Another Punch in a Handshake Line

Another Punch in a Handshake Line


Earlier this week, the University of Memphis played Bowling Green State University in an NCAA Women’s basketball game. This game decided which team would advance to the Great Eight. Bowling Green won this game 73-60. Immediately following the game, Memphis‘ Jamirah Shutes punched Bowling Green’s Elissa Brett in the face in the postgame handshake line. Brett immediately went to the ground. Shutes was whisked off the court. Within the hour, Shutes was charged with assault by the Bowling Green State University police.

BGSU police charge Memphis basketball player with assault after apparent WNIT postgame punch – YouTube

Joe’s Perspective: What is there to say about this other than composure, composure, composure. Athletics is tough. Someone loses every game. The NCAA tournament ends in a loss for 67 of the 68 teams. Regardless of how much it hurts or what the other player got away with, you can’t punch someone. Jamirah Shutes disgraced her university. My guess is Shutes will not play any more collegiate basketball. She also faces criminal charges. This is a lose lose situation.

Your Turn: If you were the athletic director of the University of Memphis, what punishment(s) would you provide to Jamirah Shutes?


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  1. If I were the athletic director, I would kick Jamirah off the team after having a discussion about good sportsmanship and what it means to be a good loser

  2. If this was her first offense I would suspend her for half a year. If it is a multiple time offense I would kick her off the team

  3. I would probably not allow her to play on the team. Good sportsmanship is a huge part of sports, and she disregarded that in this situation. It isn’t okay to take your anger out on other people and it was extremely disrespectful what she did. She broke a rule and I feel like that should not be tolerated at all.

  4. A punishment that I would place on Jamirah Shutes would be taking her off the team and not offering her a scholarship for the upcoming years.

  5. I think as an athletic director I couldn’t let that level of pettiness and poor sportsmanship remain at my school. I would probably suspend him and possibly kick him out of the program if he shows he can’t change.

  6. A punishment I would provide for Jamarah Shutes, would be that she wouldn’t be able to play basketball for that season and the other season.