Barstool Sports Donates $19 Million to Help Small Business

Barstool Sports Donates $19 Million to Help Small Business


Dave Portnoy is a brash CEO of Barstool Sports. He is loud, sometimes obnoxious and often funny. He is political and he doesn’t care what you think of him, at all. He is the pizza review guy that you see on Youtube – “One bite, everybody knows the rules.” He is most famous for going on rants. Several weeks ago, he ranted about government shutting down business, but not willing to subsidize them financially.  Marcus Lemonis, host of The Profit, challenged Portnoy to put his money where his mouth is. So, Portnoy did.

Portnoy has contributed his own money and he has helped raise money to provide financial assistance to small businesses that are hurting during this pandemic. Specifically, small businesses like restaurants, gyms, bars, dance studios and town cinemas. Celebrities and some 16,000 ordinary citizens have contributed over $19 million. Portnoy has provided relief to 80 of these small businesses.

Joe’s Perspective: From the very beginning of this pandemic, I have said that we should not shut down businesses or do lockdowns. I believe we should have kept America open. Instead elderly Americans and compromised individuals should have stayed home, and the government should be protecting and subsidizing these individuals. But, alas, no one asked me. We (America) have now spent 5 trillion dollars helping the millions of individuals in this country, and still, it is not enough. This shut down and lock down strategy has left real people hurting financially. This makes me sad, so I 100% support the effort of private individuals grouping together to help struggling Americans. I think Portnoy is a true role model in these difficult times. I hope more good people can do more of this because Americans are still hurting. There are plenty of billionaires out there who can provide millions.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts of what Portnoy is doing to help small business in this pandemic?

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