Kodi Lee Wins America’s Got Talent #Beautiful #Tolerance

Kodi Lee Wins America’s Got Talent #Beautiful #Tolerance


A few months ago, Kodi Lee walked on to the stage of America’s Got Talent. Because he was blind, he was accompanied by his mother, who escorted him as a seeing-guide. He started talking and everyone could hear and see that Kodi was different. He spoke with an excited, yet awkward voice. His mother explained that Kodi has autism.

You could tell that the judges didn’t know what to expect when Kodi sat down at the piano to sing for them. But when he did start singing, he was amazing. He brought tears to the judges eyes and a standing ovation from the crowd. It was a beautiful performance. Judge Gabrielle Union pushed the button, which gave Kodi a path to the finals.

Kodi continued to compete and astonish us all throughout the season. He is truly a miracle. He is a musical savant. His talent inspired people everywhere. And, just a few weeks ago, he won the 2019 America’s Got Talent title.

Joe’s Perspective: Yes, Kodi is a true inspiration. No doubt about it. What caught my eye, however, is what was not discussed. People everywhere voted for him. No one cared that he didn’t look a certain way or act a certain way. He had obvious disabilities and he had an awkward way about him. America judged him on his talent and his character. People connected with him and believed in him, which is why they voted for him. He was the best in the competition.

To me, this is further proof that we are not as racist, sexist or judgmental as many claim in America. If you look at who wins competitions like this, it does not depend on their gender, ethnicity, age or even sexual orientation. Americans and people in general have big hearts. Yes, there is ugliness in all societies, but, in my opinion, this result demonstrates that, all the “isms” are the exception and not the norm. I believe that as time goes on this will be revealed in elections and in corporations. The cream rises to the top. We embrace those with the best talent, ideas and character.

Your Turn: What did you take away from Kodi’s story?

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  1. Simon made a impact on my life. He inspired me to be thankful for what i have and i am so happy for him. This is s heartwarming and i wish simon the best.

  2. What i took away from Kodi’s story was that he is,amazing, spectacular, and brave. Not only was he autistic but he was blind and he still managed to play a beautiful song on the piano and sing along with it! This shows me to never give up on my dreams no matter how hard life can be. Kodi is an inspiration to me. I will never forget his astonishing performance.

    – Aryanna J. Castillo

  3. After see what kodi lee can do it really put me in shock being in a state where you really dont have control over what you do and the disadvantage of being blinding are horrible. Doing what he did inspired everybody to try for whatever they want even if they have a disadvantage. kodi lee got the golden buzzer because he worked hard and was determent to follow what made him happy. Kodi and his family really left a big impact on what the world is. Everybody should follow Kodis ways of being a determined person. Even with his advantage he will live a great life.


  4. I loved this video! It is so amazing that he is blind but he can still play the piano and sing. I am so happy that at the end he got the golden buzzer. I feel like he is going to inspire many people. Also i believe that this video is going to show people with illnesses that no matter what you are going through you can still achieve and accomplish you goals and dreams. I hope that he wins and he gets to have an amazing life!!!

  5. What I took away from Kodi’s story was that it was sad but amazing how a person with disabilities could do such a amazing thing. Kodi’s performance was amazing, beautiful, and breath taking. The thing that i loved the most was that people didn’t judge him on how he looked or why he was like that. They judge him on how he sang well not really because everyone loved his performance and how he sang. This teaches me that you shouldn’t be judged on your image or be judged at all because you may never know if that person has something special that you don’t.

  6. This was so inspiring to me. From this video I learned that I should be thankful for what I have. When I figured out Kodi had some problems I got heartbroken and I thought the best for him. When I heard him start to play piano and sing my mind was exploding. I even had my jaw to the ground. I was so heart warmed and it even made me cry. When the judge pressed the golden button my jaw was out of this world. I started to cry even more. Kodi deserves everything. He had such a positive mindset it made me smile. Kodi’s story really affected me a lot and he is a hero to me. Kodi showed me that when you have the worst happening you should stay positive and to not invite the bad into your life.

  7. Kodi shows that anything can be possible. Anyone can do whatever they set their mind to. Anyone can inspire others and change peoples lives. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not. It doesn’t matter what gender or race you are. You can still change the world and work hard. Anyone can be a great leader. If you stay positive and have a good personality and character, you can accomplish your dreams.

  8. That anyone no matter what can do anything. Kodi persevered through a lot of bad times showing that even he, with numerous disabilities, could do anything he wanted

  9. That even though you have struggles or your different you can make a difference in this world and show what you really made of kodi was inspiration even if he had trouble to do things he had a gift and showed people what a true person

  10. What I took away from the story is that no matter how many obstacles were in Kodi’s path including autism and blindness, he is still happy and absolutely adores music. He is the living breathing form of the saying, “anything is possible”. His smile lit up the room and it showed he had a possible mindset about everything.

