An Important Debate is Coming on Transgender Athletes

Earlier this year, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) introduced legislation that would ban biological males from women’s sports. The bill is called the Protect Women’s Sports Act. She believes that Title IX, introduced in the 1970’s to create equal opportunities for women, is under attack by forcing females to compete against biological males that identify as females. This unfair competition limits the opportunity to win and to receive scholarships, titles and awards. This bill seeks to “reaffirm the biological sex-based distinctions between men and women in athletics.” This legislation is set to move forward for a vote in the United States House of Representatives in 2021.

Conversely, on President Biden’s first day in office, he signed an executive order allowing transgender females (biologically born a male) to compete against females. This includes all transgender females, regardless of how long they have identified as a female or what steps they have taken to minimize hormonal competitive advantages. Biden believes that transgender athletes should be able to compete against the athletes they identify as.

High School States Handle This Issue Differently: In April, Idaho banned trans athletes from competing in women’s sports. Of course, the state was quickly sued by Boise State track and field athlete Lindsay Hecox, claiming this ban discriminated against transgender athletes.

In contrast, Connecticut has allowed transgender athletes to compete against girls. In track, the transgender athletes have won the 100 and 200 meter dash in 2018 and 2019. The family of the girl who finished third have filed suit against the Connecticut Department of Education, claiming that they violated her civil rights as a female.

Joe’s Perspective: My opinion on this is that we, as a country, will have to come to an agreement on how to handle this issue. My guess is the US Supreme Court will ultimately rule on this, creating a law of the land. And, regardless of how it is ruled, people will disagree mightily. On this issue, I believe it is more important to protect Title IX and women in sports. As more transgender women compete in sports, the more women will be shut out of victories, championships and collegiate athletic scholarships. To me, this is unfair and, to me, this is more important than the opposing argument. To me the negative consequences are too harmful for women.

Your Turn: If you were a representative in congress or a justice on the US Supreme Court, how would you rule on this issue?


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  1. That’s unfair because after they turn into a girl they still have there strength so it’s basically having a boy competing in a girls race

  2. That’s unfair because after they turn into a girl they still have there strength so it’s basically having a boy competing in a girls race

  3. Biological men would have a physical advantage over biological women. I would not allow biological men to compete with them.

  4. I don’t think that biological males should be able to play in wemen torments because they have a big advantage over the other competitors.

  5. I find that women would be put at a disadvantage do to the biological advantages of the male body staying mostly the same even through transition

  6. I would say that this would be unfair because we’re people 1 and 2 we should all be identified as what we want and who we wanna be and should be identified as that gender or person and we should be allowed to do things that we wanna because it should be fair to all.

  7. I would say that this would be unfair because we’re people 1 and 2 we should all be identified as what we want to be identified to as a person and not a thing, or a what or Anything like that.

  8. I’m not really sure how I feel about it, I think transgender female athletes do have an advantage over biological females but at the same time if a transgender athlete is dedicated to her sport and really wants to play I don’t think it’s right to say no

  9. I have mixed feelings about it, I think transgender athletes definitely have an advantage over others but if they’re dedicated to their sport and really want to play I don’t think it’s right to tell them they can’t

  10. I would allow it, because if they are genuinely wanting to be a girl, let them compete among the girls , and win like a girl.

  11. Whether it is a trans women or male competing I personally think that if they are going through hormone therapy they should be allowed to participate in the gender sport of their choosing free of judgment from both parents, athletes, and schools.

  12. I would recommend creating another separate team for trans males and females. This way they can still compete in sports and people can’t complain that make born are stronger than female and female born are weaker than male. Also, if a child transitions before puberty then they should be allowed to play on the normal team due to they didn’t develope the muscle that many would have had after puberty.

  13. I believe that men have almost an advantage towards women. Men are born different with different abilities. Personally, I would not let them play in female sports.

  14. I think men should compete against men and women against women, it is one thing to do something off the field,court,track,etc. but to keep competition fair and on the same playing field this shouldn’t be allowed

  15. It’s a tough debate considering the fact that males are dominant in all things sports related but I would also talk to people in the trans community and regulars how they feel about it and what they think should be done .

  16. This is a hard debate. Some of me thinks that Congress should allow transgender females to compete in the gender they choose, but this action will continue to be unfair for naturally born women. But personally, I would like to hear more from the transgender female’s point of view. Maybe then, can Congress come to an agreement.

  17. It’s a tough debate but I believe that if the person has fully transitioned over to their specific gender and have taken the hormonal therapy I think they should be allowed to compete in certain sports. But I would like to talk to people in the transgender community to see how they feel and what should be done.

  18. Honestly, as a 16 year old girl with no political experience whatsoever, or with no perspective or experience dealing with trans rights and no previous research on what can be done in sports considering transgender people, the exact biological make up, the affects coming from sides supporting and against, and so on, it’s not my place to decide and place my opinion on something as extreme as a Supreme Court Decision on the internet for all to see. This is especially concerning a sensitive topic I just read about.

  19. um it is a tough debate and as a 16 year old, i would prefer to not put my views in here, in any case i would consider what they think about it.

  20. I don’t think we should ban trans women from women’s sports. They may have been born male but they are probably fighting their own battle and going through transitions to be who they are. If they identify as a women they should participate in women’s sports. It shouldn’t matter if they happen to be a bit stronger. Same with trans men being able to participate in men’s sports.

  21. Post transition male to female transgendered people still have an elevated level of testosterone, this gives them an unfair physical advantage against female athletes

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