Inspirational Blog #1 – Looking out for the Little Guy

Inspirational Blog #1 – Looking out for the Little Guy


Unbeknownst to the coaches, the football players at Olivet Middle School decided to honor Keith Orr. Keith is a teammate who is learning disabled and emotionally impaired, and the players wanted to acknowledge him for who he is. As the quarterback, Parker Smith said, ‘We thought it would be cool to do something for him.”  So, they decided to get the ball as close to the goal line as they could and then call him into the game to score. Watch the video below.

Joe’s Perspective #1 – It’s not cliche for Keith: This is not the first time I have seen a video like this, nor will it be the last. If I were being snide, I would say this is cliche. However, I came to my senses and realized that this was not cliche for Keith. Keith said it was “awesome.” Further, it’s never cliche to look out for the little guy and it’s never cliche to do something extraordinarily nice. In fact, it seems pretty cool.

Joe’s Perspective #2 – You can’t tell someone what it’s like to do something for someone else, they have to do it. I have been saying this for years and this story proves it. You can’t tell someone of the pride that comes from serving in a soup kitchen or the satisfaction that comes from raising money for a charity. Teammate Justice Miller had no clue how much this simple act was going to change his life, but… with tears running down his cheeks, Justice said, “I went from someone who pretty much cared about myself and my friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone’s day and everyone’s life.” Yes, we saw someone learn compassion and empathy before our very eyes.

Your Turn:

  1. How did this video make you feel?
  2. Is there something extraordinarily nice you could do for someone else to make them feel so “awesome?” What could it be?

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  1. This video made me feel really happy for the kid who went in and I feel like that is a once in a life time feeling experience. I do not know what I could do.

  2. this video reminds me to involve everyone and to be kind to everyone. There is nothing better then a happy group of people that are bonding like these boys at the end.

  3. This video made me feel hopeful about our generation to come. It is not every day that people incorporate those with disabilities into their everyday activities. To see these kids start to young definitely makes me feel proud. These kids went out of their way to make Keith feel comfortable. Not only did these kids come up with the idea by themselves, but also managed to unveil their plan at a perfect time. Today, adults might not have done what these middle schoolers did. To make someone feel extraordinarily nice I would go to a friends sporting event to cheer them on.

  4. This is a very heart warming story. They give this child a great experience becasue of his importnace to the team. It is aslo good to see the other kids realize that he doesn’t always think about other and this may cause him to not grow up with a huge ego and be very self centered.

  5. This video makes me feel that I am encouraged by those people that keep trying to do their best, and trying to do something impossible, It would be so awesome once people succeeded in doing something that they temporarily not able to do. I think I should encourage both me and others to accomplish those works that are impossible to be accomplished for us.

  6. This video left me with the impression of courageousness and hope for the future. Stepping into Keith’s shoes, this extraordinary act of kindness from the Olivet Middle School football team gave Keith confidence in himself and opened his eyes to a new view of his life. If there was anything that I would do for someone to make them feel “awesome” could be inviting them to each lunch or going out to support them at a sport they might play.

    1. I agree with how much this effected Keith and probably changed his life for the better. It warms my heart to see that there are people in the world who will sacrifice there moment (winning the game with the touch down), to make someone elses a little bit better.

  7. This video was very inspiring and I loved it. Everyone has the chance to do something that makes them happy they just need people thatbelieve in them.

  8. 1 and 2. This video was inspirational and leads me to believe our generation is taking a positive step towards the future. To make another feel “awesome”, I can appreciate their actions and support them through everything they are taking on.

  9. This video and article will help inspire kids playing sports to show sportsmanship and integrity to their teammates and opposition.

  10. This video makes me feel great that others are making someone feel happy. What I can do to others to make them feel “awesome” is being nice to others and doing small things to brighten their day.

  11. This video was cool. It made me feel happy for the boy who scored the touchdown. I wish there were more boys like the other boys on the team.

