Every Child Should Be Greeted Like This!

Every Child Should Be Greeted Like This!


Gary Logan is an assistant principal at an elementary school in Arkansas. He greets the parents and the kids at the “student drop off area,” with singing and dancing. His goal is to bring a smile and a laugh to everyone’s face. He wants to put the kids in a good mood and get them energized when starting their day. Apparently, it’s working. Many of the kids sing along with Mr. Logan and some of them dance along with Mr. Logan.

Author’s Perspective: Shouldn’t every child be greeted with this type of reception every day? I love the following quote by Mr. Logan, “I don’t do bad days.” This is a reminder that attitude is “catchy.” The best way to bring a smile to someone’s face is to smile. If you “dance through life,” others will dance with you.

Your Turn:

1) What do you think of Mr. Logan and his antics?

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