“Coolest Surprise Ever”

“Coolest Surprise Ever”


John Cena is a WWE professional wrestler. His main message is “Never Give Up.” He is an inspiration for many of his fans. Cricket Wireless rounded up a bunch of those fans who sent him letters. Cena was invited to a studio to read the letters. What he didn’t know was that everyone of those fans were waiting backstage to meet him and thank him in person.  This video captures this very emotional moment:


Joe’s Perspective: To be honest, I had never heard of John Cena, probably because I don’t watch professional wrestling. However, there is no denying that John Cena has a profound influence on the lives of many fans. His message of “Never Give Up” inspires many people who fight their own private battles. This video proves it. This guy is a true role model.

Your Turn:

Yes, John Cena is a professional wrestler and he is a reality TV star. He can reach masses of people in ways that you can’t.  Still, we can all inspire others. We can all help people through difficult times. We can all be role models for others.  What can you do to inspire others and become a positive role model?

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  1. i can inspire people just by keeping a smile on my face and just being happy all the time. If you are able to show people everyday that you are happy and you have positive energy, they will eventually see that in you and be inspired to change their life in to a happy and positive one

  2. What I can do to be a positive role model is to encourage my teammates, motivate them, even if it’s not verbally. Just getting out there and having a postive attitude and showing them that I never give up is inspirational too.

  3. It’s awesome that you don’t ever give up in life you just keep on going and going and never stop. A way to be a role model is to not give up in anything or on anyone.

  4. In order to inspire others you need to be a strong leader and role model. You need to demonstrate what is right and what is wrong and be able to share your experiences with others

  5. You can always do your best and be positive no matter what obstacles come your way. Inspire others to be positive too, instead of saying “Awe man! Homework!” You should say “Alright, I got this! I am up for the challenge!”

  6. The message to never give up will never get old. Small acts to inspire others can lead to huge accomplishments. Just saying small encouragements in school or at practice to teammates can help them keep playing or get through the day

  7. To inspire others I believe that you need to be there for them no matter what. At their toughest times you need to be there to lift them up and to show them you will never give up on them. It takes courage and respect to be a positive role model and those are traits I think everyone needs.

  8. I can help others by being a great example and role model to others and show them to never give up and to rise and beat the unbeatable. Just put your mind to it and have hope and faith and you will break down barriers.

  9. What I can do to be a positive role model is to encourage my teammates, motivate them, even if it’s not verbally. Just getting out there and having a postive attitude and showing them that I never give up is inspirational too.

  10. I will commit to becoming a better role model for my peers by showing that they can rely on me to be able to listen to their problems and help them go through whatever their problem is.

  11. I think I can inspire others by having a good character and telling others you can do it even though it seems impossible you can do it if you think you can.

  12. John Cena showed these people that they should never give up, and thats a lesson everyone no matter what disability, ethnicity, or gender should know. You can do anything if you never give up.

  13. How I can be a positive role model to those around me is just always having good attitude towards everything and keeping my head held high even through the rough times.

  14. To inspire others you should first start small. If you can change one persons life by being there for them or encouraging them to go the extra mile, you can surely do the same for hundreds if not thousands of others.

  15. I want to inspire people to know that no matter what they are going through that there is always someone out there going through the same thing and that you are never alone. A bad day doesn’t mean that tomorrow can’t be a good day. People should know that they were given the life that they were given for a reason because you will be able to get though all the hard times. You were born to live the life you were given so live it up through the good and the bad times.

  16. A way that I can be a positve role model is by having a good attitude twords everything I do daily to spreed the positivity to everyone I encounter, and this positivity might infulence others to do the same.

  17. I think it is incredible that John Cena, who already has everything going for him, still takes time out of his day to help and inspire people worldwide. What he does for people worldwide is fantastic and he definitely should be a role model to all.

  18. To never give up is to push through the hard times and to realize that if you fight a little harder or put in that extra effort. That you can achieve anything. Never give up, because only you can better yourself and you can accomplish anything. When you never give up.

