Is The Answer Really this Simple?

Is The Answer Really this Simple?


Prince Ea

I saw this Prince Ea video, “The World is Coming to an End,”  the other day and my reaction was, “Wow!” This message is powerful because:


It made me think.

It made me question.

It helped me change my views and my behavior.

Author’s Perspective: In his rap, Prince Ea paints a picture of a world go wrong… the wrongs so overwhelming that we just don’t know what to do… and then he gives us one solution possible, “Love.”  Could it really be that simple? If everyone just looked out for one another and loved stronger, maybe there wouldn’t be so much room for greed, lying, cheating, revenge, vanity, hate… Instead, the world would be filled with kindness, compassion, patience, smiles…

I think that’s what Prince Ea is trying to say.  What do you think?


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