Coronavirus 2020 – What Will You Do with Your Time?

Coronavirus 2020 – What Will You Do with Your Time?


The Coronavirus has taken a strong hold on the world, including America and the American economy. This virus originated in China in early January when a few individuals ate a bat. This gave them a new virus, something that has never been seen before, thus there was no vaccine or treatment. The virus spread wildly through China and then on to other countries.

Several weeks ago, President Trump banned all travel from China. Last week he banned all travel from Europe. It was too late. To date, 4,816 cases have been diagnosed in America and just under 100 have died. So, last week the government recommended limiting crowds of more than 250 individuals, then 100 individuals over the weekend and today 50 individuals. Universities went to online classes. Here in Michigan, the governor closed all k-12 schools for three weeks and cancelled all sporting events. Restaurants, bars, libraries, health clubs, movie theaters… have been closed. As of today, the financial markets are down 29% from its highs just three weeks ago.

In the history of this country, nothing like this has ever happened. Think about it. We have had pandemics before, world wars, the great depression, Pearl Harbor, Bay of Pigs, September 11, 2001… life just went on. America has never shut down like this. Schools have never been cancelled like this. It is unprecedented. History will tell us if shutting down the economy was worth it. As of now, I have no opinion (other than being incredibly sad that March Madness was canceled and my retirement account is down big time).  Maybe we over-reacted, maybe we saved thousands of lives.

Joe’s Perspective: So, here we are. We have learned a new word, “Social distancing.” Most of us are isolated at home. We can’t go anywhere because there is no place to go. Everything is cancelled. Our role as citizens is to reduce the spread of this virus. For the most part, we have accepted this role.

On Saturday, I told my four daughters what I will tell you here. “We have to find a way to make the most of this time. 22 days from now, I don’t want us to say that we just let this time get away from us. This is an opportunity to get a lot accomplished. We need to set some goals.” So, we limited T.V. ipads, cell phones… We set goals for academics, physical fitness, family time, outdoor activities…

My wish for you is the same. Don’t let this time get away from you. Use this time wisely. Work out, get a head in a particular subject from school, read a book, help your parents complete a house project, spend time with a sibling… Obviously, I can’t come up with these goals for you. You need to do that on your own. If you don’t set goals and show some discipline, you just might find that your time off was a waste. So, stay safe, be smart, relax, but also put your time to good use.

Your Turn: Have you set any goals for your time off? If so, what are you focusing on?

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  1. Right now, my goals are to never fall behind one this virtual school, and stay on top of all school work so that I can workout later in the day, or play baseball.

  2. I want to get used to this virtual learning thing as it is all new to almost everyone and i also want to have time to work on sports and do other extra curricular activities

  3. My goals are to stay on top of my athletic work. This includes running, stick work and footwork. I also want to be on top of my school work as much as possible. I’m focusing on setting time in my day for these activities so when we do go back to school and sports I will be in better shape academically and athletically than I was before the break.

  4. I feel like the corona virus is making everyone go crazy. Yes it is very dangerous and deadly but all we have to do as human is that we just have to take care of our self’s and be careful. My goal are to not fall behind in virtual school and to stay active. Also, i want to start eating healthier since the corona virus is in Florida already!I also still want to have good grades in schools and i want to keep being proactive!!:)

  5. The cornoavirus is being misunderstood it’s dangerous but it can be avoided. With the cornovirus going around our school has been cancelled. With this time on our hands Im personally studying as hard as i can . I am putting all my time into edmodo and working on school. It can be stressful but i get thru it over time and trying hard. And my goal is to finish at least 5 projects a day. This online school thing is esay/harder but i like it.

    This the question ms brewer: Your Turn: Have you set any goals for your time off? If so, what are you focusing on?

  6. In my opinion I feel like people are taking this a little to far. There are also more sicknesses and that are more deadly than the corona virus.
    But all we have to do to be safe is wash our hands, stay clean, and just be careful of what you touch. Since schools are closing down this is our opportunity to be clean and be healthier because people are just stuck at home. With the time I have I would try to eat healthier and stay with good grades.

  7. My goals are to maintain my usual routine, getting sports and school work done everyday. Not only do I want to stay in shape and keep up with school, I want to improve during these few weeks. I want to be able to come back to lacrosse season or school and notice an improvement in my abilities. Overall I am focusing on making the best use of my time.

  8. My goal has been to focus on myself, whether that be staying on top of my conditioning, scholarships and school work. I’m also taking this time to participate in things that I wouldn’t usually be able to do during my day to day activities.

  9. My goal is to get as much outdoors time (like hikes) as I can before things get very serious. Once things get serious and we’re stuck inside I plan on preparing for college academically and applying for scholarships.

  10. I agree we should make use of this opportunity, on the bright side it provides us as humans a chance to slow down and worry about the things that truly matter, our family and health; rather than work, friend drama or anything else. As people have stayed in we are already noticing improvements in the environment so we should continue this and use this time as a chance to become more eco friendly.

  11. My goal is to make sure I keep up with my school work since I have to do it online for now and make sure that I’m still working out

  12. My goal for our extended break is to connect with my family and strengthen our bond. With school and sports constantly on my mind, I’ve lost track of my family members’ goals and aspirations. This break can give me time to truly understand them.

  13. My goals right now are to focus on my online school work and activities . This break allows us to slow down in life and focus on the important things like our family and health.

  14. The goals I have set for this time, would be to complete my online class work and hope for the best. I would hate to fall behind and miss great opportunities when I learn outside of school.

  15. My goals have been to set my priorities (get better at it) so when everything is ready and back on track things will run smoothly

  16. I will stay inside and spend time with my family. Not stay outside for too long. Just be active inside and pass by time until everything smooths over.

  17. I will stay inside and spend time with my family. Not stay outside for too long. Just be active inside and pass by time until everything smooths over. Just relax and stay clam

  18. My goals are to work out and get a lot more physical activities done weather it is on the lake in the house or in the front or back yard.

  19. It keeps everyone aware, and it is teaching people how to stay more cautious around others and what they are touching. It also allows people to go outside more and just find other things that you can do.

  20. My goal is to get my work done and look to the next day with a positive attitude because I know one day this virus will go away and I will be able to celebrate and have all the fun I want.

  21. My goal is to get my work done and look to the next day with a positive attitude because I know one day this virus will go away and I will be able to celebrate and have all the fun I want. So stay positive everyone!

  22. My goal is to finish my virtual learning before noon everyday, so I can workout and have extra free time to spend with my family.

  23. I will use this time to stay on top of school and athletic work! I will tackle my school work by laying out my due dates, waking up early, and tuning out distractions. I will increase my athletic ability by creating new workouts, increasing my running time, eating right, and taking care of my mental health. I will also use this time to prepare for my future (college/college lacrosse) by applying to scholarships, staying in shape, and talking to my college counselor. I will also be paying attention to the news so that I due my job to stay home!!

  24. My goals are too keep up with my school work and not fall behind, keep working on volleyball and exercise everyday except the weekends.

  25. During my time off, I’ve been trying to stay focused on my online school work in order to graduate and making sure they’re in on time.

  26. A goal that I’ve set over this quarantine was to work on my footwork for volleyball and to be faster and lighter on my feet.

  27. Your Turn: Have you set any goals for your time off? If so, what are you focusing on?

    I am focusing on more quality family time. Before the virus, my sisters were in school and in sports. My parents were at work or at an event and our life passed in front of our eyes. When everything shut down, we had nothing to do. We were all cramped in one house for multiple months.