Doing the Right Thing Gets Rewarded

Doing the Right Thing Gets Rewarded


Doing the Right Thing: As the riots moved across the country in the summer of 2020, the city of Buffalo, NY was not spared. Businesses were looted and damaged. One young man, Antonio Gwynn, a senior from Hutchinson Central Technical High School, watched these riots from his bed at home. Even though it was 2 a.m., he felt compelled to help his community. So, he got up out of his bed and went down to Bailey Avenue and started cleaning. Antonio picked up glass, swept, picked up debris and moved large objects out of the street. He did this for 10 straight hours. When a group of community members got organized the next day, they discovered that most of the cleanup had already occurred.

Taking Notice: It is important to know that Antonio did not do these kind deeds for notoriety or awards. He did all of this out of the goodness of his heart. He did what his deceased mother would have wanted him to do. Nonetheless, people noticed his good deeds. For starters, Matt Block had a Ford Mustang. He hardly used it, but he couldn’t bring himself to sell it. When he saw Antonio doing so much for the community, Block just felt a need to give the car to Antonio.  Now, the irony kicks in. Antonio’s mother owned a Ford Mustang, the same year, and color, before she died in 2018. Next, Bob Bryceland from Bryceland Insurance paid the tab for a full year’s worth of car insurance. Finally, when administrators at Medaille College learned that Antonio couldn’t afford to go to college, they offered him a full-ride scholarship. Wow!

Lessons Learned: So, Antonio did the right thing for the right reasons. Sometimes, when you do the right things for the right reasons, people notice. Sometimes these people feel inspired, even compelled, to recognize people for doing the right thing for the right reasons. This is such a case. This is such an instance. Now, Antonio has a new car and a college scholarship. Why? Because his example inspired others! I love it when the world comes together to teach such powerful lessons of service, humanity and generosity all wrapped in one.  Kudos to Antonio for doing the right thing and Kudos to the community for supporting such positive behavior

Your Turn: What lessons do you take from this story?


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  1. Anything is possible when you put your mine into it. He did the right thing , he just showed that the little things matter.

  2. This story shows that if you do the right thing for the right reasons there will be people who want to help you out because of that.

  3. This shows that doing good things and doing them not because your told but because you wanted to give you good things which is pure luck.

  4. This Blog shows that having Perseverance is not just doing something out of your will, it’s actually being persistent in doing something.

  5. Antonio picked up glass, swept, picked up debris and moved large objects out of the street. he did and received rewards for being a good person

  6. This shows that doing the right thing is mostly about inspiring others and less about personal gain. Kind acts such as this goes a long way for the people influenced.

  7. This story shows the honesty this person has in there soul. This guy felt that he should get out of bed at 2am and go and clean up his city.

  8. One lesson I take from this story is that you shouldn’t just do good things expecting a reward but your actions have consequences and sometimes you will be rewarded after you do something good. If you do something just for a reward then it is not really doing the right thing but if you do it just for the good of others, then maybe you will be rewarded.