Is The Answer Really this Simple?

Is The Answer Really this Simple?


Prince Ea

I saw this Prince Ea video, “The World is Coming to an End,”  the other day and my reaction was, “Wow!” This message is powerful because:


It made me think.

It made me question.

It helped me change my views and my behavior.

Author’s Perspective: In his rap, Prince Ea paints a picture of a world go wrong… the wrongs so overwhelming that we just don’t know what to do… and then he gives us one solution possible, “Love.”  Could it really be that simple? If everyone just looked out for one another and loved stronger, maybe there wouldn’t be so much room for greed, lying, cheating, revenge, vanity, hate… Instead, the world would be filled with kindness, compassion, patience, smiles…

I think that’s what Prince Ea is trying to say.  What do you think?


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  1. i think this is a great wrap he say is very well.He tell how the world is today how if you don’t fit in you are not gonna have friends .

  2. i think he’s trying to say that theres more to life than a cell phone, people care more what people think on the internet or Facebook, instead of people who actually care and love them for them.

    Wolfe. 208

  3. I think he’s trying to state that no one in this world is who they used to be before technology we cared we had reason to want to go places now we just gotta pull out a phone or a computer to buy something or to see someone and i agree with everything he said let us go back to where we were. Mccune 208

  4. This guy is thinking exactly what Einstein had guessed would happen with technology, and they’re both right. This is what the human race has come down to, just glued to technology like when we discovered fire. Even me as i’m commenting on this, i’m using a computer from school. This gentleman is absolutely correct with his statements.

    -Jacob 208

  5. I believe the man is trying to say is that were to caught up in social media to and we as the human race need to use it less because were becoming to detached from the world.

  6. The message that he was trying to give out is a true one. I agree with what he was saying. We really need to stop spending time with our phones. I really thought the video helped in seeing that.

  7. in truth noone will stop use pc iPads
    or tech because
    now tech need for everything
    look at wallmert with digaltail coupons
    you NEED an iPhone to get them look at ever famous person on youtube .
    or all the free sales on Facebook you can get
    look at all the crazy people in the world you won’t not want
    look at all the swating of people getting nearly killed for it like the call of duty series all the negative
    all the pre xbox one video
    but i hope this changes some thangs
    austinbowers00 austin bowers208

  8. The way back to humanity is to put down your electronics, and realize that you can actually experience things like florida , and just txt each other and send pics to each other. Your life is precious, make a good thing happen in your life. You only have one chance at life, so do something worth doing besides electronics.

  9. Is it as simple as just loving each other better? What does it mean to love better? To me this means spending time together and being present, in the moment. Making eye contact and REALLY listening. Responding appropriately, whether it be with laughter, concern or a simple nod. It means remembering things that are important to the other person and letting them know that, in some way. I don’t know what loving better means to other people. Many might completely disagree with my ideas of loving better, simply based on their individual ideals and needs.

    For some, technology has made connecting with others actually possible. When I think of individuals with autism, connecting through text message with a real person, when eye contact or a get-together is just too much, I am happy. When I think of friends who have been relocated for work across the country, I am happy. Even if it is via some form of technology, they can connect. When I think of my students who may never get to leave central Ohio to see other amazing places, I am happy. They too can now connect.

    Perhaps more simply.. we could find some balance in our lives. Moderation. Not using technology as your only way to connect and certainly not using it to avoid face to face CONNECTION. Finding less time for Facebook and more time for discussion. Real Discussion.

    1. That is so true that most people in the world are always on their phones and other devices. People would rather sit down on a couch on watch a football game that is happening live , rather than going there and experience it themselves and meet new people.

    2. ya you are so right they should put down the phone and laptops down and go outside.we got a big world outside there alot of stuff to do family and friends.can go hiking.hunting

    3. He was on the dot in some ways, however you are also correct and together your work hits the mark on 100% truth of todays time

    4. i think what you are saying is true people spend to much time on phones,social media and not talking face to face but to me you should talk to more people than be on your phones or on social media

  10. I think he was trying to say that we need to put down our phones and say that we are losing ourselves in our phones and not talking to other people.

  11. He is just speaking the truth, its the 21st century and its all about our faces in electronics. When i talk to someone and their face is in the phone, i just quit because it must be that important. This is the truth that no one wants to face.

  12. He’s trying to say that we are all caught with our iphones ipads that our loved ones dont wanna love us anymore now we need to get caught up with our loved one stop with our phones for a day make it a challenge dont use your phone for a day hang out with your family and the ones who actually love us go go do it

  13. yeah he right way is everybody on facebook when they lives and family outside in the world.and not on facebook all the time.

  14. I think he is the truth by describing how everybody spends there time with there technology than spending time with family outside technology, and how people are worried about what happens in other peoples lives than there own.

  15. I think he’s right about the word love is what we should be paying attention to. We gotta stick up for our love ones, pay attention to those who need love, those who try to love us and we just keep pushing that love away. We need to love one another. It would be a better way if we all love one another it would bring peace no fighting anymore. No wars just peace. Put us before yourself. The letter U comes before Y. It’s not you it’s we put the social networks away for awhile and pay attention to your surroundings.
    Crammer 208

  16. iI think way to many people use the internet I rather have my life private and not have everyone knowing everything that happens in my life.

