Online Curriculum

high-school-teacher-outdoorsWe are very excited to provide the online platform for the Character Development & Leadership Program.

If you're not familiar with our curriculum already, you can learn more about that here.

Unlike other programs, we did not simply copy and paste the lesson plans onto our server and call it an online program. We piloted this online program for a year to work out most of the bugs.  This online program can be easily used in a traditional classroom or for online learners (homeschool, credit recovery or virtual schools). It is user-friendly, interactive and challenges students to embrace technology. For example, students can video themselves carrying out a basic skill in public and accompany their written work with video presentations. Many of the lesson plans are virtual, allowing students to watch the presentation and make comments. Teachers can then decide if those comments will remain private, be shared with students in their class or shared with students from across the country using this program.

Please note that that the online pricing model is different from the traditional pricing model that has been used for 15 years. Schools utilizing the online model will pay a lower fee for the teacher lesson plans and the student Role Model textbooks. However, this option will require schools to pay a small licensing fee and a small fee per student for each subsequent year this program is used. Please know that the content is copyrighted and cannot be downloaded onto district servers and/or shared with teachers outside of your school (within or outside of your district). One and three year contracts are made available to each school with three year contracts offering a price reduction on the one year contract.

To access the CD&L Online Platform, educators and students will be required to enter their district email each time they log in or we can set up single sign on through Google if the user already has a school Google account. Log in access cannot be shared between students. Teachers will not be able to download or print lesson plans. Students will do all of their work on their computers. Included in the pricing is 1) all of the lesson plans in the traditional curriculum in an interactive online platform, 2) readings from the role model textbook, 3) the character movie segments and 4) a convenient way for students to turn in assignments and an easy way for teachers to track and grade assignments.

Due to the high demand for this online platform and our desire to get it right, we are requiring all schools to partake in an onsite, regional or online training for staff that are going to use this program and participate in the research package. The research package consists of students taking pre- and post-test surveys and us providing you with a research report on 84 variables. Special consideration and thanks will be provided to schools that will provide us with a matched control group and essential office data (GPA, absences, tardies, suspension and standardized test scores). This will give you and us a more complete picture of the level of success of this program at your school.


  1. All participating schools must:
    1. Have a 1 to 1 laptop/ipad program or student computers in classroom.
    2. Be trained to use the CD&L Online Platform
      1. Attend an online webinar, or
      2. Attend a regional training, or
      3. Attend on-site training at school or district building
  1. Partake in the Research Package
    1. Students complete pre- and post online survey
    2. Ideally, schools will select matched control group to take surveys
  2. Educators will be asked to provide feedback and suggestions for this newly developed online platform.

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