Losing Coach Inspires Winning Team After Mercy Loss #Sportsmanship

Losing Coach Inspires Winning Team After Mercy Loss #Sportsmanship


Last Week, undefeated Muskegon Orchard View hosted Kent City in a boys basketball game. The result was a predictable victory for Orchard View, 86-42. Let’s be honest – it was a route. In fact, the “mercy rule” came into effect with a running clock. Sometimes one team is just that much better than their opponent.

However, imagine being the coach on the losing end of that beat-down and then entering the locker room of the victorious team to provide encouragement. Kent City coach David Ingles did just that. He gave the undefeated team an inspiring pep talk, telling them to keep their priorities straight and work together as a team. The coach told the team that he thought they were something special and that he would be their biggest fan.

Joe’s Perspective: After witnessing this gesture, Muskegon Orchard View athletic director, Leroy Hackley simply stated, “This is why we do what we do.” Translation – sportsmanship is the most important aspect of high school sports. The previous year, Kent City was the undefeated team that made a deep run in the MHSAA tournament. This year their team is struggling. That fact shouldn’t keep a coach or a player from showing good sportsmanship. So, the message is clear. When you win, win with humility and when you lose, show some class. Doing so will be remembered much more than a simple win or a loss.

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