NFL Running Back Released for Domestic Violence

NFL Running Back Released for Domestic Violence


Kareem Hunt was the featured running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Last year, as a rookie, he led the NFL in rushing yards. This year he is a big part of the reason why the Chiefs hold the best record in the AFC at 10-2.  That all changed this week after a video was released of Hunt physically abusing a girl in the hallway of a hotel. The video shows that an argument ensued between the two and friends tried to hold Hunt back when he got angry. Hunt then violently pushes his friend into the girl, sending the girl to the ground. Hunt then yells at her and kicks her while she is sitting on the ground.  When police arrived, neither party decided not to press charges.

The NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs were aware of the incident. The NFL attempted to get a copy of the video tape, but was unsuccessful. They interviewed Hunt and he told them his version of the story. Apparently, the NFL believed Hunt’s version of the story because no punishment was provided. However, after TMZ released the video, the Kansas City Chiefs released Hunt for the violence and for his lies afterward.

Joe’s Perspective: To be clear, the NFL should not be judged by the misconduct of a few athletes. Domestic violence is a societal issue and must be seen in this light.

I would like to think Hunt was released because of the morality of the situation.  As in, it is just wrong to hit a woman and the NFL will not tolerate their employees perpetrating such acts of violence. Unfortunately, I think it has more to do with public perception, viewer outcry and money. The NFL needed video evidence to act. They also simply took their employee’s word. This incident happened 10 months ago, not yesterday. It seems that they knew this video would create another black eye for the NFL and they just cut ties so that fans/sponsors wouldn’t boycott them again.

Maybe it doesn’t matter why the NFL severed ties with Hunt. Maybe the consequence is sufficient enough to send a powerful message to young people everywhere. Domestic violence will not be tolerated. Furthermore, it is entirely possible to lose your job for something you did while not on the job. So, make good decisions… handle your emotions properly… treat people with respect. One moment can ruin an entire career.

Your Turn: Do you think someone should get fired for something they do off the job (domestic violence, stealing, drinking and driving…)?

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  1. Yeah but it should be to some extent. Obviously if you are doing bad things you shouldn’t be able to play but it depends what it is.

  2. Yes to an extent because if they commit these acts in their own life, who’s not to say that these behaviors aren’t going to show up in their work?

  3. I think they should get fired for doing a bad thing. People should not be able to do terrible things and still have their job, especially since he is in the NFL which is a bug deal and he’s known nationally and maybe beyond that.

  4. I think people should get fired for doing bad things like that. Athletes shouldn’t be able to put there hands on people and get away with it. Doesn’t matter how mad you get a man should never put his hands on a female.

  5. Yes because your actions on and off the field matter. For example: if I break code of conduct then those actions are punished by me sitting out. If you do something that shows that you are not a well-rounded human being you shouldn’t be allowed to continue to do what you love. There has to be consequences.

  6. Yes. Whether you make a mistake of the field or off it, you should have to pay for it. Especially when it comes to somebody involving sexual harassment.

  7. If its non-intentional then no but if he does it just to harm others than he should be fired because that shows how much respect he has towards other

  8. Yes, because if he or she represents a company, and one simple mishap happens and their name comes up, not only they tarnish their name, but that could potentially tarnish the company they work for.

  9. Yes because it shows their true character. As an employer you don’t want people who do bad things in your workplace, because they could bring it into the workplace.

  10. I don’t think people should get fired for something they do off the job because people can have two sides, one for in the job and one for off the job. Something they do off the job like a DUI shouldn’t result in a punishment through the employer.

  11. Yes, they should be fired because their behavior might put those they work with at risk. Even though they did it off the job, it’s always possible that an event like that would happen on the job and that’s where the safety of other is jeopardized

  12. If someone physically or mentally assaults someone, I do think that they should be fired. If they are degrading someone they are not putting on a good face towards their workplace. As for drinking and driving and drugs and driving, all they can do is be smart about it but if it affects their work, they should be punished.

  13. Yes because these acts reflect on that person’s character. Punishing the person could also discourage their risky behavior and better them in the long run.

  14. I believe that someone should be fired if they do it off the job. They could bring that kind of negativity into the workplace and that should not be tolerated

  15. Yes if it’s something that can affect their job or could reflect on their behavior at work, then they should be fired.

  16. Yes because the organization or company does not want to be known for having an employee who was involved with domestic violence

  17. It honestly all depends on the situation. If it is severe such as a sexual harassment case, I do believe that the loss of a job or position may be needed. However, people do deserve second chances and firms should be careful before deciding to completely “fire” or replace an individual.

    1. Post

      Ian, that’s a great point. Should someone lose their job based on something they did as a private person on their own time. People have been kicked out of college due to a tweet. Is that okay? Should a factory worker lose his job because he gets a DWI. There is a line there somewhere and I’m not sure where it is. Great comment.

  18. I believe he should be punished wether or not it was on the job he still acted out he’s supposed to set the standards for himself and everyone around him

  19. I believe an athlete should be punished for their behavior off of the field or court. They should be punished for their actions outside of the gym because younger athletes and fans look up to them. If they are not punished for their actions it sets a very bad example. I also am disappointed in the Chiefs for taking their players word without having any footage to support it. They did validate the victim when they released him but until then they supported him.