph no matter what. Even if he doesn’t want to sign an autograph because the boy is supporting his opponent, he should have still been kind to the boy by simply signing his name. His actions were just a little rude.

  45. I understand his action against the kid, to ask to sign a jersey that isn’t you team would maybe wreck your mind set and hurt your fans that were there for your team, but not to sign anything for the kid or to be rude to the kid was unnecessary in the fullest.

  46. I think he should have given his autograph for the young boy. The boy probably just loved how he played even though he is a fan of another team. What does it matter? He was being selfish and rude to that little boy who probably just loves amazing players.

  47. I think that he still should have given the kid an autograph. Someone can have role models on multiple teams, and to shut him don’t when it would have been easy to sign a piece of paper for him seems kind of childish, even if he was wearing the jersey of your rival.

  48. I understand where he was coming from, but the boy might be a fan of great athletes like Demarcus. Brushing him off wasn’t the right move neither is not apologizing for it. The kid looked very disappointed once being rejected.

  49. I think Demarcus should have signed the kids jersey because he was only 10 years old, and he probably idolized Demarcus. If this was set up just to get out a reaction from Demarcus, then they got the reaction they wanted and it went viral. He should have been the bigger person and signed it.

  50. I think he should of signed his autograph. The kid is young and susceptible to long lasting emotional effects, and I think the player should of thought about this before just denying him. If it was like a cocky adult who was mocking him by wearing another team’s jersey, it would be a different study, but it was an innocent kind who idolizes an adult player.

  51. I think that he was pretty rude to the kid and I’m sure he was really excited to get an autograph from a pro player. I think he should’ve given him the autograph, even though he was rooting for the other team.

  52. I think that it was rude of Demarcus because it was just a kid. He should be appreciative that the kid came up bravely and asked for an autograph in the first place.

  53. That was not the right response to a little kid but I do understand why he did it. If he asked you, you sign it because he cares about you. Caring about someone is the best action.

  54. I think he should’ve signed for the kid. Even thought the kid was wearing the other teams jersey, maybe he still liked the team or the player but for that game he had to pick is favorite. If someone asked me to sign something I would because they took time to come talk to me. If they really wanted a signature, they would keep it or hang it up. They would look up to the autograph and be inspired.

  55. I think that Demarcus should have given the kid an autograph even though he was touting for the other team. Regardless of teams, the boy looked up to Demarcus as an athlete and person. He should have given the child an autograph and could have made a playful teasing joke about the jersey if he wanted.

  56. I think he should of signed the shirt because the 10 year old looked up to him and want to be hopefully later in the next years.

  57. I thank that the way Demarcus acted was rude and unprofessional. He should have given the boy an autograph or taken a picture with him. Even though the boy was wearing a Giants jersey, that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate or support a player on another team. For Demarcus to totally dis the kid was disrespectful.

  58. I think the way Demarcus acted was childish. Just because the boy was wearing the “wrong” jersey does not mean he did not look up to Demarcus. His behavior could now be the role model that the young boy looks up to. It is disappointing to see professional athletes not using their platforms in a positive way.

  59. Demarcus should have just asked the boy why he wanted an autograph and why he was wearing the opponent’s jersey. He shouldn’t have said “get the right jersey” but he could refuse to sign it.

  60. I think it was nasty. He shouldn’t treat a kid like that. I don’t care what his personal beliefs are, that’s still a kid who admires great football players.

  61. I agree and I think that Demarcus’s actions were rude and disrespectful. That kid probably looked up to him and for him to be treated that way will probably stick with him for the rest of his life. I think that he should’ve just taken the picture to make the kid happy and then keep his comments and personal beliefs to himself.

  62. I think Demarcus’ behavior was rude and out of line. Just because the kid was wearing a different teams jeresy doesn’t mean he had to be so petty. Also he should feel good that other teams fans want his autograph- that they’re recognizing a good athlete.

  63. I think that this is rude. Yes i understand that it would be hard to give someone an autograph who was rooting for the other team but this was a little boy. He probably looks up to these guys so much and to be told that probably broke his heart.

  64. I think that the player should have given the kid the autograph. Just because he isn’t cheering for your team, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. For example, my brother cheers for the brewers, but Mike Trout is one of his favorite baseball players. Even though the kid is wearing a jersey for the other team, I think that the player should have still given him the autograph.

  65. I think what he did was wrong. He should’ve signed his jersey because he looked up to him and he should’ve done it no matter what.

  66. What I think is that Demarcus Lawerence Should have took a picture with the kid even though he was a Saquon Jersey to make him seem like a nice guy.

  67. I think that it was okay what Lawrence did bc the giants and the cowboys is a big rivalry so I can understand why he refused the kid.

  68. I think that the NFL player should have saved the smart comment and just signed the jersey even thought the little boy had on a different teams jersey. As a grown man it was very disrespectful to make that comment to a 10 year old knowing that it was most likely going to effect him in a hurtful way.

  69. I think that Demarcus could have given the kid a signed jersey from his own team. This action would have been really selfless and kind because the kid really liked the player and not the whole team.

  70. What he did was rude. Even though the kid was wearing a different jersey he is 10. Instead of being rude, Demarcus could have just signed his jersey and persuaded him to be a Cowboy fan.

  71. I think he should’ve have handled himself a little more respectful since the kid was so young. Yes the kid may appear to be rooting for the other team but there could’ve been a better way to handle the situation.

  72. I think that even if it was not meant to be mean, he should not have said that. He should have just been polite because the kid is so young and probably admired him very much.

  73. I think this is poor sportsmanship. This little boy just wanted an autograph from this man. It shouldn’t matter what team you root for in order to have a favorite player.

  74. Especially for a young kid who admired and dreams of all the star athletes, regardless if the kid was supporting the athlete’s team or not, a true athlete who reflects good character would have signed the autograph just to make the kid happy. So, Demarcus, in my opinion, was completely in the wrong.

  75. It would’ve been better if only Demarcus would’ve signed the autograph. The kid was wearing a Giants jersy but does that matter? Kid just wanted an autograph and was just dismissed. I would’ve signed it either way.

  76. He should have signed the jersey. Could have made a joking comment about the wrong jersey but should have definitely signed it.

  77. I think that even though the kid was wearing the giants jersey who is the cowboys big rival that Demarcus Lawrence should have signed the autograph because he is an outstanding player and the kid most likely plays with him on madden and looks up to him.

  78. I believe he should have signed the kids jersey. Even if the Cowboy’s are not the kids favorite team that does not mean the kid does not idolize a player like Demarcus Lawrence. As a role model it would be appropriate for him to treat fans with respect, especially because the kid was only asking for an autograph.

  79. I think that he should have been more professional about it and given the kid an autograph. I don’t think there was bad intent but he should have treated the kid with more respect

  80. I think that just because the kid is wearing another teams jersey, he should still treat him with respect because he probably looks up to him.

  81. I do not think the actions of Demarcus were wrong. and he only received a negative reaction because he was rejecting a kid. If the kid truly idolized Demarcus, it almost is disrespectful to approach him in another man’s jersey.

  82. I believe that in fact the child is pulling for an alternate group, doesn’t mean he detests you and your group them self. Demarcus acted extremely discourteous thinking of it as was a child asking and the child was simply needed a signature and nothing else. It indicated how if individuals can be rude