A Role Model and an Inspiration!

A Role Model and an Inspiration!


Before Ariel Puent was born, she developed a rare condition in the womb.  This condition is called Amniotic Band Syndrome, and it cut off blood flow to her arm. She was born with an abbreviated arm, ending just where you would expect to see an elbow. However, Ariel says, “I wasn’t born with a disability, but rather a gift.” As a freshmen, she was the starting left fielder for her varsity high school softball team, St. Charles West High School in Missouri.

Joe’s Perspective #1 – Lift People Up, Don’t Bully Them: Can you believe this girl was bullied and picked on? Really? A person who has overcome so much. A person who works this hard? A person who is looked up to as a role model and an inspiration? She currently has over 4.5 million views of her video on Facebook. And yet, when she was growing up, kids from her own school mocked her. This is such an odd world. We (society) can be so much better. Don’t put someone down who is different from you or who is struggling. Please choose to lift them up and help them feel accepted.

Joe’s Perspective #2 – Work Hard for Your Success: If Ariel can overcome her difficulties, so can you and you and you and you. Please understand that life is difficult for everyone. We all have to struggle and work and dig in. There are no shortcuts. There are no overnight successes. Those who work harder, generally speaking, are the most successful. Be willing to fight just as hard as Ariel for your successes.

Your Turn: After watching this video and reading this post, what do you take away from Ariel’s story?


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