  11. What I took away from Kodi’s Story is that people no matter how different they are people everywhere have talent and have a way of showing it through different ways like Kodi who showed that even if he had disabilites he still had an amazing voice.

  12. What I took away from Kodi’s story is that even though he faced several disadvantages, he’s still able to show his talent in music. He’s shows that anything is possible if you put your mind towards it.

  13. What I took from Kodi’s Story is that no matter how many obstacles were in his path he never gave up. Kodi is such an amazing person and this just goes to show that anything is possible and no matter what you should stay positive. He is such an inspiration.

  14. What I took away from kodi’s story is that no matter what kind of challenges you face you can over come them. And you can show your talent im so many different way’s.

  15. What I took from kodis story is that which ever amount of obstacles or challenges that get in your way you don’t let it get in your way and you overcome that anything and i mean anything you try your hardest on is possible.

  16. What I took away from Kodi’s story was that even though you may have a rough life or you have things trying to get in your way, break down those obstacles and prove people wrong. Always cherish the talents that God has given you and live your life to the fullest of your abilities.

  17. What I took away from Kodi’s life is that he isn’t going to let anything stop him. When he was born, he was blind and had autism, his mom said that whenever he would listen to music, his eyes would get so big. So he started playing the piano and sing. He is truly amazing.

  18. What I took away from Kodi was that he always kept trying he never gave up even though he had faults such as his autism and blindness. But then as a child he listened to some music and he was very surprised, entertained, or even in a heaven-like instance. That’s so cool and inspiring to me and many other people who will watch this video or even read about him and what he has done.

  19. What I took from kodi is no matter what challenges you face in your life don’t let them them be a obstacle in your life and never give up on your dreams

  20. From Kodi’s story I learned that even if something major is happening in your life you need to try to over come it and really pursue your dreams.

  21. What I have taken from Kodi Lee’s story is that you can do something if you are determined because he is blind and autistic, and he did what he loved and impacted everyone who saw.

  22. Kodi shows that if you put your mind and passion on something you love you can do anything even if you have to face obsticles.

  23. I learn that no matter what you go through in life you can still have a positive affect on others. He is an inspiration to all kinds of people.

  24. I love watching this video and listening to Kodi’s amazing story, and voice. Truthfully a major take away I have every time watching this video is the fact that is though you may be different people still love you. Another take away for me every time is that even though somethings may inhibit you from some parts of society you can still be able to do other things and find a love for it if you really find the right thing for you!

  25. from kodi’s story i learned that if u put you mind to what u want to do even if blind or anything u can do it as long as u beleave in it

  26. Honestly, he’s an inspiration for all. He has a voice and it was heard and now so many people around the world know it. I don’t know about his past or anything but he seems like he’s been through a lot and now he has been heard by so many people. He made a name for himself doing the thing he loves.

  27. In the video, Kodi went through something traumatic in his life and he found a way to overcome what he is going through. He found that singing helps him and other people get through his problem and he set an example to never give up and give it your all no matter what you re going through.

  28. Kodi is an inspiration to so many people around the world. Even though he is disabled he continues to believe in himself and not let his disability stop him from achieving his dreams. This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter whether you have a disability or not because you can still follow your dreams.

  29. What i took away from this video was that he is living his life to the fullest. And he is never going to let autism or him being blind get in his way.

  30. What i took from his story is that even though things in life can get hard you can break through them and be yourself and be an inspiration. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you like.

  31. He was true inspiration for every disability kid out there that think they can’t because people would make fun of them. And he face a difficult times and things to do and show people he can do it.

  32. Kodi was a real life example that it doesn’t matter what you have or what you are going through, you can overcome anything. You just have to believe in yourself and not give up. You cant let even the toughest obstacles get in the way of doing what you love.

  33. Kodi is a very positive role model and we should all have his attutude. He faced so many difficulties but he still pursued his dreams. I should do the same thing, no matter what happened he just kept going and fighting through it.

  34. What did I take away from Kodi’s story? It gave me confidence in myself because it doesn’t matter who we are or what we are. It just matters if you have a good personality.

  35. What i took from Kodi Lee story is that even though he is Autistic and has several disabilities, he manages to stay positive and see the world in a positive way and he finds a way to express his feeling to the public and doesn’t care how people think or feel about him.

  36. What i took from Kodi’s story is that even though he cant see and he suffers from autism he still persevered and put on a amazing show for every one to watch and he is a inspiration to every that was in the venue and everyone who watched it on live TV

  37. What I took from Kodi Lee story is even though he is autistic and blind he didn’t let that get in the way of doing what he loves . He expresses his feelings through music, it helps him view his life in a positive way .

