Humanity at its Finest

Humanity at its Finest


Here is a simple uplifting story about humanity. First, a stranger sees a dog in the middle of a raging river, a mere inches from being swept over the falls. He trudges thru raging water, risking his own life, to save this dog. Of course, when he reaches shore, he finds it impossible to get up the steep banks. Next, three and then four strangers form a human chain to rescue the human and the dog.

Joe’s Perspective: It is my firm belief that people are good. And yet again, we find another example of human beings proving me right. Most people with the ability to help in this situation will do so. Not all, but most. Here, we see complete strangers coming together to do the right thing. Why? Because at our core we know right from wrong. Inherently, we know it would be wrong to walk away when we are able to contribute something to the situation. It’s called having a conscience.

Your Turn: If you were one of the passer-by’s in this situation, would you have the ability to help and what you have done. Explain.

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  1. I think if I was passing by, and I seen a stranger struggling to help a dog, I would definitely stop, not because I’m trying to be a hero, or trying to save the day, but because its the right thing to do, and I’m not heartless!

  2. It was so sweet when the man came to help the dog, and everyone else was prepared and ready to make a chain. They helped the guy and the dog both to get back to safety, I’m glad all those people were there.

  3. This is about a man who went into the water to save his dog and you have to imagine he had to have composure or he wouldn’t have been able to do it.

  4. This was a very kind interaction between people. I would have definitely helped out if I saw that while passing by.

  5. This is such a heart-warming story to hear, in the world we live In today it is good to know that we still have good people in our world today.

  6. I would try to save the dog because the dog did nothing wrong. I would have the ability to help and I would get in the water and try to save it.

  7. this was a very generous gesture to save a dog you don’t even know and the fact that people who probably have to get somewhere or who in a rush stopped to help is simply amazing