  12. This video made me feel good about being a human. It was amazing that some people went out of their way to make this boy feel better about himself. Even though it is a cliche it was an amazing thing to do.

  13. This video made was inspiring to me because they didn’t look at the kid for his disability but instead they welcomed into their family and it was truly inspiring

  14. This video gave me hope that there are people who genuinely want to do the right thing. Also, it was very inspirational to see the students incorporate the boy into the team. I can do something extraordinary for others but I don’t have an example at the moment.

  15. This video made me feel great! It was very inspiring to watch a group of kids care for someone and look past his disability. Just making peoples days by smiling and creating a positive environment for us all.

  16. This video made me feel very happy. It showed how there is still good in this world.

    Just giving someone a compliment could make their day better. But doing something like this would make their day extraordinary.

  17. 1.) This video made me feel happy and proud to know that the world isn’t all bad like the news and social media likes to portray. It is also inspiring to know that there are young minds that come up with ideas like this to make others feel better.
    2.) Something to make people feel special would be to smile and compliment random people.

  18. This video made me feel the love that the boys have for their teammates and inspired me to care more about everyone rather than just my friends. Something I would do for someone else to make them feel special is I would tell people how great they are everyday and comment on things about them taht will make them feel loved. For example, athletics and clubs.

  19. This video made me feel over joyed. This little boy may never be cool or popular, but just doing one cool thing can make him be the coolest person in the school. It may not have meant a lot to that little boy, but to the other players on the team it made them feel very fortunate for what they were able to do for that little boy.

  20. This video made me feel happy and feel inspired because happy things just make me smile lol. Something really nice anyone could do for anyone is just listen to them, no comments, unless they ask. And after the convo, you wouldn’t go out and talk to other people about what happened.

  21. 1) Video made me feel empathetic for the “little guy” and made me happy to see he was happy.
    2) I have done something kind of similar to this before. At a facility I helped teach kids under 10 with disabilities how to play the game of tennis. It was a 3 day camp and each day I could see the children improve. One boy who I was teaching gave me a big hug at the end and said “Thank you” in the most genuine way possible. This made my day.

  22. This video made me feel like i’m not alone, i couldn’t play football for most of the season because of an unknown foot problem,but he was praised for playing hard which i could’ve done, even though he was little , he got praised for playing hard. one of my friends can’t play the rest of the season, and i stopped playing so i could help any way i can, so i quit football,but now he’s fine,and i guess quitting, was for the best, because i had low grades

  23. I’ve seen the kids definitely make . These kids went out of their way to make Keith feel comfortable. I feel like Keith got a good refreshed view on life after this. Most people wouldn’t do what these kids had done for him. Giving him his special moment shows just how courageous they’ve been. Its heartwarming to see someone happy.

  24. It was nice to see that there are still good people out there who go out of their way to make others happy. Not everyone deserves what happens to them and they deserve some good in their life. No one should ever feel like they can’t do anything . Right now I can’t think of anything I can do out of the blue but if anything were to ever happen where someone needed my help I’m usually pretty good on helping others in time of need.

  25. Being a football player myself, it was really amazing. Its a teammate looking out for his teammate. It really inspired me to become a better player myself and build confidence in my teammates! In all, that was a once in a lifetime experience.

  26. This story made me feel really happy! I love seeing people do things for one another to make them happy. If I were to do something to make somebody feel “awesome” I would go out of my way to include them in my group of friends, sport, hobby, etc. or even just complimenting them to see a smile on their faces.

  27. This is the cutest thing ever. This story put a smile on my face on how some kids like me would come up with that idea to make someone day a whole lot better and how to made all the people feel. It was an extremely good act.

  28. This video made me feel that anyone can do anything nice for someone it doesn’t just have to scoring a touchdown it can just be becoming their friend and being there for them when they need you most. I could help someone achieve their goal and make them feel like they made a huge accomplishment in life!