“If this qualifies for a hero than anybody can be a hero”

“If this qualifies for a hero than anybody can be a hero”


Janice Hall is a senior citizen who walks with the assistance of a walker. She doesn’t own a car. And yet, she walked 2 miles to the grocery store in the blistering Oklahoma heat. As she walked home with her grocery bags, only one person took the time to help her out. This person was Airman, Jibril Jennings. He pulled over his car, loaded her groceries into his car and drove her home… after taking her on some other errands.

Joe’s Perspective: There are several important points in the story: 1) No one else got out of her/his car to help this woman. I always wonder why not. Are we all that busy? That fearful? That uncaring? 2) This woman was so very appreciative of Jibril’s gesture, saying, “I really appreciated it, and he is such a good man.” 3) the pride Jibil feels for doing something positive for his fellow human being. We sometimes forget how good it makes one feel to do something kind for a complete stranger.

Of course, my favorite point was made at the end of the video when Jibril said, “I don’t think this is a hero’s moment. It’s something that anybody should be able to do. If this qualifies for a hero than anybody can be a hero.” And to me, that’s the point. If we call provided these small and large gestures of kindness more often, our society would be so much better off.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts on this story?

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