  38. Kodi Lee is an inspiration because it shows that just cause theres obstacles in life doesn’t mean you can do what you want or love

  39. What I took from Kodi Lee story was that he was a true inspiration story cause he was autistic and other two disbilities and he never gave up cause he was positive and calm when he was in the stage and had made people shocked.

  40. You should never judge someone by there looks, there likes, there human, you are human.We all have something different that we do or like that others may not find correct some may even say its a sin. But we shouldn’t no one should be judged or put down for something they are or do or especially look. Its not okay to judge or say things behind someones back that itself is a sin, god loves everyone equally so there is no reason why someone can say he doesn’t. There is no reason as to why someone cant do something cause they can you shouldn’t ever tell someone the can’t cause they can and they will to prove everyone wrong.

  41. What i took from Kodis story is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Despite being blind and having autism, he did what he loved.

  42. What I took away from Kodi’s story was that it had inspired me in so many ways. This showed me to always be grateful for what you have in life. Not everyone will have what you have so never take anything for granted. No matter what you can overcome anything, anything is possible. I’m forever grateful for what god has blessed me with.

  43. I learned that to never judge a book by its cover. In this case he was blind and autistic and it never really looked like he was good but he has a talent and when you see something like that its amazing that he has that talent. It warms my heart to see that because it tells me that anyone can do anything no matter what.

  44. OMG Kodi Lee almost had me in tears wow what an amazing gift from god kodi is a blessed child from god a miracle OMG it blew my mind so i say Good Luck kodi That was Amazing!! im so happy Thank You you made my day

  45. From watching him do what he loves lets me know that is there is a big struggle that you are going through don’t let that get to you and do what you love the most.This video helps me learn that it is not impossible to do what yo love the most .

  46. This is inspirational. It shows how even though he has so many things that didn’t go his way in life, he still powers through and accomplishes greatness. Brilliant

  47. What I have learned from Kodi’s story is that regardless of any disabilities or obstacles you face, you can still do what you love. He is very inspiring and he is definitley very talented. He takes the autism and the blindness and he overcomes them, he gets good out of his disability and he does not let his disability control his life. He keeps trying and he pursues his happiness through music and singing. Living in this world with a disability like autism can be difficult and especially difficult for his mom. Having your child grow up in sucha negative world can be tough, especially when they are not considered “normal”.

  48. I took away, that you can reach your dream no matter what disability you have. I also took away that you should always reach for the stars no matter what.

  49. What I took away from Kodi’s story is that anything is possible even if it seems it is not. You can do anything if you reach for your dreams. Kodi was autistic and blind but he still managed to play a beautiful song.

  50. I took away from this story that no matter what happens there is aways a silver lining and never give up cause if an autistic blind person doesn’t give up then we shouldn’t either.

  51. Wow, Kodi should give us all hope for today and days to come. He obviously has disabiltys but that didn’t stop him from being his best he has a talent that’s amazing.

  52. What I took away from Kodi’s story is it does not matter if you are autistic or blind or whatever you are you are still special and you have your own talent.

  53. Kodi is such a inspiration to me he shows me and all the other people that no matter what disabillties you have you can over come your obstacles and reach your goals.

  54. From Kodi’s story, I learned that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Nothing should get in the way of doing what you want to do.

  55. kodis life was quite hard and music saved his life. he has a talent. he persevered things even though he had a disability. it shows anything is possible.

  56. What i took from Kodi’s life was that no matter what you can do it. You can do whatever you put ur mind to or no matter what goes on in life.

  57. that Kodi can follow his dreams even if there is stops or even have problems he can still follow his dream and passion. and that it will come true and to always stay positive and to never give up.

  58. what i took away from the video was that even though he has disabilities he still went on to the show , he wasnt afraid what people where gonna think of him .

  59. He is an amazing person to behold and has a lot of talent. He kept with the thing he loves the most which is playing the piano. He stays calm through the whole time he is singing while playing piano on america’s got talent. He pursued his dream and won the golden buzzard.

  60. what i think aboout kodi and how his lifesytle he really desvered that award he has sych an amzing voice and he can follow his dream and even if someone tells him to stop or even just cause of his problems he can still follow his dreams and stay postive.

  61. what i think aboout kodi and how his lifesytle he really desvered that award he has sych an amzing voice and he can follow his dream and even if someone tells him to stop he can still follow his dreams and stay postive.

  62. What i seen and learned from Kodi was that no matter what condition he was in or what illness he had, he still did and love what he truly wanted to do and his story could help change many other people in the world to overcome their challenges