  17. Talking with people is important it release a lot of stress making friends online is easier then meeting with someone and making a connection with out that connection that friendship will be weak and not long lasting .

    1. Gabby, I completely agree with that. A medium majority of people have friends over the internet. And friendships are like that don’t always last too long. They do if they’re with people that you can see face to face. Honestly, that is another good point for what the video was made for.

  18. I think that this is a very great way to get to the youth of our country. That you should spend time with people but not over Skype nor FaceTime. Relationships should be spent together in person, not online.

  19. I agreed with this video. It really makes you think what’s happening to our world. Having an electronic device is something everybody needs to have one. It’s not going to hurt anybody to not have a phone.

  20. I agreed with the video 100%. I loved how he put the things that are actually happening in this generation. I don’t think people understand what the world is really coming to with this technology.

  21. Technology video; I believe that this man in this video has a point. People should get off their technology and spend time outside and with others. Its unhealthy to always be on technology and have no human interaction.

  22. I agree with the video I feel like that we should put our phones and up ads down for a day and see the difference from life then technology and see how more exploring it would be to be with someone in person then through text I feel like you would get to know someone better in person then through text and have a better friendship with someone then texting and have a better family relationship with your family then sitting there texting or talking on the phone during dinner so I think it’s a inspiration and I think we should put our phones and tablets and computers down and see how life really works in the real world then through technology.

  23. we cant go with out it because we have went so long with phones that it has became a second nature to have, its the future its the big thing and it will just get worse as time goes because everyone would die for there phone, kids these days when they get grounded its not from outside its from there phones , you tell a kid to go play out side they just go under a tree an get on insta or something , kids born in this day and time come to this world with iphones and xbox , so they don’t know anybetter people don’t wanna take the time to get up and drive to a friends house they would rather Skype hell people are to lazy to get up to turn a light on or off they would rather download a app to turn it off for them what you said was right but nobody wants to stop being spoild with all this nice stuff I could almost say theres no hope

  24. He was attempting to make a good point here because he understands what the world used to be and now we have gotten away from that. He wishes that we all try starting a new world within ourselves which encompasses people connecting each other, children not being inappropriate, and people just coming together as one.

  25. As of this generation, every day people are confused into thinking they have to fit in or be “normal.” But what is normal? Girls have to wear make up and be skinny to fit in. Guys have to be athletic, who makes these standards? Its hard to understand why this generation is so self involved. Through this video he tells how different things are now. People may think he is just over exaterating, but if you really think about it, its true. Why can’t we be different? Its amazing how damaged and crazy this generation is getting. He understands how things might turn out if we continue to be this way. Everyone should be concerned about the future.

  26. When I first watched this video I was surrounded by two other teenage girls who giggled the whole way through. That in itself further shows the deterioration of this horrible system we live in. He’s truly showing how the world has changed. Why is it that we allow ourselves to be changed by media and fame and what’s popular. Well like he said the world is coming to an end and its not going to get better if WE don’t change it. Its up to us to change our standards of what popular or acceptable. Its up to us to try at mend what this generation has done to the world. I am definitely ashamed of my generation. This video hits all the nails right on the head. From our government to young girls feeling bad about the way they look, even though beauty is a word not be defined. From our food being poisoned to young kids looking up to celebrities who twerk. Its disgusting and it needs to stop.

  27. I dont think people are gonna stop using any kinda, of technology. Our life revolves around the use of technology. The way we live right now is wrong. But we should want to live without technology. Without it we could live better and be a lot smarter than people who use technology.

  28. I think the videos message was to show how this generation has changed so much and not for the best but that there is key to make it better and that’s love. So many people looking over things but not seeing how technology and economy has made us blind to real problems. problems with ourselves, government, politics, and communities. The message stated is based on the fact that thing are not what they used to be but we could make it better with a little bit of love. To look over the things that make this generation what it is and try to see what is left because we need to change. Discrimination and judgement from those near you, not fitting in with others, but why do we try? We try because we this generation are focused on the wrong things over looking the important. Love and compassion can make us better, to not care what a person is wearing but to care about the persons inside, what type of person they are. Compassion and love can go a long way.

  29. I agree. The world can’t get any worse if we do something. We could change nation by being kind and respecting others. Treat people the way you wanna be treated. Pick positive choices everyday. If everybody joins in and do at least something positive, we can make the world a better place again.

  30. Our country has completely turned upside down, America is statistically an obese country. We have poor children fighting to survive with barely any food, Governments are corrupt, and people nowadays always need to go out of their homes to drink and go clubbing. We have sex being spread down to generations with their parents acknowledging it. Fluoride, GMOs, and Chemically made diseases are all over the health of our generation. Trillions of dollars spent on war, and a little speck of it is used to feed the ones in need? We’ve invaded and killed thousands of innocent people in Iraq, and yet we call them the terrorists? Come on people, wake up!