  19. When you see others who are frustrated, or upset about something, saying something as simple as “you got this,” can help to change their attitude and perspective on the situation. You also help them by talking to them and just encouraging them to keep going, because things will get better. Attitude is everything, and if you just maintain a good attitude it will effect others positively. If you’re on a sports team and your teammate is struggling, a good attitude can go a long way. It can also motivate everyone around to never give up and work even harder.

  20. Ways that I myself as lawful pedestrian can be leader? Firstly you can look towards school or you’re community in way’s you can help others or start group for causes and make sure you’re helping others in the process. So those few examples being said, Be a leader by being positive and keeping you’re chin up high for others to follow, Don’t give up when times get hard, perseverance is key.

  21. One way that I can be a positive role model is by maintaining a positive, can-do attitude, even when it would be easier to lose my temper or give up. In this day and age, somebody who’s willing to give it a shot with a smile on their face can be rare, and can do quite a bit in showing others that they can do the same thing.

  22. It’s great how he inspires us to help people and just do the little things because sometimes the little things to us, are huge things to them. He inspired me to help tutor 2nd graders at a local elementary school. A little thing to me, just spending an hour or two a couple nights a week, is a huge thing for them as they see a person going through what they’re going through. A person that’s done what they’re doing and can influence them to keep going because without education, are society would not be where it is today.

  23. A way that I can inspire others I to never quit. I will become a leader on my football team and will try my hardest on every single play. If I put my mind to it I can do it, and I will do it. I will stick up to others around me and hopefully rub my positive attitude on to them. This is how I will inspire others.

  24. It’s such a great thing that you don’t ever give up in life you just keep on going and going and never stop and look the other way. The best way to be a role model is to not give up in anything or on anyone, always strive for what you feel weather you feel you can’t or can, always strive and NEVER give up! You can always do your best and be positive no matter what obstacle comes in your way. Just like John Cena says never give up!

  25. I think to inspire other you need to be there no matter what the sistuation. You need to be there for peopel. To never give up on them. Maybe by showing them that you never gave up on them, they will do the same for someone else. In the prosses of that you may become a better and more positve role model.

  26. You can inspire people by helping someone in need, just helping an elderly crossing the street can go a long way, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, it is important to help others. You can inspire others to do the same by them seeing you do something great, it could be as little as you making someone laugh when they are upset or helping someone with directions if they get lost. That all creates a chain reaction for that person to help another person and then that person to help another it just keeps carrying on. Just because your not a famous superstar like John Cena doesn’t mean you can’t do the same thing he is doing for millions of people around the world.

  27. In dark times being able to be positive, not giving up and also believing in others and yourself that everyone can accomplish their goals in life.

  28. I can inspire others by being positive to kids and tell them if people say that they can’t do this and they can’t do that, that don’t listen them and believe in yourself

  29. I can always stay positive and show that anything is possible if you believe you can do it. Not having a positive, do anything mindset will allow you to quit at the slightest challenge. But if you give yourself the confidence and positive attitude to stick to a challenge or goal, you are much more likely to achieve what you want.

  30. In order for myself to inspire others and become a positive role model, I will need to continue to keep a positive atmosphere for these people to thrive in. If I continue to be more positive and encouraging with a great attitude, more people will continue to look up to me. Even if they don’t know who I am, character and grit will live throughout the years where ever I decide to go. More people are going to remember my personailty and attitude than my name that goes along with it.

  31. One thing that I can do to be a positive person to others is to not put others down when they mess up or are have a bad day. I could also be a roll model by representing myself in a good way.

  32. One way I can become a role model and inspire others, is to always stay positive even if things aren’t going my way, or I’m in a tough spot, I can just remember that things will always get better, and others will feed off of that.

  33. I think that John Cena has great character. He spreads a positive message to ” Never give up”and by using his platform of a WWE superstar he is able to reach out to many people to give them hope in a time of need.

