Baseball Player Called the N Word

Baseball Player Called the N Word


Baltimore Oriole outfielder, Adam Jones, was called the N word during a game at Fenway Park in Boston. The same fans threw a bag of peanuts at him. The fans were immediately kicked out of the game, but Jones wanted more action taken. After an investigation by the Red Sox, the identified fans were banned for life from Fenway Park.  The next night, the Red Sox faithful gave Adam Jones a long standing ovation, signifying that most of the fans would rather cheer for the opposing team than support one of their own racist fans.

Joe’s Perspective: There will always be idiots. There will probably always be racists. It takes a “special” kind of person to not only be racist, but to voice those racist beliefs in a crowded stadium at the top of his/her lungs. Many black athletes have been interviewed in the last couple of days and many have documented similar treatment in many cities. This is not a Boston problem, it is a societal problem.

I think it’s a positive move to ban the fans for life and I think it’s classy for the fans to give Adam Jones a standing ovation. However, if Jones had not spoke up during the game, nothing would have been done to these racist fans. How is that possible in today’s society? How can hundreds of fans allow this treatment to occur? Why didn’t 20 people call these fans out? Why wasn’t security called? It shouldn’t be up to Adam Jones to stop this type of behavior. It should have been the fans and until we get to that point, this behavior will probably never cease.

Your Turn:

  1. What is the role of the fans who witness this type of behavior at a stadium, at the mall, in the school at recess?
  2. If ever faced with a similar scenario, what specifically would you do?


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  1. 1) The role of the fans who witness this type of behavior are bystanders or witnesses.
    2)If I ever face a similar scenario I would call them out and tell them that they shouldn’t say that stuff and that they should keep it to themselves.

    1. •The role of the other fans is bystanders or witnesses.
      •If ever faced with a situation like this I would tell them to stop they are being cruel.

  2. 1) The role the other fans who witnessed this behavior were bystandards and/or witnesses.

    2) If i ever face the same or similar scenario I would either stand up to the people by myself or make others around me help stand up to them.

  3. 1.) The role that the fans played in this scenario was the bystander or the witness.

    2.) I would definitely call out the fans and tell them to stop being racist because nothing good will come out of it.

  4. If you were to witness this kind of behavior in any place, you should speak up and say something regardless of your race. It’s not okay to judge someone based on their skin color, nor is it okay to sit by and watch other people do it. Those people will rub off on others and the problem will only become worse. If I were to be put into this scenario, I would have told security about the problem. I also would have more than likely gave those men/women a piece of my mind, saying that they’re no better than anyone else just because their white.

  5. 1.) The role the other fans that witnessed this are bystanders because they didn’t try to say nothing to the racist.

    2.) If i ever face a problem like this i will stand up to them and tell that what they are saying isn’t right.

  6. 1. The role the fans who witnessed this are bystanders. They’re bystanders because they really didn’t try to say nothing the the racist.

    2. I’d call them out because racism is wrong.

  7. The role of those fans was just standing by instead of standing up for him. I never face that kind of scenario in my life.

  8. 1. The role of the other fans that witnessed the discrimination are bystanders because they didnt speak up in any way.
    2. If i ever faced a similar scenario, i would called them out and tell them that if what they just did is right and how would they feel if they did it to them.

  9. 1) if they witness this they should’ve spoke up to try and stop it because it shouldn’t be happening

    2) I would try to speak up because it’s not right to say that in any place

  10. 1) witnesses should say something about it to show them it’s wrong.

    2) I wouldn’t say anything at first unless the person being discriminated doesn’t say anything then I’ll speak up for them.

  11. 1) the other fans should’ve stepped up if everyone came together those few fans would’ve stopped
    2)I’ll tell those idiots to stop and I’ll stand up because racism shouldn’t be accepted anywhere

  12. 1) Someone should’ve of stepped up and said somthing, that’s not right by the people.

    2) Something should’ve been said when first witnessed

  13. 1. The ones witnessing this type of behavior need to speak up and stand up for the ones being picked on. They shouldn’t just stand by and let it happen.
    I would go to an adult or some kind of coach, referee, or administrator and let them know of the situation. If necessary I would step in myself.

  14. I would be quiet I will call people out and tell them not to say that word everyone is the same and with the equal rights

  15. 1.The role of the fans who witnessed this is to speak up .
    2. If I was faced with situation I wouldn’t of didn’t anything different I feel like he handled the situation well and professionally .

  16. 1. The role of those fans were them being bystanders cause they saw the fans neglect on the player and they did nothing.
    2. I couldn’t imagine what I would do in that type of scenario because, I’ve never been faced with that kind of disrespect.

  17. 1) the witness should stand up and say what is wrong. They shouldn’t just sit there and watch. The have to tell them to stop it and that it is an awful thing to do.
    2) If I was faced with this scenario I would say “Hey, you shouldn’t be talking like that at all. It is very disrespectful and rude to say that or anything related to that. Please use your manner.”

  18. 1. The fans should’ve stepped up and called the fans out. I’ve been to Fenway and I know how beautiful it is. This can take some of it’s greatness away from it.

    2. If I was faced with a scenario like this I would call the fans out and say what he or she did wrong and to keep it to themselves.

  19. •The people/fans and bystanders or witnesses.
    •If I was ever faced with this problem I would tell them to stop they are being cruel.

  20. the role of the fans should be to respect the players, teams and other fans.

    If I was ever in this scenario I would tell the person to respect the player because if it were him he wouldn’t like to be called that

  21. The role of the fans should be to respect the players as they are playing for their entertainment.

    If I was ever in the situation like this I would either play cause I’m getting paid to. Or ignore the people cause I payed to enjoy the fan.

  22. 1)the role of the fans should be to stand up and tell that person to not do stuff like that and to tell him to apologize

    2) If I was in that scenario I would ask that person would he want to be called that and tell him to respect the players

  23. They did the right and the way they made Adam Jones feel is not right but the way the handle the problem was right I like the way they made people and players feel at Fenway Park

  24. Black people shouldn’t be called the n word because that’s just disrespectful and not correct to do and many people need to learn that if u don’t want to be called a racism name then u shouldn’t call anyone names and think before u say something that’s not good at all

  25. 1. I think that the fans should tell him to shut up and then inform the staff of what he said. Same for other situations.
    2. Tell the staff