Inspirational Blog #2: The Power of Encouragment

Inspirational Blog #2: The Power of Encouragment


Joe’s Perspective: Enough said! The kid couldn’t do it. 4 times he tried, 4 times he failed. The kids then surrounded him, said a chant that I loosely translated to say, “we believe in you. You can do it.” Then, the kid tries it again and succeeds.

Imagine if we did this in America when a kid misses a math problem or strikes out at the plate. Imagine if this happened every day. Imagine how that would make you feel to get this kind of encouragement at home, at school and in athletics.

I believe that we all need someone who passionately believes in us. When that happens, it changes how we feel about ourselves… it changes what is possible. And, that is the power of support, the power of enthusiasm and the power of love.

Your Turn:

  1. Do you have someone in your life who passionately believes in you? Who is it? How do they show this support?
  2. Do you ever show that much enthusiasm and passion to help someone else succeed? Explain.

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