  34. In order to inspire others you need to have a good attitude and outlook on life and everything else about it. You need to be a leader to others and always help pick them up when they are feeling down. I can become a positive remodel by being kind to everyone and helping anyone in their times of need.

  35. As an individual I can better myself and the people around my by the things I do in my everyday life that affects how others see me as a leader. Helping and guiding others through is a great way of doing this. I’ve moved all the time and I have lived everywhere and I’ve always had a couple people with troubling family’s or lives that i help through.

  36. To be a positive role model, you can have a good attitude about most things. basically just showing the people around you that if you keep working through your problems, it will be okay in the end with the help of having a positive attitude.

  37. A way that I can inspire others and become a positive role model is by pushing myself to try my best at everything I do no matter how hard the task at hand may be. Life may get tough, but you just have to keeping pushing through to the end.

  38. To inspire other people I can stay positive in every situation and never give up. and always help other people if they are going through hard times.

  39. just lead others and show them that we all go threw tough times but its our choice rather to look in the bright side of things and keep on pushing to strike our goal

  40. I can become a positive role model by showing people that I work hard everyday to achieve the goals I have always wanted to achieve. And that if I can achieve a goal others can to.

  41. I think that I could inspire and become a positive role model by, making good choices. I think that I could be a positive role model by making others around me a better person and keeping them from making bad choices.

  42. I can inspire others and be a positive role model is by showing people that you never should give up to anything your mind is set to, or things that you are interested in no matter how much you want to quit. You have to struggle to be a success.

  43. A way that i can inspire others is to be there for them through ups and downs. And when they are down always try to lift them up and look at the positive side.

    1. A way that i can inspire others is to be there for them through ups and downs. And when they are down always try to lift them up and look at the positive side

  44. I think one of the best ways we can inspire others is influence and bring more of role model like lets say lets say somebody is very depressed and they feel like they could never get out of. this is were we can be the good that happens to others by being supportive and being just a good person. all It takes for a lot of people is they need a friend to get them through what there in.

  45. A way I can inspire others is showing them that nothing is impossible as long as you think you can, and that you aren’t the only one that has to deal with daily encounters. People should stay strong and never have an excuse for anything, because there is someone that has to deal with something just as difficult if not more difficult then your situation. Everyone should stride to become a better person and overcome your obstacles. One way I can become a better role model is by contemplating on if I am doing the right thing and how it can affect me and others in the long run.

  46. One way to become a positive role model is to always do the right thing and be true to who you are. Just by having good character you can inspire others around you to follow your footsteps and become a good person too.

  47. I can be a roll model for people who are feeling bad and going through difficult things. I will show them that I don’t give up and they shouldn’t either, and that they can go through anything stopping them on there path.

  48. A way to set an example of leadership and character is to be active in club’s or groups. You can be a leader and a role model for each club you join. With the massive amount of club’s in high school it gives everyone many opportunities to stand out and not be a follower.

  49. What I need to do for others and myself to be a positive or inspiring role-model is to tell others to never give up, and no-matter what you are going through whether it is good or bad, that everybody goes through rough times and that the difference between what I or you decide do during those rough times is what you will get out of it. All I and everybody else has to do is to never give up. Things will get better.

  50. To inspire others you have to be a leader to them. You have to give everything your best and never give up . Show your best to everyone.

  51. A way we can inspire others and become a positive role model is by just talking to them, I went up to a girl and simply talked to her and she happened to be my friends little sister and simply by talking to her I helped her out with her bullying issue.

  52. I agree with him very much so. I cannot ever say that I have ever be brought down in life, but I can say that no matter whats going on in life never give up.

  53. John Cena is a very motivational figure. Tall stature, Big frame, it would be easy for someone to look up to someone of his nature. But the way that he gets emotional hearing about people that he’s never even met or heard of before is truly astonishing. Shows how big of a heart and what great character he really has.

  54. From a young age john cena was a HUGE role model for me whenever i played WWE video games he was the first person i’d find in the character selection. His words never give up have long been a phrase in my frequent vocabulary he’s a true role model.

