Every Successful Person has “Jumped”

Every Successful Person has “Jumped”


Steve Harvey, best known for hosting The Family Feud, provides an impromptu talk to the unsuspecting audience before the show. The message of this talk is that every successful person has jumped. He further argues that if you want to be successful, you too will have to jump. It’s scary, it’s dangerous. Your parachute will not immediately open and you might get a lot of cuts on the way down. However, he promises that your parachute will eventually open.

Joe’s Perspective: This video spoke to me. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s easy to play it safe and stay on the cliff. Most people do. There are all kinds of reasons to play it safe. I remember how difficult it was to quit my job and jump. Starting my own business was scary. So many people told me not to jump. My parachute opened. It’s been a great ride down. I recommend it to anyone.

Your Turn: Do you have the courage to “jump”? If so, for what reason will you jump?

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