Happy New Year! Any Resolutions?

Happy New Year! Any Resolutions?


This is a quick welcome back to school and my sincere wish that each of you has a tremendous 2015.

I haven’t always thought so, but I believe that the new year is a perfect opportunity to make changes, set goals and make things happen. Last year, I wrote a blog about my “New Year’s Resolutions.” My three resolutions were 1) Memorize and be able to recite the presidents of the united states, 2) learn to play the guitar and 3) live a simpler life.

It’s one thing to make resolutions, but it’s something else entirely to follow through on them. So, I wanted to let you’ll know what I did to accomplish each of these resolutions.

Recite the Presidents: Below, you will find a video of me… and then my daughter reciting the presidents from memory. It took us approximately 18 weeks to memorize these presidents. Several times a week at the breakfast table we would get out our book of presidents and learn about a new president. It wasn’t really that difficult, but it did take time and effort. https://vimeo.com/76291361

Learn to play the Guitar: I bought 2 guitars – one for me and one for my daughter. We hired an instructor and we did our best. I can’t say that I am good, but I did follow through on this personal goal.

Live a Simpler Life: While this one is a little vague, my wife and I decided to move 200 miles northwest to the small resort town on Traverse City, Michigan. We wanted to get closer to the things we love and live where we typically vacation. We wanted access to the water, the beach, golf, downhill skiing. We wanted our children to spend more time out doors – exploring, hiking, fishing, swimming… And, when you can see this view on a regular basis, life seems more enjoyable… and a little bit simpler.

Lake Michigan



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So, hopefully this inspires you. Perhaps there are a few small or big changes you would like to make in your life. Write down your resolutions, share them below and then note what you are going to do to make those resolutions happen.  


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