  55. its cool too see john cena inspire so many people in the way that he did on his simple message never give up. Also showing people that they can do it no matter what the circumstance.

  56. I can be a positive role model by inspiring people to reach for their goals and dreams. Also by encouraging them to be who they are and never change for anyone.

  57. A way that i can inspire people is by always trying to fight a battle as it gets harder. Also, i can become a positive role model for other kids by showing them to never give up. You can never give up if you commit 100% to it and don’t give up. Always try to get back up and do your best.

  58. There are multiple things to things just to show how to inspire others such as getting involved. With Football, Wrestling, and Track I always took 1 new kid to church or youth group with me dispite their age. Also, to become a positive role model you have to show how dedicated you are and fully go all in on everything you do to inspire those around you!!!

  59. I believe I can inspire others by being kind to everyone I meet. I know that first impressions are very important, and I want to leave a positive impact on everyone, and if I come across as otherwise I would like to fix it immediately.

  60. To inspire others I think that the individual who wants to inspire others has to show others that you can pull through with any high hill that comes your way and to always look forward to the future.

  61. A way that I can inspire others is to have a good attitude and being positive. A way I can become a positive role model is to be the best I can be and try my hardest.

  62. A way to inspire others is to tell them to try there best at everything and to never doubt yourself. Anyone can do anything and all you have to do is believe and to tell others to believe in them self. And Other people can Help Lift people out of the hole they might be in with just kindness.

  63. You can show others how to be a positive role model by always doing your best at what ever challenge/obstacle you face in your life which might be a few. But always looking forward thinking of the big picture in the end because really life is a challenge and its up to your on how to tackle it, so stay positive.

  64. How I can become a positive role model and inspire others is by being there for them throughout my various opportunities that I do, such as Key Leader, helping the freshmen and teaching 4th graders about certain things in my school district. Throughout helping the freshmen and going into 4th grade classrooms, when I go back into their classrooms or even see the freshmen they are happy to see me and ask questions about anything.

  65. To be a positive roll model I will be a leader on and off the football field in and out of class and tell people who are struggling in life to never give up.

  66. I think i can be the person who they come to when they need help or someone to talk to . Give them honest and positive advice . I can tell them to always think positive and never give up on what you believe in .

  67. I could do a good deed at least once a day and tell them to pass it onto others, to inspire others and become a positive role model.

  68. I can inspire others by always staying positive even though they may know that I’m going through a rough time. I will always have a good attitude towards what I’m doing.

  69. I can continue to be positive and show other people that go through the same thing I did, that it’s still possible to succeed. I also think just being open and constantly being happy and positive even when it gets hard really influences other people.

  70. I think that if I start to become a more positive person this will help inspire others to become more positive as well. I also think that if I change the out look on life and try to look in other peoples view it will help me become a positive role model.

  71. I think if you just show positive examples towards people and are a good role-model that people can look up too, then it´ll inspire them to be a better person.

  72. How I can inspire other people to become the best person they can be and a good role model to others is to live it myself by being kind,humble,having respect and giving it my all in everything.

  73. To inspire others I will always make good choices all the time. Also, he talks a lot about never giving up, so I will try to work through my problems and not give up. When I can’t get something or its to hard for me I will keep pushing and get it done.

  74. What I can inspire others and become a positive role model is by never giving up and inspiring my team members. I will do that by not giving up matter how good the team is or how much they are winning by
    because if we pull together and are determined anything can happen.

  75. I believe I can inspire kids and people around me by doing my best in all things and to not give up when something gets to hard. Believe that you can push through any obstacle that comes your way even if you think you can’t, because you can. If you say you can you will. Just believe.

  76. A way that I can inspire others and become a positive role model is to set an example in everything that I do. I show people the right way to do things.

  77. Teach others from my mistakes and explain to them how I could of changed thing. The things that i’ve learned in life i can tell them too if they need or want it.

