Don’t Be that Guy

Don’t Be that Guy


On the eve of the Alamo Bowl, Trevone Boykin, the senior quarterback of 9th ranked Texas Christian University, found himself in a bar fight that ended with him getting arrested for 3rd degree felony assault on a police officer. He reportedly made curfew and bed-check and then proceeded to go out on the town in San Antonio to have this happen. Ouch! Boykin apologized and felt terrible. He knew he let everyone down, but it was too late. No other choice could be made. The coach suspended him from his final game.

It happens every year. Great student-athletes who make terrible decisions at the tail-end of their collegiate careers. It’s not that Boykin is a bad kid with poor character. He isn’t. He has represented his university with distinction for 4 years. Unfortunately, he made a really poor decision at a critical time.

Herm Edwards, a former NFL coach, chose to make an example of Boykin at an All-American football game with high school seniors. His message was simple. “Don’t be that guy.” Don’t be the guy who lets down your team.  Don’t be the guy who lets down your school. Don’t be the guy who lets down your family. Make good decisions. Please. Athletics and life will go on without you.


Joe’s Perspective: This is not a sports-lesson, this is a life lesson. Everyone needs to hear this. Your actions have consequences. And, those consequences don’t just affect you. Listen up. Can you hear the lesson?

Your Turn: Do you hear the lesson? Really learn the lesson?

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    1. Don’t let your whole team down for one night out, it will eventually catch up with you even if the idea sounds good at the time. You could risk your whole future.

  1. Don’t let your whole team down for one night out, it will eventually catch up with you even if the idea sounds good at the time. You could risk your whole future.

  2. Don’t make poor decisions that will put the people around you down especially like a football team or a university that you represent.

  3. decisions that you make will always have consequences, Trevon Boykins will hopefully be able to learn from this and never let down people

  4. I think it was something that kids should look at and think about now before they try to go out or go to a party or do something that may can hurt them .

  5. The coach gave a good speech because he is right. The last name on you doesn’t mean it is yours, its your whole family and I love my family so i would not embarrass them. This speech made me realize you have to think about your future before you react without thinking.

  6. In life their is a consequence for everything you do. The decisions you make today can affect your future. It can affect others around either in a positive or negative way. Boykin reacted without thinking about his football team because his chose to go and fight at a bar. I do think however his intentions were to just have a good time and not cause trouble.

  7. Every choice that you make, can reflect on the future. Whether its good or bad or regretful, will affect how your life turns out in the future. I’m not happy with the choices I’ve made and it affected my life in a huge way.

  8. I think the coach made a good example of how not to be that guy I think it is good and everyone does need to hear this so they can think twice of the actions that they are going to do.

  9. I think the coach made a really good example of why shouldn’t not to be “that guy”, and if this goes viral a lot of young teens will think before they make choices , get them to understand nobody is invincible . and you reflect everything you are and what you’re about. and when you make bad decisions it doesn’t just effect you it effect the rest of your family that has your last name. When they see a a child or a person doing bad they just assume that’s how they were brought up.

  10. I heard the lesson and if you are out and about before a game, either don’t drink or drink responsibly. Don’t be that guy. A lot of young adults/teenagers do stuff before they think about it and this young college adult never thought about it. It affects everyone not just the college student.

  11. Honestly, I have no sympathy for this man. He knew he was not allowed to leave the hotel, but he did, and ended up getting arrested. It is not the coaches fault. The coach could have preached, and preached not to do that ( and he probably did) but this man went against his coach, he went against his team and went drinking the night before a game. Everyone blames the team, or the coach when really it’s this man who did it all, who apparently thought that he would have no punishment for his actions when really there was. The moral of this story is don’t be stupid, there are consequences to your actions, and be careful with what you do.

  12. That player made a mistake he needs to live with it. They made the right choice to suspend him its his fault. Don’t be that guy people.

  13. You shouldn’t shame yourself by making a stupid mistake. Doing something as stupid as sneaking out the night before one of the biggest games you might ever play, is dumb and irresponsible. He made a stupid mistake by going out, getting into a fight, and ended up getting arrested. His team paid the price by playing a game without their starting quarterback. It was a tough game the next day for them, but they overcame the obstacle and won. Herm was completely right when he said that the name you wear on your back is your parents, and that you will be shaming your entire family. That sentence really stuck out to me. Boykin shamed his entire family and college by breaking the rules.

  14. The coach made his point he really hammered the ideal that you are not just letting yourself down when you do something so dumb like the kid did. You are letting down your team, your parents and the university down. So i guess the lesson here is you’re replaceable and DON’T BE THAT GUY!

