Online Curriculum

high-school-teacher-outdoorsWe are very excited to provide the online platform for the Character Development & Leadership Program.

If you're not familiar with our curriculum already, you can learn more about that here.

Unlike other programs, we did not simply copy and paste the lesson plans onto our server and call it an online program. All 252 lessons are embedded into the online platform. Students access all of the content using a login. Their completed work can be immediately viewed by the teacher within the grade book.  The platform is intuitive. Some of the completed lessons are automatically graded by the system.

This online program can be easily used in a traditional classroom or for online learners (homeschool, credit recovery or virtual schools). It is user-friendly, interactive and challenges students to embrace technology.

Please note that the online pricing model is different from the traditional pricing model. Schools utilizing the online model will pay a $1,500 license fee for the first year. In subsequent years, that fee is lowered to $200. In addition, schools will pay a small student fee for each student utilizing the program (between $4 and $10). A 90-minute training is included for all teachers.

Please know that the content is copyrighted and cannot be downloaded onto district servers and/or shared with teachers outside of your school (within or outside of your district).

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