  78. Always be the best you that you can be, because you never know who might be looking up to you. And if someone approaches you or you sense something wrong, be there for them, no matter what.

  79. I can inspire others by being encouraging and positive. I can bring others up, instead of down, with my words and my actions.

  80. I can inspire others by being a leader, for example I could stand up for someone who is being made fun of even if I am not friends with them. I can also inspire others by standing up for what I believe in, an example of this would be if there was a class discussion on if God is real or not real, I would tell them my thoughts regardless of what people think.

  81. I can inspire kids by always making sure that I am doing the right thing at all times. And always staying positive through the hard times, and be that role model that the youth need. Another way I can inspire someone is correct them when they make mistakes and doing wrong and being their when they need me most.

  82. I can inspire others by being positive and show that they are cared for, and show that to never give up through rough times.

  83. You can inspire others and become a positive role model by showing them that everyone has to deal with some kind of problem each day and that you can make it through because you’re not alone.

  84. Stand for a positive movement, treat everyone with respect, set your own goals high, bring others with you on your road to success, bring others up when they’re down.

  85. I believe that I can inspire young kids by being a positive role model , and tell kids never to give up because if you want something you have to work for it nothing comes easy when it comes to the real world.

  86. I think that we all should try to live by the quote, “Never give up” because many people give up on things to easily in life. We should push through what ever it is that we are doing, homework, sports, school, the list goes on and on. “Never give up”

  87. I feel like I could have a positive attitude around everyone. Not only when everything is going well, but also when things aren’t going as planned. When things are going poorly is when I believe you can inspire others. So I plan to do just that.

  88. I think that this is so amazing. People need to know how much they mean to others. its good to stop and do something nice for him, it is so great.

  89. I think John Senna is a good role model because he saying never give up is really inspiring to me he is telling other it is hard to do things in life but in the end it is ok to be mad or upset.

  90. Things that I could do to inspire others and become a positive role model are probaly be positive of course but not too much since it would make it feel like you’re faking it and also to be motivative to others.

  91. Every day you can inspire others by doing the little things. Say hello and smile to the kid in class who gets ignored. Help that elderly lady cross the street. Give the person who’s crying a hug and tell them they’re going to be okay. The little things you/we do can change peoples moods and help them in ways you may not understand.

  92. We can all be positive role models by setting a good example and being the best we can be. It’s important to be there for other and be open to helping others.

  93. It was cool when I found out brother was going to war. I balled my eyes out I was crying all night and I was happy that he made the marines. I was surprised but super scared about him going to war.

    1. It was cool when I found out brother was going to war. I balled my eyes out I was crying all night and I was happy that he made the marines. I was surprised but super scared about him going to war and I can inspire people by acting strong in the tough times.

  94. I would probably try to be a good model by demonstrating good behavior that would help me get far in life and yet simultaneously try to make it look fun because just doing something will not encourage people to straight up do it. You have to add in a sort of incentive to help them.

  95. I think that John is a good character because his saying never give up can tell people that they can’t give up all you can do is try try again. I had to keep trying hard when I had to ride a bike I had to keep on trying so I keep on trying. Soon I was riding my bike and that is because I if you try soon you will learn how to do what you wan’t to do.

  96. I can be an inspiration and a great role model by showing kids how having positive energy can change the way they do everything. Having negative around your life is no good. And showing how to do the right things

  97. I may not be able to inspire a mass amount of people, but I can inspire the people around me. Two ways I can do this is by showing people there’s always a positive in a negative and inspire them by showing them that dedication, and commitment leads to success.

  98. I can inspire someone by being positive to them and also be a role model by helping them with what they need and being a good person with positive attitude on and off the field

  99. I can inspire someone by giving them positive feedback and positive thoughts! I can also give them positive encouragement to help them get through the hard times. I help people by giving them positive thoughts and feedback to them!

  100. One way I can be a role model is that I can show kids and other that working hard and not giving up acanthus get you far in life

  101. What I can do to inspire others is have a positive mind and help people who are having problems so that way they can learn from me and also help others.