Life Lesson: Never Celebrate Until You are in the End Zone!

On two separate occasions this weekend, college football players with a clear path to the end zone, got caught from behind. Not because they were slower than the defenders, but because they began celebrating too soon. As they celebrate their “would be” touchdown, they slowed up just a bit and got caught from behind.

Please watch and learn, what not to do:

Joe’s Perspective: This is not a lesson that just applies to football. It applies to all sports.  And, this lesson doesn’t just apply to sports, it applies to all of life. Don’t celebrate until you get into the end zone.  Someone is always coming for you and they will catch you if you let up.

Your Turn: What lesson do you take from this post?

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    1. Not only can you be caught from behind if you celebrate too early, it is disrespectful To the team that you beat. Win with honor and celebrate after its over

      1. You are completely right, not only is it unsportsmanlike to celebrate before you win it can turn on you and cause you to lose.

      1. Give everything your all until you finish your goal or task because if you celebrate too early you could possibly turn around and lose

  1. I agree with kaylee. The other team could still play the ball and get the point if you are celebrating and not paying attention.

  2. never celebrate before getting points or touch downs beachside it may come back and but you and you may not get the point or touch down.

  3. I think it’s important to realize that it is not over until the whistle is blown, the ref makes a call, or you see the ball hit the floor. You never know what’s going to happen next until the play is over. Celebrate all you want after the play but you have to make sure your aware and alert.

  4. You should never celebrate too early because I’ve seen many instances where people made miraculous plays and managed to get the ball over so both teams should stay focused until the ref blows the whistle.

  5. you shouldn’t celebrate to early because you never know when the point or game is over and never to give up tell the play is over

  6. From this post I take away that you should never become cocky especially when you know someone is always trying to keep up with you.

  7. Never celebrate too early because the game or point is not over until the ref says so or makes the call. When you celebrate too early you lose focus and then you are not ready when the ball is returned!

  8. I think the biggest lesson I learned with this activity is that you can never get too comfortable. There is always somebody who wants your position and wants your time on the court. You have to give 100% 100% of the time and never take a day off or somebody will sneak behind you and take your position.

  9. I think that you shouldn’t celebrate because the other team could come back and also if you celebrate to early then you become cocky and might not try as hard.

  10. You should never let up, and you should always go 100%. You never know who is behind you trying to catch up and beat you.

  11. You should never let up, and always push yourself to your limits. You never know who wants what you have more than you.

  12. You should never let up, and you should always go 100%. You never know who is behind you trying to catch up and beat you.

  13. If you let up for even a second someone working during that moment could creep up and steal the thing you’re working for!

  14. Celebrating before you score is arrogant and in the end can end poorly. That’s why focusing on the game and being humble it the best thing you can do.

  15. What I take from this post is that when you think you are about to achieve your goals, don’t let up because something bad can always happen.

  16. My biggest lesson that I have learned with this activity is to never celebrate to early, because the opposing team can come back and beat you.

  17. Celebrating to early is arrogant. Working your hardest and focus on winning while remaining humble is best for you and your team.

  18. My biggest lesson that I have learned with this activity is to never talk smack to the opposing team, because you don’t know if the other team will come back.

  19. I learned that celebration is a bad thing until proven worthy, and once you’ve obtained victory one is then worthy of celebration.

  20. The lesson that I took from these examples is to always keep pushing and working to better yourself. Just because you are at the top or you are ahead, doesn’t mean that you should stop.

  21. The other team could play the ball and your team could be too busy celebrating which could lead to the point going to the other side. I learned to always wait to celebrate once the point is over.

  22. There’s a difference between being cocky and celebrating and that is being cocky. Celebrating you’d do with your team and feel really good about. Being cocky is doing things like this and rubbing things in.

  23. Finish what your doing. It’s not over until the whistle blows. Also, celebrating shouldn’t be your priority, you can do that after everything’s done.

  24. What I take from this post is that when you think you are about to achieve your goals, don’t let up because something bad can always happen.

  25. This kind of teaches you maybe when you underestimate an opponent dont come in cocky and still give it your all. It also teaches you never to let off the gas even when you are super close.

  26. We should never give up and celebrate to early, because pretty often teams have an awesome save. We need to stay prepared to ensure we win the points.

  27. I learned what I already knew which was not to celebrate until after the play is finished because the play could still be going or a ref misses something and you could end up losing the point.

  28. You should always continue to give it your all until you hear the final whistle. When you let down your guard anything can happen.

  29. I find it true seeing so many people celebrating before they have achieved their goal, this sometimes decreases the effort we put forward. We should be determined and focused until we have already reached our successes.

