Do You Give 100% Effort? Really?

Do You Give 100% Effort? Really?


Coach Geno Auriemma, head coach the the University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball Team, tells a story that shows the difference between effort and real effort. He asks an athlete to run a drill. The athlete does so. Then, he takes out a $100 bill and tells the same athlete that he will give the athlete the $100 bill if he/she can do the same drill in a specified amount of time. The lesson is that the second scenario almost always produces greater effort from the athlete.

Joe’s Perspective: This is a great reality check. It shows us how we are all motivated to give our best effort. Some give their best effort every time. Some give it because their coach asks for it. Some do it to be the very best or maybe to not let teammates down. However, some of us are externally motivated. Maybe some of us are all externally motivated sometimes.

Your Turn: Be honest. What motivates you to give a full 100% effort? Do you need external motivation to give your best effort?

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