Every Child Should Be Greeted Like This!

Every Child Should Be Greeted Like This!


Gary Logan is an assistant principal at an elementary school in Arkansas. He greets the parents and the kids at the “student drop off area,” with singing and dancing. His goal is to bring a smile and a laugh to everyone’s face. He wants to put the kids in a good mood and get them energized when starting their day. Apparently, it’s working. Many of the kids sing along with Mr. Logan and some of them dance along with Mr. Logan.

Author’s Perspective: Shouldn’t every child be greeted with this type of reception every day? I love the following quote by Mr. Logan, “I don’t do bad days.” This is a reminder that attitude is “catchy.” The best way to bring a smile to someone’s face is to smile. If you “dance through life,” others will dance with you.

Your Turn:

1) What do you think of Mr. Logan and his antics?

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  1. I think his idea is is wonderful! I agree with Gary Logan! It´s wonderful that he wants to make a difference in his school and make everyone happy. Also I think it will be a big impact on the school and make it better.

  2. I think that its a good idea to kids kids in a good mood before school. getting them all excited for school so the day goes good for them. I would like to have him .

  3. This is very intresting and good for the kids. It shows someone in the school cares that they should have a good day and also to enjoy the day to come.

  4. I think Mr.Logan is doing something that helps people start their days off right. Its a great gesture to energize or start off school in a good mood. It can help them throughout the day and possible help them in school. It makes them happy and makes Mr.Logan happy. This kind of vibe should be contagious and others should try to makes others day better. Not by particularly singing but simple smile and hi can turn somebody day around.

  5. I love this! This a very good way to help kids to get focused for school and like mornings a little more. Every school needs a vice principal like Mr. Logan. If I wanted to go into the education field I would want to be just like Mr. Logan. My goal would to make kids feel good about themselves and make sure they have a good rest of the day. If it has just been a rough morning and then have to go to school over all of it I would want to have a conversation with the vice principal. We need a vice principal like that at my school to cheer me up when I have to go to school.

  6. I can see where this is good for the kids that like pop music, but what about the kids who don’t like pop music? Personally i can’t stand frozen songs, and pop music. If i went to that school that would put me in a bad mood. “There are no bad days.” says the principle. Well that is not true, i would be tired of the singing and dancing. I would (I already am) get so sick of the songs and dances i would rather be home schooled than to have to listen to the songs (that are everywhere) and the dances ( again they are everywhere) and i could let the kids who actually like those songs, and dances.

  7. I feel this has good intentions, and many people will love it, but not me personally. I don’t like pop music, I think it’s annoying and the fact that I hear these songs every days doesn’t help. However, the idea is a good one. Simply saying hello or asking how a person is feeling can really lift a person’s spirit.

  8. It’s really nice about what he’s doing, however there are some kids who don’t like pop music. Greeting the kids and saying hello with a smile would be better for the students.

  9. I think that this is great! Mr. Logan is a very happy person. Everyday is a great day! He knows how to make someone’s day just by singing to them or telling them something nice. I think that this is a great plan. People are better happy and smiling then sad and mad. I think that every school should do this and but have a different person everyday! I love this idea!

  10. It is great that the vice principal is doing this because it is great for the community and the school. It will help the students throughout the day to do better and feel better about themselves. The students will be mostly wanting to go to school and talk to their parents how fun school was

  11. I think it is great that this principal is doing something to make kids’ day better because a lot of kids dread going to school but they should be happy to be there. It is good that the principal is interacting with the kids and building a relationship with each of them.