  30. A lesson I learned from this post is to never celebrate early and wait until the play is final. Celebrating too early can result in a consequence for your team.

  31. Just because you have a clear shot doesn’t mean that it will stay a clear shot, don’t celebrate early just to screw yourself over. Make sure you got the score then cheer

  32. Don’t celebrate before you get in the end zone because if you get caught before you enter it makes you look dumb and your teammates

  33. You should never celebrate early until you hear the whistle. You need to give it your all and then celebrate after the whistle was blown.

  34. Celebrating too early and not going the full distance is just you cheating yourself. The last strides of a race are always the hardest but they are what’s worth wild.

  35. Never stop playing until you know the point is over. The ball should hit the ground before you take your eyes off it.

  36. It is important to never celebrate too early and don’t expect yourself to always get the next point. You never know what’s going to happen next so it is important to stay aware until the ref blows the whistle.

  37. You’re always replaceable, never think you’re the only one who can play at specific position. Never cheer to early the other team wants to win and so do you and by getting distracted and cheering early, they can easily take the win.

  38. I think the biggest lesson here is that you should give your 100% until you are at the finish line. You should never celebrate till you hear a whistle that’s telling you to stop and you have accomplished what you needed too.

  39. Your Turn: What lesson do you take from this post?

    I played basketball and volleyball when I was younger and my team would always celebrate during the game just because we were ahead. Then, out of nowhere, the other team would win the game. You never celebrate during the game, always after. During the game, you don’t know if you are going to win or lose.

  40. This lesson tells us that we always have a finish but we shouldn’t celebrate to soon because anything could happen during a game or life and that could set you back.

  41. This applies to volleyball as well because there are often times that players stop playing before whistle is blown because they get too caught up in their excitement of a part of the play. Part of being a mature athlete is staying focused until the end of every point and not checking out early.

  42. Something that I have learned is that you do not stop playing until the whistle is blown. Refs might not make the calls you expect and players might make plays that you might not expect. It’s important to pay attention to the details of the game and ensure that the job is done/ the point is actually earned before celebrating

  43. What to take away from this is to never get to cocky. Even when your up or think you’re winning, you never know how hard the other team is willing to work to beat you or when the ref might make an unexpected call. You should never be comfortable with celebrating until you know the point is over.

  44. I have learned through athletics that you should never stop playing until the whistle is blown. You need to stay persistent and focused on the task at hand and do not assume.

  45. What I take away from this is to never be satisfied until you get the end result. If you are satisfied too early someone can catch up to you. There is always someone on your heels

  46. What I take away from this is to never be satisfied until you get the end result. If you are satisfied too early someone can catch up to you. There has to be a motivation to get to the end result or you will let up.

  47. Something that I learned from the lesson is that there is someone always coming for you and that you are never in the clear until you get to the place you want to go, or you win the point. This is really important because you have to stay locked in until the very end and that the play is not over until the ref blows his whistle or the ball hits the floor.

  48. Stay focused until the end. There is always someone who is gonna outwork you if you don’t give your best, and celebrating too early is not staying focused.

  49. I think about the underclass men and even the individuals who sit on the bench behind my spot. They want to work hard so they can be better than you and play in your starting spot.

  50. As a volleyball player, I can relate to celebrating too early when you think you have a really good hit and you think it hit the ground but the block got a touch and the play is still going on. From this post I learned that it is important to play until the whistle or when I know the play is over for sure.

  51. You need to stay focused. And not only stay in the game the whole time. But continue to be focused. Never stop or quit until the job is done and never celebrate too early.

  52. You are right about to not celebrate early because it could be sooner or later that your team makes some huge mistakes and ends up losing the game and if that person didn’t get caught and you would have won the game

  53. I believe there is a great lesson in this and I think you can apply it to most things in life. You have to show humility and grit to earn the celebration.

  54. What I took away was that it is never over until the whistle blows. To get cocky before you are even in that margin of winning is just gonna make you let up which allows the other teams to slip through that cracks and break the wall you already built.

  55. Never celebrate until you made it to your goal. If you celebrate too early you can ruin it, get caught up and get beat. Just like in life never celebrate too early, celebrate when you accomplish your goal

  56. You need to give your all and put everything you have into it before you complete the goal. Also you need to never give up before reaching your goal or take it easy before you reach your goal.

  57. Always stay humble and respectful to your opponents and competition, and don’t celebrate for something that you don’t have yet.

  58. This can also connect to preparation because all of the hard work that put into their preparation for their games just went to waste all over being cocky.

  59. This example shows the importance of integrity. Staying focused on task while being respectful are two of the most important factors in being successful and successful morally.

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