An Uplifting Back to School Story

An Uplifting Back to School Story


Cale Wrenn is a 14-year-old freshman at Reidsville High School in North Carolina. On the first couple of days he felt bullied or at least ostracized by his peers. Several kids made fun of him for being short and thought “he was a loser.” As a result, he had lunch by himself at the lunch table. When his older sister texted Cale to check on his day, she learned of his situation. She encouraged her friends to send Cale some positive messages on social media.

When some prominent upperclassmen heard about Cale’s situation, they took it a step further. The next day they met Cale in the lunchroom and had lunch with him. They then took him for a tour of the school. In essence, they took Cale under their wings and made Cale feel welcomed. Demontez Canada, a member of the football and basketball teams said, “We decided to catch Cale off guard at lunch and have lunch with him and show him around the school and make sure he was OK and give him new friends.”

This made Cale’s day. “It felt really nice to know that there are people who care,” Kyle said later. He went on to refer to the interaction as “probably the best experience” of his life.

Joe’s Perspective: Look, there are mean kids everywhere. I’m not sure this will never fully change. Kids get picked on,ignored and left out. However, we can change the outcome. We can intervene. We can step in and make small differences. It’s called leadership…It’s called empathy… It’s called courage. This story is the perfect example. Several leaders in a school changed the outcome for this lonely kid who felt out of place. As a result, Kyle’s experience went from miserable to “probably the best experience” of his life. We all have this type of power to positively impact daily situations around us.

Your Turn: To show your leadership, what small act can you do today to make someone’s day at your school?

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  1. Make sure that no one sits by themselves at lunch just as the upperclassmen did. Or even help students during class who don’t quite understand everything.

  2. show them Bob Ross because Bob Ross makes me happy and is easy to enjoy. He is a prime example of a nice person and is infamously polite. Bob Ross makes my days better so I would share it to someone else to make their day better

  3. Somethings that I can do to make peoples days is to go up and sit next to them if there sitting alone and I can also be kind and tell the people for example that are bulling them to back off. For example,on the first week of school my friends and I some a girl sitting alone so we went to go sit with her. Always be kind to others even if there not kind to you.

  4. Small acts can make a big change in someone’s day. Someone can feel left out or bullied, or feel like an outcast. But with a small act like just sitting someone who is alone at lunch, you can change that person’s day and maybe even inspire other people do good things and help others.

  5. Something I could do to help a person who feels left out, is to sit with them at lunch or even hangout with them in free time. This story is really inspiring and goes to show how people can hurt someone with just name calling and taunting. But this proves that something as simple as sitting with someone in lunch could make a huge impact in there lives. It helps me understand how many good people there really are in the world.

  6. What i could do to show my leadership by helping others in the library to find books or just tell someone have a good day or even a hello the small act can lead to someone to have a god day and star to have a positive attitude you should always help people or be kind.

  7. Some actions I can take to make someones day are doing something as simple as sitting with them at their lunch table with some friends just to lighten up the mood or asking them if they want to be part of my group. Small or large, accommodating acts can surely brighten someones day. For instance, you could walk with someone to their class. Or, if they wanted to do a team of sorts but they didn’t want to because they were shy, you could join with them or encourage them to join.

  8. Do something kind to someone who needs it because sometimes small things can big effects on someone and can make someone feel noticed and they will know that they really matter.

  9. A small act that I can do today to make someone’s day at my school would be to help them with something that they don’t understand, such as a worksheet.

  10. Just doing one small act of kindness can change someones hole day, You don’t know what going on in that person’s life. But you can do something to try to make their day a little better. Something I can do today is be extra polite and nice to the people around me.

  11. If someone was alone or feeling lonely I would go up to them and try to be their friend. I would talk to them and make sure they were okay also ask them how their day was. Small things like this make a huge difference in people’s lives.

  12. Today I can help someone with work that they may be struggling with or that are needing help and when asking, people ignore. Or the choice of which talking to someone new that feels lonely or by-themselves on a daily or have been made fun of. This is a leadership example because by just little things or even the biggest can spark happiness and joy in someones soul.

  13. I think that nobody should sit alone so it was a good thing those people did for him because nobody should be alone no matter what situation it is and dont judge somebody on there looks but on there personality, that well end up making the persons day better.

  14. I would go up to them and ask them if i can hang out with them and start off a conversation with them and be asking them how was there day, if there okay, until the point the we can become friends.:)

  15. One small act I could do at my school to make someones day. I would go out of my way to talk to them or ask them how they’re day was or even sit with them at lunch. So they feel welcome and wanted in the school environment.

  16. one act i could do at my school to show leadership is be a people person and communicate and listen. You need to have communication skills. You can be optimistic.

  17. Sitting with someone who sits alone at lunch is something small you can do to show leadership. If you sit with someone it could possibly make their day and you can become friends with them.

