“Kindness is the Bridge Between All People”

“Kindness is the Bridge Between All People”


Every year, just before Christmas, a wealthy businessman from Pittsburgh gives out $100,000 in $100 bills. He recruits police officers and other community members to help him complete this task. This anonymous businessman says, “Kindness is the bridge between all people. Kindness is the one thing that cuts through everything, regardless of your station in life.”

Joe’s Perspective: How cool is it to help someone, particularly someone who genuinely needs it. This is the epitome of a random act of kindness. It produces such joy and gratitude. Most are overwhelmed by this gesture. Others are moved to tears.

This story reminds me how important it is to be kind to others. It’s really not about the money. With every interaction in a day, you have the ability to make someone’s day a little bit better or just a little bit worse. A simple smile, a friendly hello, a please or a thank you, or a simple favor can be the difference maker. I hope we don’t forget.

Your Turn: I’m sure you don’t have $100,000 to give away, but what simple act of kindness can you offer to the world?



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  1. I can give hugs to people who are lonely. I can comfort someone who is sad. I can give someone a card if they’re feeling sick. I can give a poor person some food or maybe some money. I can make friends with someone who has none. I can sit with someone who is all alone. I can do a lot to change the world every little thing helps.

  2. i love the act of kindness that the “secret Santa” had on those people. That’s what the world needs a act of kindness.Also i love that there reaction is that they cared of what they got. those people that gave that money to the random people are a good example.like the lady said from all the negative things going on rite now this is what i need.

  3. I can offer to the world love,compassion,and much more. This story was delightful to watch and I think that we should really take into consideration how one act of kindness like that, can turn somebody’s day around.This was such a touching story. I will never forget the moral of this story. Kindness really is the key to anyone’s heart.The way the man in the red coat and his “elves” gave the strangers hugs was so amazing to watch because not everyone will go up to any person and give them a hug.This is my input on this story.

    – Aryanna J. Castillo

  4. This man is so kind, giving homeless people hundred of dollars. I wish that everyone in the world can see this video because this video shows that you have to be kind no matter what. This story is very happy and delightful and i think this video will cheer everyone up. I think kindness should be spread around everyday like this man those. This is my comment on this story!!!!

  5. I can do what is necessary whether it is giving hugs or smiling to make them feel better or making them laugh. Giving people compassion and making them think they are just as good at things as anybody else. This will help the world and make them think it is a little more equal.