NFL Player Steps in as Pseudo Dad at Daddy-Daughter Dance

NFL Player Steps in as Pseudo Dad at Daddy-Daughter Dance


Audrey Soape is an 11-year-old middle school student living in Austin, Texas.  Last year, she lost her father and grandfather, which was understandably traumatic for Audrey. What made it even more difficult was the upcoming daddy-daughter dance at her middle school. It was another reminder that her father could not be there for her.

Audrey’s mother understood the gravity of the situation, and she tried her best to find a remedy for the situation. She reached out to her favorite NFL player, Philadelphia Eagles safety Anthony Harris. It was a long shot, especially since Harris lived 6 states away. “I told him about the situation, and surprisingly he was more than willing to do it,” Holly Soape reported. “It happened really fast. He said yes probably about a week before, so it was kind of a whirlwind.” Harris also paid for Audrey’s dress, shoes, hair and makeup.

It wasn’t perfect. Audrey was anxious going to a dance with someone she didn’t really know. Harris was also a little out of his element. However, they talk, danced, laughed and had a grand time, which was the point. Harris helped to turn a devastating event into a memorable experience. “I felt like a princess,” said Audrey.

Joe’s Perspective: Kindness never goes out of style. When someone is hurting and you can lend a helping hand, I believe you should find a way to help. Yes, it’s easier for a wealthy NFL player to finance this outing for this young girl, but Harris was under no obligation to do any  of this. First, he said yes, then made the funds available and then rearranged his schedule. To me, that’s just class. If Harris can do this for a complete stranger, it makes me wonder what little things I can do to show kindness throughout my day. Maybe this story will have a similar impact for you too.

Your Turn: What lessons do we learn from this story?


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