Coronavirus #5 – What Can You Do For Your Country?

Coronavirus #5 – What Can You Do For Your Country?


Last week I told you about the paper delivery guy who decided to help his community by delivering groceries to over 100 people on his route –  At the conclusion of that post, I asked, “What will you do to help your community?” The number one response was, “I’m going to stay home and stay safe.” I cannot fault that response. The government is telling you to stay home and to practice social distancing.

Still, I thought, there must be something that would allow young people to stay safe and still help your community. It could be as simple as cutting your neighbor’s lawn or asking others if they need anything before your parent goes to the store. Something. If we are in this together, we all need to do our part. This is the time, I thought, for young people to step up.

So, earlier this week, one of my good friends told me about the volunteer work his children are providing. Every day, a man drops off 4 boxes of materials on their front porch. In each box there are enough raw materials to make 300 surgical masks for doctors and nurses to wear when treating covid-19 patients. My friend has four children. For several hours each day, these kids form an assembly line and put together 1,200 shields. These completed shield are sent to hospitals in Detroit, New York and Chicago.

Pretty cool, heh? So, today, I asked my 4 girls if they would like to volunteer their time for such an important cause. The response from these 14, 12, and 10-year-old girls was a resounding yes. Tomorrow morning, 4 boxes get dropped off at our house. The next day, the guy will pick up these completed shields and ship them to hospitals. My family stays safe and our society benefits. My guess is my daughters will look back at this action with pride.

Your Turn: So, I ask again. What can you do to help your community/country during this coronavirus pandemic?

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