  18. There is many things that I can do, that can make me look like a good leader and also an example. I can pick up litter that is on the ground in the commons at my school. I also can help teachers get their classroom pick up after class. I can be a good leader doing these options.

  19. To show leadership one small act that I could do to brighten someone’s day is defend a person who is either getting picked on or is made fun of by sticking up and defending g the person and tell the person if he’s ok and if he needs friends and if i can lend him a hand.

  20. To show my leadership, I could do a small act of kindness to make someone’s day. That small act could be to help my friend with her math homework. It would make her day because whenever we face timed last night, we did not get any work done and I feel that it is only right to help her because I forgot to last night. Also, doing this great act of kindness would make my mom proud.

  21. To show some leadership and make somebodies day I could talk to the kid at lunch who is sitting alone and help make them feel welcomed, but not alone. I could compliment somebody in the commons who looks upset or just down. Make friends with the people who are not the most popular and could use some friends or at least people to care for. Doing any of these small things could put a smile on a persons face, easily making their day.

  22. A small act i can do at school to make someones day better is ask how it is going and being more engaged with them.I can spark a communication and make them feel welcomed and safe whenever they are at school.Being friendly always lifts peoples feelings.

  23. To make someone’s day a little bit better you could sit with them at lunch or in classes. Or you could just do something as small as give them a compliment. Small acts can really turn someone’s day around and you should try and be nice to everyone in your school.

  24. To make someones day better at school today i can ask them how they are doing. How there day is going and just check up on them because i know that makes my day better. Someone could be lonely at lunch just go sitting with them and start a little conversation little things make peoples days a whole lot better. You just have to be the person to do those little things.

  25. One act I can do today to make someones day at school would be to go up to someone that is sitting alone and just talk to them and get to know them. They may be going through something and that could help them through it.

  26. I will help the person that feels left out because might think no one knows who is. And i would show them that their are people out might not the people your looking for but they are people who care. I would teach she/he to put their self out there and make the people that do care notice their is always people out there that do care.

  27. A small act I could do in school today to make someone feel good about their day is ask them how their day has been going. I could also compliment something about them like saying I like their hair or their outfit or anything. Something else I could to make their day is talk with them at lunch or going to our class about thing they like or something they like to do.It only take a few words to make someone smile and I could be that person to make their day.

  28. Small acts make more of an impact than you think. Something as simple as sitting with someone at lunch, or walking with someone to class. You could also include them when in class too. Invite them to work with you on a project, or sit next to them and start talking. These little things could change someones life.

  29. To show my leadership, a small act I can do today to make someone’s day at my school is if I see someone that looks lonely I could go talk to them, see if they are okay. I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s everyone but for me, the smallest acts mean the most. Just someone getting up to talk to me if I’m not having a good day would make my day a lot better in just a few minutes.

  30. Helping or doing something nice to a person can change there day . We should all inspire to do good and help another do better .The smallest thing can change a person attiude the whole day ,we should strive to be a better person and help each other .

  31. To show my leadership a small act I can do to make someone feel better is walk with a person who is alone and do small talk . I feel that this can show people their not by themselves and that they will never be alone . I can be their friend .

  32. The story was very touching, it was good to know that there are people out there that really care about each other. It kinda hit different because as a freshman in high school that could have easily have been me or it could have been one of my classmates. I think one thing that I could do today to make someones day is just to ask someone who looks sad or out a place how there day is going, or congratulate someone when they finished a race or when they complete a dive at my swim meets.

  33. We need more people in the world like them.People who always help and care for those who are alone. Always help others and stay humble.

  34. What I can do to show my leadership is by going up to the people that feel alone just go up and sit next to them or walk with them to talk to so they wouldn’t feel alone.

  35. I can find someone who doesn’t have friends and sit with them talk with them and become friends. I can help someone with homework there struggling on, help them if they drop something. I can probably even make them laugh or let them talk to me if there having a bad day.I can even help them around show the where there classes are if there new tell them to hang out with my group of friends.

  36. A small act I can do to make someone’s day in my school is that I can sit with someone at lunch or in class who is alone and get to know them. I can become their friend if I’m not already and always be there for them whenever they need someone to talk to. I can get them snacks so we can eat together and talk about our life.

  37. Small acts can go a big way for people, like someone could be left alone and have no friends and feel like he or she don’t belong with them. Things like that though can let people think they do belong and they could have friends and don’t think they are left out. Giving good avice is a way can help, like inspironing advise could help someones day feel better. We need everyone not to bully or to be those people who helped that kid feel like he belongs.

  38. A small act I can do is if someone is lost around school I could help out and tell them where to go. It could really help a persons day. Also it shows how their is nice people in school.