  15. Don’t be that guy!! Your actions will affect in the future and not just you but your team, your parents and everybody else that care and loves you. i herd the speak and yes he did make it clear for everybody and that’s good

  16. I think that the point the coach was trying to make is that we do not own anything. Since we don’t own anything, we have no right to mess it up. Our parents gave us our names, therefor its not ours; Football at Texas Christian University was not his sport or school, so he had no right to mess up that schools name or the sport that he played for them. He apologized, and he seemed to feel generally sorry, but he should’ve known as a 23 year old that actions have consequences. Whether they are good or bad. He should’ve known that by being irresponsible that night, that there would be a consequence. Everything you do has a consequence, so make good choices. Your future depends on it.

  17. When you are on a team you are responsible for presenting your team. When you make bad decisions it not only affects you but it affects your team too and makes them look bad. It is not worth throwing away all your hard work just for one night out. The decision may have sounded like a good idea at the time but if you look at how it will affect your future you might change your mind. Always think things through before you do something that you will regret.

  18. He made a bad choice about sneaking out. That is what he chose so he will have to deal with the consequences. Plus he mad a fool out of himself. He let his team down and made an embarrassment for his school as well. It proves that he was replaceable because his team won that game. They went into 3 overtimes and won 47 to 41 against Oregon. Everyone is replaceable and they should take that into consideration. Even though he is a senior you should know better than to sneak out and get yourself in trouble.

  19. If you are on a football team you shouldn’t be making bad choices. That guy was right you are representing your parents name. You are letting your hole team down. You are a senior on the team and Freshman on that team are looking up to you and learning from the older ones. You just showed the opposite of what they should be doing. You need to be more responsible if you are on a team like that and should be taken out because of your actions.

  20. He made a bad choice of sneaking out and fighting with a police officer. The coach made a good example of not to be “That Guy”. Teens have to think before they do things like this. You can’t let people down. Think before you do stuff. Think of who you are letting down. It did not make him look any better. He went out one night and it did catch up with him. He made himself and his team and his family look bad. The name on the back of your jersey is not yours it is for your family. The actions you show will stay with you.

  21. I think that this a good example of everything you shouldn’t do in the days before what could possibly be the biggest game of your sports career. What he did was irrational and stupid. As coach Herm Edwards said, he let down his team, his university, and his family name. There is no excuse for doing what he did, he knew full well what the consequences could be. He could have been a Heisman award, and yet he jeopardized his entire future for a night on the town.

  22. As Sir Isaac Newton once said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction
    This is also true to life
    Everything we do, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, WILL have a reaction in some way
    The message is that you should think about what you’re doing and what could come of it because even 1 bad choice could destroy everything you built up. The way to avoid that bad choice is to pay attention to the mistakes of other people as well as your own. This goes beyond “don’t be that guy” and goes into “be better than that guy”. Can you use the failures of others to better yourself? Or will you wait for life to teach you the hard way?

  23. The coach gave a good lesson and great example of not to be that guy. Boykin made a poor decision and wrecked his career. He put the team at risk before the game and put them to shame. Years of hard work gone. It took just one night in those four years of representing his university to mess it all up. It gives other players to think before they do. He didn’t set a good example for his team and will never be able to have his spot back. Don’t let your team down, don’t put everything to risk.

  24. All your decisions reflect on the people close to you. When you mess up you let your parents, coaches, and teammates down. Consider others when making a decisions, because the consequences don’t just affect you, they hurt everyone around you. Don’t be the person who messes something up for everyone.

  25. It was a good thing that the couch did suspend him for the last game of the season, but I think everyone deserves a second chance, to a certain degree. You have to really think about this. How many of the other players on the team, have sneaked out before a game that the coach doesn’t know about? I’m pretty sure Trevone Boykin hasn’t been the only one who has done something like this. Yes, I understand that he got into a fight and got arrested, but that’s not the biggest problem here. He should be able to prove to others that he is willing to change for the better. Judging someone that did one stupid mistake, doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person. If you are in a sport you should be proud to be on it, but in every sport their will always be someone that will make a stupid mistake like Trevone Boykin made. It may not be as bad as he did, but it will still happen. We are blaming him for a reason that many other college, high school athletes have done. Yes, he did a bad action, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.

  26. I feel like he just should’ve stayed at the school & Did what he supposed to do .. Not go out no he may have messed up his whole career !!!

  27. I think he deserves what he did. He made a bad choice and now he should have to deal with it. I have been told this a thousand time WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER.

  28. I think that is what he get for not making a good decision. Not making good decisions messes up your career. So everyone should make good decisions at all times.

  29. I mean what the speech is about is don’t be that guy that ruins everything for themselves and for the team you are replaceable but not always there can be cases where the person that replaces you isn’t as talented. so not only do you ruin it for all the people that counted on you you ruin it for the team.

  30. With this article and video, i got the lesson on not to be not guy. Don’t mess everything up for everybody else and including yourself. Everything has a cause and effect.

  31. It’s his fault of going out late at night and picking a fight with someone. If you know you shouldn’t be going out because you know what can happen, then don’t go. He obviously knew what he was getting into. You can’t let things get to you. You always want to do the right thing and keep a good reputation. Now he has a felony that everyone with know. He is also a football player. There are probably many people who saw him as a leader or a role model. They probably lost all their respect for them after this one careless night.

