Effort over Talent or Talent over Effort?

Arguably, the greatest coach in college sports made this statement. Do you agree with Coach K and do you believe he meant what he said?

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  1. It depends, some sports stars have a 2 star work ethic but have a 10 star talent and just dominate over everyone.
    But most of the time I agree that you would want work ethic over talent because even if they start out with low talent you can train them to have high talent.

  2. Yes, I believe what Coach K said because sometimes your talent doesn’t always like make A good impression on you or make you a good player.

  3. i agree because skill is stagnant if you don’t put work into it. if you’re good at your level, but continue to age as your skills stay the same, then it’s worthless

  4. I do! I think the effort you put Into something speaks greater than how good you are. If you think your that good to not be showing up to practice every day , then that doesn’t show you have good character and that’s what’s important

  5. I agree with what Coach K said because those players with work ethic are going to improve and gain the talent where as the players with no work ethic are probably not going to improve much if at all

  6. i for sure agree because work ethic means everything out on the court. when you have good work ethic your going to improve and just go up from there!

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