Coronavirus #3: The Real Heroes & Role Models

Coronavirus #3: The Real Heroes & Role Models


The coronavirus epidemic has taught us a few important lessons. One of those lessons is really a reminder of what we already know to be true.  The real heroes are not athletes and entertainers. Simply being in a high profile position or viewed regularly on television does not make someone a positive role model. The past few weeks has demonstrated that the true heroes and role models are people serving on the front lines each and every day. They are the police officers, fire fighters and first responders. In this particular moment in time, the true heroes are the physicians and nurses who  risk their own lives to treat patients with this infectious disease. They are putting themselves and their families in harm’s way. Twelve hour days are considered an easy shift for these professionals in various hot spots.

This particular video drove this lesson home for me. I hope you take a few moments to appreciate those heroes on the front lines:

Your Turn: What message to do you have for the doctors and nurses who are working so hard during this coronavirus pandemic?


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