JJ Watt – A True Leader and Role Model

JJ Watt – A True Leader and Role Model


JJ Watt is an all-pro defensive end for the Houston Texans. After Hurricane hit Texas last week, he challenged people to donate money to help relief efforts. Watt initially donated $100,000 of his own money and asked people to match it. That took 2 hours. He raised his goal to half a million, then 1 million, then 2… A few days later, over $9 million was raised. As of September 12, his relief fund has reached $32 million. Most of the donations came from citizens donating $5 to $100.

Joe’s Perspective: What can you say, this is very cool. Watt is acting like a leader and a role model in this difficult time. Instead of just talking about it or thinking about it, he actually did it. This money will make a difference in the lives of those affected by this hurricane. If you too, want to donate money to this worthy cause, go to https://www.youcaring.com/victimsofhurricaneharvey-915053.

Your Turn: After reading this story, what are your thoughts and feelings?

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  1. Knowing that someone not just anyone a well-know athlete took the initiative of starting a fund raiser to help with the relief of Texas after the devastation that was caused by a hurricane. I feel he did what he did out pure heart and soul not to raise his social media stats. It was time to lend a helping hand and that hand was 32 million dollars.

  2. JJ Watt found a way to push people into donating money. He realized that the best way to have people donate is to make it a competition, as to how much money he would have to donate. He knew that this would be one of the best ways to get people to take charge and donate. This shows that is a true leader.

  3. To do what Watt did u need to have a Big Heart because theres people in the U.S that are millionaire’s and didnt even think about all those people who got hurt and lost there homes, i feel very happy with what Watt did because hes a person who likes to help out others in need.

  4. Good role model so people wanted to follow him. Credit goes to all the regular people that helped donate and match JJ as well. This amount of support will make a positive impact and help with recovery , it gives everyone hope in humanity and for a brighter future. Also it shows what we need to do for Hurricane Irma victims and future disasters.

  5. This is really inspiring because I am not a doer, but JJ Watt is, and that’s cool since being a person that acts immediately is hard.

  6. JJ Watt is a great role model and the people of Texas love him. It’s truly inspiring to see what he does off the field too. He is a great guy and has a huge heart considering now he has raised over $37,000,000.

  7. J.J. Watt is such a great person on and off the field. He has truly inspired America and the world that one person can make a huge difference.

  8. JJ Watt is a truly phenomenal character. The way that he stepped up to the plate and set off the chain reaction for other celebrities to donate too.

  9. I think it is great that he is using his role as a professional football player to raise money for a good cause instead of using it as a publicity stunt.

  10. Being able to give to others and raise money to help them build new houses and give them places to stay proves you have good character.

  11. I think knowing that a athlete took charge and started a fund raiser to help with the relief of Texas caused by a hurricane, is awesome. I feel he actually cared and wasn’t just doing it for the publicity. I think it’s cool someone helped raised millions of dollars.

  12. I think that is amazing he had a big heart he donated his own money and encouraged others to donate too. This was just awesome all the celebrity’s encouraging others to just donate what they can no matter how little or big it is all these people are making a difference.

  13. I feel pride in us as a country, that we can band together during times like this, and show why we are one of the great nations of the world. This shows a lot about our character, as a country; and props to J.J. who put it all together, he showed his true compassion with this action, and it will not be forgotten.

  14. i think that this is a great thing that jj watt is doing and it shows that our country can band together during times of dispair. JJ watts took leadership and people followed him including the rock, leonardi de caprio, and sandra bullock.

  15. To do what Watt did u need to have a big heart because there’s people in the U.S that are millionaire’s and didn’t even think about all those people who got hurt and lost there homes, i feel very happy with what Watt did because hes a person who likes to help out others in need.

  16. Watt is a very inspirational man and a great role model for going out and actually raising the money without second guessing or hesitating. He wanted to raise the money and that’s exactly what he did. It also brought the people together to help others in a time of trouble

  17. I think Watt did an amazing thing that most people in his position would not do. Not only did he donate his own money, but he also encouraged his fans to give money, which is a great thing.

  18. its great that a man who knows he can do something from the amount of people he is in contact with through social media actulally put the internet to good use and helped the people who were hurt by the hurricane.

  19. I think it is very heart warming that people were so willing to donate money to those that needed it. Also I think that it helps that a famous person was enouraging people to donate.

  20. Instead of just telling people to donate he set an example and challenged other people to do it. I think that it was great that he did this for the people that suffered from Hurricane Harvey.

  21. JJ watt shows great leadership by not just being a great athlete but by also helping others. He took action to do something he believed in.

  22. Some people can be very self centered . To show the world that it’s a good thing to help other a pro player on the Houston Texans donated some money for hurricanes in Texas. I believe this has a greater impact on people all around the world.

  23. I think that JJ Watt is a truly inspiring person. He was willing to give 100,000 dollars of his own money to help with relief efforts in Texas. He then used his popularity to push others to help the cause. Raising just 1 million dollars would have been amazing, but raising 32 million in the end was astonishing. I think that this should be done more by other professional players and even celebrities because by using their influence to do good things, they could make a really big impact on society. JJ Watt is a great person.

  24. I think Watt did a really amazing thing, it really was. By donating that money they will be able to rebuild stores, houses, and other things they need. To me, that’s a good role model to follow.

  25. I️ think that it was a very very generous thing for Joe to do to help the victims of the hurricane because he used what he had to help people in need.

  26. My thoughts and feelings are that when one person makes a big contribute to something that makes others take a step and take part in the cause too. And pretty soon with enough contributes you’ll have enough money or donations to do whatever repairs were needed to be done in the first place! Also it shows how selfless and caring so many people can be towards others who were affected by such a terrible tragedy.