Entire Team Decides to Hit Umpire After “Bad Call”

Entire Team Decides to Hit Umpire After “Bad Call”


With the bases loaded, the pitcher throws a good pitch down the middle of the plate. The umpire calls the pitch “ball 4”. The batter takes a “walk” to first base, forcing each base runner to the next base. This results in a “scored run” as the runner on third advances to home plate.

The coach calls “time” and the entire defensive team meets at the pitcher’s mound. After about 30 seconds, the huddle breaks. On the next pitch, the pitcher throws another pitch right over the plate. However, this time, the catcher deliberately moves to her right, and the ball hits the umpire directly in the head. This required communication and coordination to pull this off.

Joe’s Perspective: This is as clear of a case of poor sportsmanship as I have ever seen. The coach called the time out. He met with 6 players. They talked and must have decided on a plan. Not one of the players said, “Hey, wait a minute…” Nope. They all agreed that this umpire needs to be taught a lesson. I’ve seen a lot in my years of watching sports, but I have never seen such a sinister plot to hurt someone on the field of play.

If you watch the video and know anything about softball/baseball, you will know how this ended. However, pretend you don’t know how it ended. Put yourself in the umpire’s shoes. How would you handle this situation? Would would be your call? How would it play out?

Your Turn: If you were the umpire, how would you handle this situation? Would it go beyond this game?

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