Najee Harris Respects his Humble Beginnings

Najee Harris Respects his Humble Beginnings


Earlier this week Najee Harris was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 24th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. It was celebration time. After all those countless hours of working, practicing, sweating and sacrificing, Najee’s dream of playing in the NFL came true.

There was one important difference between Najee and the other 255 individuals who got drafted this year. Najee Harris had a pre-draft party at the GRIP Homeless Shelter – a place where Najee, his three siblings and his mother once lived. “I wanted to make sure that I could give back to the community and show them if y’all still need anything, I’m never too big or too whatever to help you guys out, I’m always going to be the helping hand,” Najee said to the GRIP staff.

In many ways, Najee had it rough growing up in Richmond, California. At different times, he found himself homeless. He spent many nights in different homeless shelters in his community. Despite the hardships, Najee excelled in school and on the football field. Coming out of high school, he was ranked the #1 football recruit. Three years later he was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft. Not too shabby.

Joe’s Perspective: This is an amazing story. From everything I have read, this kid is humble, kind and respectful. He never lost sight of where he came from or how other’s helped him when he needed help. And he has pledged to never forget. Najee is working on forming a nonprofit organization in Richmond and hopes to continue giving back to the shelter in the years to come. “There was a time I needed a helping hand,” Najee confessed. “They gave us an opportunity to get back on our feet. So it is my job to give back,” This kind of perspective is pretty impressive. Bravo. Najee just gained a life long fan in me.

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  1. He is a very humble person who hasn’t let the fame get to him. He still cares and gives hack to his community because he still wants to be a part of the place that made him who he was

  2. after going through everything he’s been through, and getting drafted he won’t change no matter how “big” he gets. he’s very caring

    1. when you get that far you should try and do your best to give back just like he is doing, because if you give back then those around you are most likely to return the favor, he proved that there is always a way out of adversity you just have to find it and once you find it then you prepare for your next upcoming challenge.

    2. I agree he is very caring and he is also respectful because he went back to the home town that he grew up on to help those who needed it, like homeless people because he was once homeless himself. And sometimes when people get money or become rich they forget where they come from and who helped them to be what they are today. So I appreciate him helping those who are in need.

  3. That he is still gonna help his community out. Because they helped his family get back on their feet. He is very humble and sweet for honoring the place he grew up in.

  4. From reading the article I think what makes him very humble and a very caring person is that he doesn’t care about like any fame and stuff and he just wants to help people because for what they’ve helped him in his past life he wants to give back that appreciation

  5. He is very humble and doesn’t let himself be blinded by his fame and he decides to share his wealth and help others

  6. What I like about him is how no matter what he’s been through and what he got, he doesn’t let it go over his head. He appreciate what things he has and stays completely humble.

  7. He is a super grateful and humble person, showing respect to the people who took him and his family in at a low point in his life. He is doing the right thing.

  8. Najee is a very humble and caring person. Although he is making something of himself he hasn’t lost sight of the others from when he has come from.

  9. After all the fame and success he still stays humble and gives back to his community shows what others should strive to be.

  10. it is very important to highlight how he never lost sight of his background and origin, even with the fame and achivements he never forgot who helped him and was always grateful

  11. i noticed he is a humble person and really stayed positive throughout his situations. he also didn’t let fame get in the way of his humbled self.

  12. He does well in staying a success in his sport for football and has yet let his fame get to him by staying the humble person he is

  13. I think that he is a very humble and caring person and he didn’t let fame get in the way of giving back to the community.

  14. I think he is very humble and is not letting success get to his head by remembering his roots and helping his community.

  15. I think his story is truly inspiring and just goes to show that honestly where you come from has no impact on where you’re going

  16. I think that he is very humble. You can tell he is a great guy because he is still thinking about his roots even though his career is taking off.

  17. After reading this I have learned that Najee Harris is very humble and doesn’t brag about his fame. It shows how amazing he is by talking about where he started and where it is now

  18. I think it’s really cool how he didn’t forget where he came from and helps out as much as he can. He also showed to all the people still living there that with hard work anything is possible.

  19. Najee understands his role and is humble, even thought he was a top rb coming out of college he recognizes that in the NFL, he has a much different role and is ready to work

  20. Najee is very kind and helpful for what he did. It was very nice that Najee gave money to the homeless shelter.
    Najee use to be poor and live in a homeless shelter. Today Najee is a famous NFL player but he didn’t use to be.
    To me it’s nice to see him donate to the homeless shelter, let’s not forget he use to live there to.

  21. I think this is awesome, Najee Harris never gave up even when he was in homeless shelters and still excelled in school and football. He never forgot where he came from and was humble about the experience. He keeps giving to the people who helped him out when he was young and pledged he would not forget.

  22. i think him not forgetting where he came from is a blessing he could have made it and left ever body but he wants to let everybody know who helped him get to where he is. he just got a new fan

  23. I learned that he is a very humble person because he is always there for his community and doesn’t let his fame get in the way of that.

  24. I am inspired by his drive to put all his and his family’s struggles aside to become a great student and athlete. Not saying that he didn’t care about them, but that he excelled in spite of them. I believe that everyone can learn from this and remember that there should never be an excuse to not be the best that you can be.

  25. i give all my respects to harris and his selflessness the fact he took time out of the biggest day of his life to go and help people in need shows how great of a person he is and how he can impress me on and off the court

  26. He found himself homeless he spent many nights in different shelters.he then excelled from school and was in sports and was ranked #1 in the football.He said it was years making it in the NFL.

  27. He is a very humble person. He still cares and gives hack to his community because he wants to give back to the place that made him who he is.

  28. I am so proud of his Mother for being a warrior for her son.Please make your Mother and siblings proud. Keep God in your life and remember to give back to others! Much love and I will be following you and all positive endeavors. Jackie Wiggins-Coleman and family