Jordan Spieth Returns to Sign Autographs for Kids #Accountability

Jordan Spieth Returns to Sign Autographs for Kids #Accountability


At the end of his final round at the Heritage Tournament, Jordan Spieth promised some kids that he would return to sign autographs after he won or lost. At that point, he did not know the final outcome.  As it turns out, he had to play in a playoff with Patrick Cantlay. And, he won. The whole playoff and award ceremony took about two hours. I’m sure it was a crazy and hectic time.  No one would have blamed him if he had forgotten about his promise to those kids.

However, he did return… with his winning (albeit ugly) plaid jacket. He signed every one of those autographs. He also took selfies with the kids. It is a small thing that typically would typically go unnoticed to the world. However, this week focuses on accountability, and I believe that Jordan Spieth exemplifies this trait in the following video. Accountability doesn’t mean you want to do it or that it is convenient. Accountability just means that you do what you say.

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