New Football Tradition in Iowa

New Football Tradition in Iowa


The University of Iowa started a new tradition this year. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the fans turn and wave to the children watching from the top of the Children’s Hospital.  It is a small gesture, maybe even a token one, but those sick and struggling kids know that 70,000+ fans are waiving at them.  To be sure, it is a sight to see.

Joe’s Perspective: What can I say, this is one of the most kind-hearted gestures I have ever seen.  On purpose, these fans turn each autumn Saturday to remember those who are struggling. Not only do fans wave, but they also donate money to the hospital. These fans make the day of the children and their families. It might not seem like much, but ask those families how this gesture makes them feel. Their tears will tell the story.  Good for you Iowa, you just became my second favorite team in the Big 10.

Your Turn: What do you think of this new tradition?

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  1. I honesty love this new tradition, it really does show how much a small gesture just as waving can have a big impact on so many propales lives. Not only the fans but the kids too who also get to feel the love from the fans. I love that it also has the fans not only want to wave but go out there and donate too. What a great tradition they have started and that it continues for a long time.

  2. Whoever, thought of this idea or gesture is a kind hearted genius. Every Saturday, each of those kids’ day are made by a simple wave by 70,000+ fans at Iowa Stadium. How awesome!

  3. This new tradition is very heart warming. To those kids in the hospital I bet that this made their day and encouraged them to keep going! I loved this very much. Keep staying positive kids and everyone else keep doing things like this to not only earm others hearts but your heart to feel good.

  4. I think this new tradition is brilliant because small things like this can mean so much to those kids. Doing this gives the kids who are struggling something to look forward to.

  5. I think the new tradition a wonderful idea. This shows that there is still good in this world. It a small gesture fans can do but makes the children’s day or even week. It shows them people care and they are supported by thousands of fans. It also encourages the fans to donate which means the hospital can find even more cures. It can also allow needy families to stay and be treated for no cost. This means more children are being treated and hopefully recovering to where one day they can be a fan waving at the children.

  6. I think the new tradition shows how just a small gesture can make or break someone’s day. It’s an encouraging act to show the children that they matter and that they’re important and to always remain strong. The donations also ensures that more cures can be found for the children dealing with the illnesses. Hopefully one day, a kid once in the hospital will be waving to a child from the stands of the stadium.

  7. The gesture is adorable and I honestly love the idea of people recognizing and trying their part to help those suffering from their illnesses. It certainly is nice to be recognized and cared for in a hospital especially by thousands. I’d like for similar traditions like this to appear in the other states.

  8. I think that this new tradition is amazing. I like knowing that the children are feeling happy since they get recognized. This made me feel very joyful.

  9. Although it may seem small, it’s a big gesture that truly goes along way for as far as helping those kids recover. The simple gesture gives the kids strength and motivation to fight whatever illness they may have and so because of that I love it. I love everything about it.

  10. I think this new tradition is a heart felt gesture, and will surely give the children more hope. It’s an act of kindness that will only spread throughout others.

  11. I think that the new tradition is very kind and moving. It shows how you can easily make someone feel good. Iowa is setting a good example and hopefully other team fans follow

  12. I honestly love this new tradition in Iowa, because not only is it a heart-warming gesture but it gives the children in need of health some love and recognition. Some people may think it’s just a small gesture but it could mean a lot to the kids who are in the hospital. It’s also kind how people also donate to the hospital.

  13. This new tradition is really incredible and important. There are probably some children that just feel like giving up on life, but with this gesture, im sure that at least a couple kids feel like they shouldn’t loose hope .

  14. I think it’s good and nice that fans donate money to the hospital for the children because even a simple gesture can build a child’s strength.

  15. I think it is heartwarming for all of the fans to wave to the kids in the hospital. It shows the kids that they are not alone with what they are going through and that the community always has their back.

  16. I think of this new tradition as a good one because it shows that the kids are not alone and that people are supporting them even if it’s a little gesture

  17. I think it’s a great thing and something small to bring happiness to someone for the whole day or maybe even the rest of their life’s

  18. I think this is an amazing tradition because it shows that thousands of fans are cheering and remembering all those poor kids who are fighting and unable to do the things that others can do. Also this shows that people are caring for those who are sick and struggling and being able to help them and give to those families who need help the most.

  19. This is truly inspiring and as a cousin of a child with disorders who visits childrens quite often this is amazing and really shows the true kindness people have in their hearts.