Inspirational Blog #2: The Power of Encouragment

Inspirational Blog #2: The Power of Encouragment


Joe’s Perspective: Enough said! The kid couldn’t do it. 4 times he tried, 4 times he failed. The kids then surrounded him, said a chant that I loosely translated to say, “we believe in you. You can do it.” Then, the kid tries it again and succeeds.

Imagine if we did this in America when a kid misses a math problem or strikes out at the plate. Imagine if this happened every day. Imagine how that would make you feel to get this kind of encouragement at home, at school and in athletics.

I believe that we all need someone who passionately believes in us. When that happens, it changes how we feel about ourselves… it changes what is possible. And, that is the power of support, the power of enthusiasm and the power of love.

Your Turn:

  1. Do you have someone in your life who passionately believes in you? Who is it? How do they show this support?
  2. Do you ever show that much enthusiasm and passion to help someone else succeed? Explain.

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  1. Yes, I have someone in my life who passionately believes in me. My family. They show support by always being positive, encouraging, being there for me though difficult times and good times. Yes, I show enthusiasm and passion to help someone else to succeed because it feels good to help someone.

  2. 1. Yes, that is my friends and family, they show their enthusiasm by encouraging me.
    2. Yes, I encourage my friends to work harder on something, I give them a few suggestions.

  3. my family believes in me because they always make me do my best even when i i dont want that. i try to show that to my friends because i want to help them be their best and do the best they can. i like to help my team mates and cheer for them during their races. i want to help them achieve their goals.

  4. My mom and dad believes in me and they support me by being my parents and doing things for me. I sometimes show that much enthusiasm to help.

  5. My parents, friends, and family all believe in and support me with their encouragement to do my best in everything that I do. In my life, I hope for everyone to achieve their goals, whether their goals are small or big, and I want to show enthusiasm in helping them achieve them.

  6. The people who believe in me are my family and friends. They show support by always being there for me.
    I show thsat much enthusiasm for my good friends and family when they need a little extra help.

  7. 1. My parents and family passionately believe in and support me constantly. They prove their support by always encouraging me to achieve my goals, pushing me to set expectations for myself, and express enthusiasm to my achievements.

  8. 1.) Yes there is someone in my life that encourages me to do everything and that is my mom and my grandpa. They support my be supporting me with what I believe in.
    2.) I always support my little brother with all of the many sports and activities he does

  9. 1 Yes, my friends and family, believe me constantly and encourage me to do my best
    2. Yes, I encourage my friends to work hard even if they do not want to. I tell them that it will pay off later if they work hard now

  10. My mom believes in me by always supporting me and encouraging me to do what I love and what makes me happy. I am a big supporter of being happy and doing what makes you happy and I will always support whatever that is.

  11. All members of my family support everything I do and highly appreciate it. And I always encourage my family member and friends to do whatever makes them happy.

  12. 1. My parents and close friends support me by helping me work towards my goals and giving me the resources to get the job done.
    2. I love to give people support by cheering on athletes and helping people with educational issues.

  13. 1. The people in my life that passionately believe in me are my close friends and my family. They show this by pushing me outside of my comfort zone and by pushing me to my limits so I may succeed and be better.
    2. Yes I usually give much support because it is a great feeling and everyone deserves to feel great about themselves.

  14. Someone in my life that passionately believes in me is myself, Tommy Nguyen. I show support to myself by always believing in myself and supporting every single one of my decisions. Yes, occasionally I will show that much support to my friend Peyton, by always being there for her and giving her advice when she needs it.

  15. I would have to say that my mom passionately believes in me. She is always there when i need her and always shows her support in akl that i do. No matter what the issue is she will always try her best to get me to what ever practice that i need ti go and do what ever she can to help keep me involved.
    I might not show as much enthusiasm as my mom but i do show some type of enthusiasm to anyone trying to join the wrestling team i love to help out and get them more involved and excited to be apart of the team.