Community Buys Volleyball Referee a New Car

Community Buys Volleyball Referee a New Car


Lemuel Buster, is a 76-year-old volleyball referee in Paulding County, Georgia. Earlier this year, his car broke down and he missed a game. He then had to rent a car to make it to the next game. When the athletes and their parents heard about Mr. Buster’s troubles, they banded together to help. When he arrived for the next game, he had a surprise waiting for him. Members of this community provided him with $2,000 in gift cards and a convertible car.

“We wanted to make sure he was taken care of,” said one of the family members. “He was just blown away. He cried, we all cried.” Of the experience, Mr. Buster said, “The whole experience is a blessing, and I am very thankful and humble.”

Joe’s Perspective: There is a saying that, “charity starts at home.” We can all donate money to send to a foreign country to help unknown strangers. However, it’s also important to help people in your own community who could use a helping hand. Mr. Buster is a treasured member of the community and he was helped by people who truly cared about him. The result is a community that felt better about itself and a cherished man who truly felt appreciated.

Your Turn: Do you think your sports teams would help someone in your own community in their time of need?

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