“If this qualifies for a hero than anybody can be a hero”

“If this qualifies for a hero than anybody can be a hero”


Janice Hall is a senior citizen who walks with the assistance of a walker. She doesn’t own a car. And yet, she walked 2 miles to the grocery store in the blistering Oklahoma heat. As she walked home with her grocery bags, only one person took the time to help her out. This person was Airman, Jibril Jennings. He pulled over his car, loaded her groceries into his car and drove her home… after taking her on some other errands.

Joe’s Perspective: There are several important points in the story: 1) No one else got out of her/his car to help this woman. I always wonder why not. Are we all that busy? That fearful? That uncaring? 2) This woman was so very appreciative of Jibril’s gesture, saying, “I really appreciated it, and he is such a good man.” 3) the pride Jibil feels for doing something positive for his fellow human being. We sometimes forget how good it makes one feel to do something kind for a complete stranger.

Of course, my favorite point was made at the end of the video when Jibril said, “I don’t think this is a hero’s moment. It’s something that anybody should be able to do. If this qualifies for a hero than anybody can be a hero.” And to me, that’s the point. If we call provided these small and large gestures of kindness more often, our society would be so much better off.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts on this story?

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  1. This video is nice because it shows that people are kind. especially the guy who had helped. I feel like more people should try to do this.

  2. I think this story shows people how easy it is to be someones hero. Doing anything nice for someone can make their day and you can be someones hero.

  3. I believe that everyone should be helping others in need or even if its something small. everyone should want to help someone and do little things like that can impact the world to do better things.

  4. he did a good deed he stopped in the hot weather and helped and elderly woman with a walker with her groceries get home when she had to walk miles just to get home. They put the groceries in his car and gave her a ride home.

  5. I think that it was a kind gesture that the man did but I feel that doing something like that should be very common. No one should have to walk in the heat and more people should be kind enough to do something like that.

  6. I would say he is a true hero and he did a great thing by helping this lady because several people drove by her without helping and it doesn’t take much just to help someone out, there should be more people like Jibril.

  7. A lot of people wouldn’t take time out of their lives to help this lady, as you can see in the video, but thankfully Janice Hall is a good citizen and we need more people like him because It’s not hard to do any acts of kindnesses and everyone could do it.

  8. I think its very sad that people weren’t willing to help but what Jibril Jennings did was a act of pure kindness and made a lasting friendship between the both of them.

  9. I feel like he is being a good person and is setting a good example of kindness that should be shown more often by people.

  10. I feel like that moment was something anybody can do but they decide not to or hesitate and just keep driving. Jibril was insistent and did something so kind and caring that a video of his actions went viral and was thanked by the person he helped out.

  11. I believe that its sad that there was someone in another car taking a video instead of help the women in the fist place. millions of cars past by watching the women in the hot sun walking home from Walmart and not even ask if the sweet old lady if she needed any help. every should be like that man and help the ones who need the help.

  12. What he did was very kind, being neighborly and helping others should be an everyday activity for all of the population. Jibril was right in saying that what he did wasn’t heroic, to him this should be common behavior in us as human beings. Jibril is a very polite man, with a very caring heart.

  13. I think Jibril helping Janice was thoughtful. You would never think that someone would go out of their way, to help a complete stranger. Walking to the store and back if someone didn’t decide to help Janice could’ve been a bit hard for her, considering she is a senior citizen.

  14. I think that the fact that this is what people would call heroism is highly disappointing. I feel like ever since Ted Bundy and a bunch of other massive events, we have become so focused on only our lives that we don’t even stop and take the time out of their days to help. Sure, we all should be careful that we don’t go into anyone’s business and to be cautious about our surroundings, but that doesn’t mean we should be letting people suffer by themselves if we truly need help. If we are uncomfortable but still would like to help, we should have our phones on our emergency contacts at all times during the situation.

  15. That he’s a really good person for stopping to help her when no one else did. I believe that if anyone sees someone else struggling, that they could take some time out of their day to help them.

  16. this video is semi sad but overall wholesome, because nobody helped her at first and it kind of broke my heart but when the guy helped her it made me smile!

  17. the video is wholesome, when the old women, was walking with her groceries and nobody was helping her it was kind of sad but when the old man put her food in his trunk and took her to her home and helped her inside her house was heartwarming.

  18. Even though nobody got out of their car to help the lady he went and did it. Some may have been thinking since no one else is doing I won’t either but Jibril didn’t think about that. I think he’s setting a good example for the people who didn’t help because they’ll see what he’s doing and how it positively impacts another. That’s good leadership when you don’t care about what other’s think about it as long as it’s helpful and shows what other people could be doing for society.

  19. This story shows the aspects of the few good humans left. Instead to talking about how only one person help think about how that one person did take time out of their day to do that. This person had to of had a positive out come of this experience.

  20. I think that everyone who sees someone struggling should help them with whatever they need help with. It is very nice to help someone who needs help. Anybody can be a hero.