MSU Players Ban Twitter for the Season

MSU Players Ban Twitter for the Season


“Gonna be a fun year with my dawgs! See y’all April 7th,” tweeted Foster Lawyer of the Michigan State University Men’s Basketball Team. And with that tweet and similar tweets from other team members, their accounts went dark. The team agreed to get away from the negative comments from social media. “Focus on you, focus on your teammates, focus on your family and don’t really worry about what other people are thinking about you,” Spartans junior forward Xavier Tillman said, explaining the decision. Head coach Tom Izzo also approved of the team ban who believes athletes should not have a direct line to comments from angry fans and doubters. “I don’t like when they read what everybody says, I think that screws up more kids, I really do,” Izzo said. “It screws up more people.”

Your generation is the first who grew up with social media. And, for good or for ill, it is here to stay. According to recent data, teenagers spend an average of 53 hours per week or 2770 hours each year, of which 2 hours a day on weekdays and 3 hours on weekend days is spent on social media. On recent study revealed that time on social media by teens has doubled in the last four years.

Joe’s Perspective: I just wonder what is gained on social media? Is this generation happier? More connected? Less depressed? Without doing the research, my guess is probably not. Should teenagers self-monitor their time? Do they have the ability to do so? What if you minimized social media or eliminated it altogether? How would that change your life, it at all?

Your Turn: Please take a few minutes to humor me and tell me what you gain from social media? Also, tell me how your life would change without it?  Thank you in advance.

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  1. I feel that social media is for me to get information about the things I enjoy such as sports. Also I think it helps me communicate the best. I feel like my life wouldn’t change as much without it because there are other ways of communicating and getting information.

  2. i don’t really gain anything from it but without it you wouldn’t know anything that is going on, for example you wouldn’t know that a celebrity just got engaged or etc.

  3. i don’t really gain anything from it but without it you wouldn’t know anything that is going on, for example you wouldn’t know that a celebrity just got engaged or etc.

  4. The only thing I really “gain” from social media is the ability to stay in contact with people that I don’t see on a daily basis. I’ve gone without social media for months at a time and it didn’t affect me in any sort of way.

  5. I don’t gain much from social media. It’s just a faster way to communicate with friends. Without it I would have a hard time staying caught up things that are going on around me.

  6. I don’t gain much from social media, I get to stay in touch with friends or family members from far away. Without it I wouldn’t be able to do those things.

  7. What I gain from social media is that I can connect to friends that I can no longer see. Because I don’t have their numbers, I do have their social media which allows me to speak with them again. Without it, I would probably no longer be friends with the people I’ve met.

  8. I feel this was a great idea because social media can really mess with a teams chemistry and get in the way with what the team is trying to accomplish.

  9. I honestly go to social media as a source to also look at how my favorite players live their lives off the court and see the workouts they post ,but to also see how old friends that have moved away are doing. I would think my life wouldn’t change without it but because i am used to checking it so much I’m not sure.

  10. There can be many reasons and many explanations of social media. Social media can maybe help people or just for entertainment. My life wouldn’t change dramatically but it would be different because I live in a generation of social media.

  11. social media may not be the best for you in many ways but when it comes to information you need to know and sometimes just for entertainment purposes , I don’t see nothing wrong with it!

  12. I just use social media mainly to communicate with my friends or see where old friends are. I do t know how my life would change probably not that much because I’m not always on it

  13. Social media can make a person be more connected to friends or family, but also you can become to attached to it or get negative comments from other people.

  14. social media informs us on what goes on in the world and is a way for us to connect to people we talk to daily like our friends and family.

  15. social media gives me the opportunity to communicate with my friends and see if my family is okay and life without it might be hard at first since i’m used to checkin it all the time

  16. I use social media just to entertain myself or to distract myself from stress and to learn new tricks about life and stocking my enemies. The truth I gain nothing from it honestly it’s just a waste of time for me

  17. I use social media to keep up with today’s news. I’m going to be honest I also like keep up with all the “tea” but I usually don’t post anything that can give me hate, I also don’t allow those people in my page. I accept people I know and trust. It makes me laugh and informs me about things I never knew. Without it I think I would be fine. At the same time I wouldn’t know where I could get my recent information about today’s news.

  18. I can’t say that as teenagers we gain anything considered to be revolutionary from social media. For me it just offers me different platforms to express myself and to communicate with my friends. If used correctly it helps us improve our general knowledge of the world and current events. Without social media I feel I would struggle but ultimately it would benefit me in some ways.

  19. I use social media to be more aware about what’s happening in other places. For example, I found out about the Australian wildfires through social media. But in reality social media has its perks and it’s flaws. Without social media I think I would be more comfortable about my image since the media can place false messages of what someone should look like or what someone should do.

  20. To me social media is just a way I can stay informed on updates from certain situations or breaking news. An If I didn’t have it my life wouldn’t really change, I’d just have to watch the news or look up the information I need.

  21. In my opinion without social media i would be so much better at school work , and organization with my priorities i do tend to get real distracted with my phone and other electronics etc .

  22. From social Media I gain the ability to know what’s going on in the world and other peoples life. I think that without social media I would feel no urge to check it.

  23. I think its good and bad, you could be sucked up into negative comments that turn you into a worse, bad person, but on the other hand, it can help boost you up and feel good.

  24. This was very inspirational and tells a lot about social media, it’s full of bullies who want to try and ruin your day. Getting away from this can really help self esteem and I might even take a break myself.

  25. social media entertains me by showing the things that make me laugh and the things that can help me improve in interests like video games. without social media, I wouldn’t know how to do many things in video games and board games.

  26. I gain information from social media are the news of what happened yesterday. Without social media, I wouldn’t know all of my online friends that I have now.

  27. Social media is not an important part of my life. I do not think that many positive things come from social media, so I think that this was a good idea.

  28. I think this can only be positive. I feel that not having social media can only be good for an individual or a team. Having social media can hurt you if you don’t use it right.

  29. That’s good more people should do that, i don’t use social media and i think people should spend less time on social media.

  30. I don’t really gain anything from it but without it you wouldn’t know anything that is going on, for example you wouldn’t know that a celebrity just got engaged or etc.

  31. Social media connects us and even if it can be toxic at times it is good to stay connected. It also is essential to stay in touch with the world as information can be instantly gathered through social media.

  32. I think Social Media gives INFO TO US it would be harder to get information about what’s happening without it.

  33. wow, I didn’t know the world was so cruel on the internet, but people should stay off that for a long I mean a LONG time ????

  34. If there was no social media there would be no conntact with friends and areas where we’d be able to express our feelings. We could express them to our friends and also our parents but they dont understand somwtimes. The parents can sometimes rarley relate to our problems. And its just another way to com up with ideas and something else to do besides school and sit at home.