MSU Players Ban Twitter for the Season

MSU Players Ban Twitter for the Season


“Gonna be a fun year with my dawgs! See y’all April 7th,” tweeted Foster Lawyer of the Michigan State University Men’s Basketball Team. And with that tweet and similar tweets from other team members, their accounts went dark. The team agreed to get away from the negative comments from social media. “Focus on you, focus on your teammates, focus on your family and don’t really worry about what other people are thinking about you,” Spartans junior forward Xavier Tillman said, explaining the decision. Head coach Tom Izzo also approved of the team ban who believes athletes should not have a direct line to comments from angry fans and doubters. “I don’t like when they read what everybody says, I think that screws up more kids, I really do,” Izzo said. “It screws up more people.”

Your generation is the first who grew up with social media. And, for good or for ill, it is here to stay. According to recent data, teenagers spend an average of 53 hours per week or 2770 hours each year, of which 2 hours a day on weekdays and 3 hours on weekend days is spent on social media. On recent study revealed that time on social media by teens has doubled in the last four years.

Joe’s Perspective: I just wonder what is gained on social media? Is this generation happier? More connected? Less depressed? Without doing the research, my guess is probably not. Should teenagers self-monitor their time? Do they have the ability to do so? What if you minimized social media or eliminated it altogether? How would that change your life, it at all?

Your Turn: Please take a few minutes to humor me and tell me what you gain from social media? Also, tell me how your life would change without it?  Thank you in advance.

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