  32. People just need to think more before they act. One mistake can ruin an entire career. Treyvonne messed up, but at least he plays for the seahawks now.

  33. Every actions has a reaction. Don’t be that person that thrives his entire career and then decides to screw it up right at the end.

  34. Your actions affect more than just yourself. You’re relied on by others and you’re responsible for not letting them down and not wasting the opportunities you have

  35. Everything you do has an impact whether that be on you or on your team you do impact something. So when you make an impact make sure it’s a good one and think before you act/speak.

  36. Your choices on and off the field reflect on everyone on your team. By making poor decisions you can cause a critical blow to be done to your team which could result in losing an important game. If you cannot handle yourself on and off the field then you will not play and the game and team will have to go on without you.

  37. Your choices on and off the field reflect on everyone on your team. By making poor decisions you can cause a critical blow to be done to your team which could result in losing an important game. If you cannot handle yourself on and off the field then you will not play and the game and team will have to go on without you. You have to think about your actions and what they could do to your team good or bad.

  38. The lesson is that you shouldn’t be the guy who lets your team down by making one or multiple mistakes. You should be the guy who leads your team and the guy that everyone can trust and have faith in. You should always lead by example.

  39. Sometimes you have to think about what’s best for your team not just yourself. But this happens in more than just football. It happens in real life. Because you don’t want to be that kid that made a mistake and now nobody wants to talk to you.

  40. I do hear the lesson and this is something I’m glad I’ve always held myself to a high standard. Not going out past curfew or hanging out with the wrong group and think this will not only help me in sports but in life too.

  41. I agree with the message this coach is teaching. All it takes is 1 dumb decision to break all trust you have ever had. And it takes an eternity to build that trust back.

  42. I hear the lesson. I feel like every choice you make will have its consequences or out comes wether that’s good or bad. In his case bad choice = bad outcome.

  43. As and athlete you have higher expectations then everyone else especially at that level. Everything you do is going to have a reaction to it and all eyes will be on you so you have to be smart with everything you do and think about others around you.

  44. The lesson this is teaching you is that no matter how good or bad you are all it takes is one decision to mess up your life and let down your friends, teammates, and family.

  45. When your part of team everything you do affects that team. You are who the team is. So by making a dumb mistake like this guy did; your letting your team down. Now they gotta go find someone to fill your spot in a critical time like this one. Dumb actions have consequences and sometimes the worst of the consequences affect others worse than they affect you. So don’t let your people down!

  46. He made a bad choice and he had to take responsibility and deal with the consequences. Somewhat like Henry Ruggs’ story how one night can change your whole life. as an athlete you have to be nearly perfect due to high expectations. so one bad choice and it’s over

  47. This is a really great example of your actions don’t actions don’t only affect your life they affect the teams. Whether they are positive or negative as a leader you leave a positive affect on the team.

  48. Everything that you do has an impact whether you know it in the moment or not. Look at the bigger picture and make smart decisions so that you can find success.

  49. One night of what you think is “fun” isn’t worth the consequences it will have. Your team is your life, and you should do whatever it takes to protect it. Don’t do anything stupid to put your team or yourself in trouble. Be smart

  50. Be clear of the decisions you make. Here Boykin was planning on having fun after curfew, and was not thinking of the consequences to come or that it would turn out the way it did.

  51. Well, I do think the name on the back of his jersey belongs to him. But it doesn’t JUST belong to him. Whether the judgement’s fair or not, your actions do reflect your parents, friends, institution, and community. So, before you do something that might be really stupid, ask yourself if you’d be comfortable doing it with all them watching.

  52. Your actions as a member of the team effect the whole team. You are responsible with making good choices so the team does not get put in jeopardy.

  53. Your reputation can be ruined in an instant. Do not do it at a crucial time when your team needs you. Your life changes through your decisions.

  54. One decision or one mistake could change your life. And the change could be a bad change. You could ruin everything you’ve ever worked for. So make sure you are making good decisions

  55. One decision or one mistake could change your life. And the change could be a bad change. You could ruin everything you’ve ever worked for within the blink of an eye. So make sure you are making good decisions and think before you do

  56. You work hard. You train. But that bad decision makes you look bad for your school, your teammates, coaches and yourselves. It’s dumb to let your opportunities go to waste.

  57. Your actions have consequences, plain and simple. If you screw up, that’s on you. You take accountability. Don’t be that guy. Don’t let your teammates down, your coaches down, most importantly yourself. Make the right decisions.

  58. Every decision you make matters, and can have a huge effect on your life. What seems like something small can turn into something big like this and ruin things for the rest of the team. You should think good and hard before you make any decision in life and think what the consequences could be.

  59. I believe you should always think before you do something but I also believe in second chances as long as it doesn’t happen again

  60. Every decision no matter how big or small has the potential to affect you and others in a large way. The unpredictability of this is why you should strive to make the decision you think is right.