Coronavirus #4: “One of the Finest People in the World”

Coronavirus #4: “One of the Finest People in the World”


Greg Daly delivers the paper. He wakes up every morning and throws papers at houses as he drives by. One morning, one of his customers asked him to throw the paper closer to the door. This made him think, if this lady can’t walk to get her paper, how can she get groceries from a store? So, he put a note in her paper, introducing himself and offering his free services to get her groceries during this pandemic. He also did this for everyone else on his route. To date, he has shopped for and delivered groceries to more than 100 people in his community.

Joe’s Perspective: Greg is doing the ultimate service for his neighbors in this pandemic. These elderly individuals are scared to death to go to the grocery store. They are so afraid of getting this virus, which would probably be deadly to them. One of these thankful individuals said Greg, “is one of the finest people in the world.” Another neighbor called him, “the closest thing to God.” Another Funny thing about being helpful is the way it makes you feel deep inside. Greg said, “There’s something nice about doing something nice for other people.”

You know all of those community service projects that your school wanted you to do? They continually tell you it will look good on your resume or help you get into college.  This time, just do it because it is the right thing to do. You have the time and the means and the health to look out for your neighbors. It will be so appreciated. It will be remembered forever. It will strengthen your community. It will strengthen your soul.

So, formulate a plan and make it happen. This plan may involve calling/texting neighbors to check on them. Maybe its mowing a neighbor’s lawn or maybe its calling a neighbor before you go shopping or get take out food.  These kind acts are what this country is all about.

Your Turn: This pandemic might be the defining moment of your youth. What will you do to help your community? What plan can you develop and follow through on?

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