  39. I feel like when you see someone who is having a bad day you should try to talk to them. I also think that people should help each other out because you never know you might be in that position next. when you see someone you can help out you should.

  40. You can do a lot to make someone’s day better. For example, sitting with someone at lunch or just simply smiling at them. People are very negative in today’s society and even a simple smile can make someone’s day a little bit better. I hope people can realize that being mean is not cool and that it is okay to be nice.

  41. There is very mean people in the world, most of them are selfish and jealous because they think there too good to go and help someone and be nice for a change. Something I could do is sit with someone at lunch, help somebody with a paper, or even just ask someone hows their day and have a conversation, that could make a change and even show people that nobody is too good to change the world or make a difference.

  42. Saying hello, sitting with someone new at lunch, and making someone feel welcome are all small actions that anyone can do to make someone’s day. These are also acts of leadership. There are many people around my school that I could help to make a difference in their day. My small act would be to say hello to someone I don’t know, ask them how their day is going and see if there is anything that I could help them with. I believe that if others continue to do acts such as mine that so many other people will begin feeling better about themselves and have a good day.

  43. If someone is sitting alone I would go sit with them introduce myself and hopefully brighten their day up because we have just become friends or if someone is having a sad day at school I can hopefully find something that will cheer them up and make them have a good rest of their day and go home with a smile on their face.

  44. I could use kindness and compassion to make someone’s day at school. It could be from just saying hi and being nice to hanging out with them to become friends. That is all it takes to make a person feel good and let them know they are special.

  45. Today I can help someone who is struggling instead of letting them struggle. Not sit by when a person needs help stand up and help them. Today is the day for you to get up and just be nice to a neighbor. Kindness goes a long way and always rember that.

  46. To show my leadership to make someone day I could show my show my appreciation to them and show kindness. If I do this they will feel more appreciated and open up.

  47. To show my leadership to make someone’s day I could be kind to them and I could tell then encouraging words if they were feeling done. This could make them feel more appreciated by people.

  48. one small thing that i can do to make someones day is to be nice to them and talk to them and to help give advice when needed. Its not right to pick on someone for being small or for how they look or act, everyone should be treated equally. Most people should not be bullied instead they should be treated like a friend.

  49. Somethings that I can do to make peoples days is to go up and sit next to them if there sitting alone and I can also be kind and tell the people for example that are bulling them to back off. For example,on the first week of school my friends and I some a girl sitting alone so we went to go sit with her. Always be kind to others even if there not kind to you.

  50. Somethings that I can do to make peoples days is to go up and sit next to them if there sitting alone and I can also be kind and tell the people for example that are bulling them to back off. Making the new student your firend and showing him around the school. Helping out the community and helping out the teachers.

  51. A small act can change a persons mood for the rest of their day. We should all be inspired to help other students out and be a good leader. We should all work to being a better person and help others.

  52. A small act that I could do to help make someones day better is helping them with classwork, homework, maybe a relationship, a friendship, or anything that can help them get through the day with a clearer mind and a calmer persona for that day.

  53. There’s always going to be people that are going to want to make a difference, there’s people that are going to be people that are going to be nice. I would’ve talked to him and try to make his day.

  54. A small act can you do today to make someone’s day at my school would be to be friendly to someone that is all alone and talk to them. Just an act of kindness like a smile to anyone can make there day just a little bit better. Also if you see someone get bullied you can just stand up for them.

  55. No kids deserve to be alone or rejected. So, more people should do what the kids at the high school did; making friends with new kids and making him feel welcome.

  56. these kids are so amazing that they take there time to make a new friend so that he wont be lonley at school any body that who would do that is so amazing because that kid had no friends he had no classmates that were there for him.

  57. There are many acts of kindness that I can do to make someones day at my school. One way is that I can invite them to have lunch with me. I can also have them play a game with me and see how he feels about it. I can also be a good friend and invite them to show them around the school. And finally I can be a leader and if I see other people being mean to that person I would speak up for them and defend them.

  58. There are many acts of kindness that I can do to make someones day at my school. One way is that I can invite them to have lunch with me

  59. Some acts of kindness that I could do to help someone at my school are,helping them with homework,offering them to sit with me at lunch,and making sure that they have friends to support them in any scenario. The people at that school were very open to being someone new to the school’s friend. This shows that everyone can be good and also do good to impact someone’s day. My opinion on this is that not only can kindness impact the world greatly, but it can also make you proud of yourself to see what great change you are making.

    – Aryanna J. Castillo

  60. this took courage because for these boys to stand out and stand up for the young boy who was being bullied and i really liked how that they didn’t just be friends with him for a few days but stayed with him for weeks on end

  61. You could make some ones day by just having a conversation with them. You could say good morning to them in the halls just sit down with them. You could help them with work with sports and hangout with them after school.